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2006 Meeting Minutes

JANUARY 5, 2006

MEMBERS PRESENT: Chair Peter Boyer; Vice-Chair Peter Clark; Secretary Diane Thompson; Barbara Schneider; Patti Haney; Jamie Bowers; Ken Gartner; Ed Schmitt; Ralph Herbst.

Chair Peter Boyer called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM in the School Administration Office by distributing a copy of ScheduleA-4 from the town’s accounting office which verified that the Committee will have $1,815,956 for FY2006 revenues. It will become the basis of next year’s state match. In November 2006, the available funds will be $1,767.447.83. He stated that at this meeting, the committee will have developed tentative recommendations, and all applicants will receive an email with the results. He hoped for a vote on the final recommendations at the January 12th meeting given that all relevant information and responses were received. On Friday, January 13th, he will present the committee’s recommendations to Heather for inclusion in the Spring Town Meeting.

Save Waquoit Farm: Peter advised that the appraisal, purchase and sale agreement and a proposal for the house have not been received. Also there is no clear plan as to other sources of monies to purchase the property.. Both Ed Schmitt and Ralph Herbst visited the property and found the house to be in deplorable condition. They felt renovations would be expensive. The property is presently staked out for lots. Because the application was incomplete, there was no motion to act on the request.

Falmouth Town Band: Comments from members ranged from the project being sized for the largest use to not falling within community preservation, but rather passive recreation or cultural.. A motion by Patti Haney to allocate $40,000 for an architectural study failed for a lack of a second. Although Mr. Herbst felt the proposal was grandiose and should be downsized, he offered a motion to allocate $100,000, which also failed. The Committee VOTED: 3-6 to recommend no funding.

Recreation Department: Mr. Whritenour, addressing the members, advised the town purchased the parcel for the purpose of building athletic fields. Of the l4 acres, half will be devoted to the fields. Mr. Herbst had reservations about the town’s ability to maintain the fields citing the DPW’s report and their stated needs for manpower. 

Ms. Thompson cited her conversation with Brian Dale wherein he stated he would need three new staff and additional equipment. 

Following discussion, the Committee VOTED: Unanimously to award $250,000 to the Recreation Department to develop playing fields in Hatchville with the intention that the funding be used to fully develop two fields..

East Falmouth Village: The Committee VOTED: 7-1 To award $1,400 to the East Falmouth Village Association to create a community garden with park benches and plantings at the East Falmouth Fire Station.

Falmouth Historical Commission: A motion by Mr. Clark to allocate $15,000 for a first phase failed for a lack of a second. On a motion by Ed Schmitt, , it was unanimously VOTED to award $30,000 to hire a professional to research the town’s historic sites to add to the Cultural Resources inventory.

Chamber of Commerce: Mr. Bowers advised he sought an opinion from the staff attorney at the Preservation Office about funding a project already constructed. He was informed that it was proper because the work was done with private funding. He offered that he would not generally encourage retroactive funding, but he attested to the quality of work and the historic preservation of the structure. By a majority of 7-2, the Committee: VOTED: to award $150,000. On an amendment by Mr. Clark to allocate $70,000 toward new construction and $80,000 for reimbursement, the motion failed for a lack of a second.

Historical Society: Mr. Clark objected to the inclusion of a digital projector and production of a pamphlet as part of their request for $31,258. He felt CPA monies should not be spent for education. On a motion by Mr. Clark, the committee VOTED: Unanimously to award $28,000 with a special condition of a Historic Preservation Restriction to the town incorporating the Secretary of Interior’s Standards.

Historic Highfield: Mr. Bowers felt they had done a good job with private funding and stated he would like to see this supported on the premise of finishing up projects already under way. The request of $300,000 is a small piece of a much larger fund-raising effort.

On a motion by Dr. Schneider, the Committee : VOTED: Unanimously to award Historic Highfield $250,000.

United Methodist Church: Ms. Thompson felt strongly about funding the project for $27,650 because there were no other funding possibilities anywhere else.. After a short discussion of funding only the gravesite restoration, and Mr. Bowers comment that the town committed to do the work years ago, but didn’t. 
The committee VOTED: to award the United Methodist Church $27,650 subject to the preservation guidelines for municipally owned Historic Burial Grounds and Cemeteries as part of the Mass. Department of Environmental Management’s Historic Cemeteries Preservation Initiative.

Habitat for Humanity: Ms. Thompson felt that this group is well known for their in-kind and sweat equity services. Mr. Boyer advised they offered 1.3 acres for open space, but he asked the committee not to include it as a stipulation. 
The Committee VOTED: Unanimously to award Habitat for Humanity $60,000, conditional upon an Affordable Housing Deed Restriction.

Affordable Housing Committee: It was pointed out by Ms. Haney that the Affordable Housing Task Force has no practical experience in building on their own. Bonnie O’Neil stated they will be sub-contracting all aspects of the project.
The committee VOTED: Unanimously to award the Affordable Housing Task Force $250,000 toward the construction of three homes in North Falmouth, subject to a deed restriction.

Affordable Housing Committee: Both Messrs. Boyer and Bowers felt that the request for $40,000 for site work and environmental assessment should have a component to preserve the maximum amount of open space. Ms. Thompson offered that the Request for Proposal (RFP) will have attached designated areas for the development team to look at. It is on the northerly side opposite FR Lillie Road. 

On the motion of Mr.Clark, the Committee VOTED: Unanimously to award the Affordable Housing Task Force $40,000 for site and environmental analysis work for a proposed affordable housing project in Woods Hole on the site of the fire station.

Falmouth Housing Authority Retention Fund Both Dr. Schneider and Mr. Herbst defended the request for $250,000 by stating the money will be put aside for spending at a future date when properties become available for purchase.

The Committee VOTED: Unanimously to award the Falmouth Housing Authority $250,000 to create a House Retention Program subject to the Housing Authority’s revamping their deed restriction to include the wording that such future deed restrictions will be “in perpetuity�.

Falmouth Housing Authority Homebuyers Program: Dr. Schneider felt the focus of the Authority should be on retention such as their first proposal. Mr. Herbst felt the Authority should investigate other alternatives such as financial assistance.

The committee VOTED: Unanimously not to fund the Homebuyers Program.

Town Administrator/CP Position Town Administrator Robert Whritenour and Assistant Town Administrator Heather Harper were in attendance. Heather advised the Committee that Newton has hired a full-time person to work out their historic, housing and other issue areas that make up the CPC. They recommended the funding citing it falls within the parameters of the CPA funding. The town’s contribution would be about $10,000 in benefits. Mr. Clark felt the person should not be dictating to the committee nor did he want to see this person working for the EDIC. Dr. Schneider was concerned with the job description and how the time would be allocated Ms. Haney asked Mr. Whritenhour if he saw this person developing projects for the CPC. Mr. Whritenour replied they already had a full workload, but to the extent possible, if there is some direction from the committee, the technical capacity would be at the committee’s disposal. Direction would come from the CPC, but allow it become part of the town government. 
The Committee VOTED: Unanimously not to fund the Town Administrator’s proposal.

Community Preservation Administrative Expenses: The Committee VOTED: Unanimously to allocate $100,000 for the Committee Expense budget for the coming fiscal year; up to half of that sum will be used to fund a town position. Mr. Boyer advised the appropriation will be available July 1, 2006.

Cape Cod Conservatory: Mr. Boyer advised that the Conservatory withdrew their request in order to consider a more comprehensive restoration.

Waquoit Congregational Church: Mr. Boyer advised that the church has withdrawn their request.

Open Space Reserve: Mr. Boyer suggested allocating some monies to an Open Space Reserve, where they would accumulate. He likened it to a Stabilization Fund. He felt it necessary to continue the town’s efforts for open space acquisition. It would require town meeting vote to establish the Reserve.

A motion by Mr. Bowers to move $400,000 to the Open Space Reserve failed by a vote of 3-6.

On a motion by Mr. Clark, the Committee, by a majority of 5-4, VOTED to move $200,000 to the Open Space Reserve Fund.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 PM to meet again on Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 7:00 PM in a public meeting at the School Administration Building.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little

Community Preservation Committee Minutes
January 12, 2006

Members Present: Chair Peter Boyer; Vice-Chair Peter Clark; Clerk Diane Thompson; Barbara Schneider; Jamie Bowers; Patti Haney; Ralph Herbst; Ed Schmitt; Ken Gartner.

Chair Peter Boyer opened the meeting at 7:05 PM in the School Administration Office by announcing this meeting will give the public a chance to offer their particular comments on the committee’s recommendations. Subsequently, the public hearing portion will be closed to to enable the committee to discuss their final recommendations and vote. The recommendations will be forwarded on Friday, January 13th to the Board of Selectmen as warrant articles. He advised the closing date for the next round of funding will occur June or early July.

Tim Weaver, a member of the Affordable Housing Task Force sub committee, and a resident of 410 Woods Hole Road, requested the committee place a conservation restriction with any award of monies for the development of affordable housing on 419 Woods Hole Road.

Lynn Whitehead, Director of the town band, asked the committee to reconsider their award of no funding for the band stand. She cited the delay on this project has only created a dangerous and unsafe condition for band members. The building, built in l972, has outlived its usefulness. Her comments were followed by those of John Paul, Susan Tansey, and Dr. Peter Hopewood,. They made eloquent appeals for continuing the band stand project.

Ed Giordano of the Recreation Department offered thanks for the award of $250,000. He advised the playground will be eliminated from this phase, but advised they will be looking for additional grant monies.

Jean McCluskey , speaking to the work at the East Falmouth Burying Ground, stated Falmouth does not require a permit to do the work, but questioned what preservation guidelines will be followed. In conversation with the MHC, they suggested the group outline work to be done before an award of any monies.

Dr. Walcovy, asked to reply to Ms. McCluskey’s comments. She assured her she will be following the guidelines for historic cemeteries as promulgated by the Ma. Department of Environmental Management, a copy of which was previously provided to the committee. Further, she assured that all pertinent paper work will be done on each grave site (53 in total), as to how it was improved etc.

Mr. Robert Dinsmore of the United Methodist Church stated his appreciation for the committee’s award of $27,650. The by-product of the award being an awareness by its members that they own a cemetery and their willingness to continue with the preservation.

The public hearing portion concluded at 7:40 PM.

2. Vote Final Recommendations: Mr. Clark moved reconsideration of the committtee’s vote in the matter of the Town Band Stand. Motion was seconded. Realizing the committee doesn’t have the funds to do the entire project, Mr. Clark stated he would like to find a way to move the project forward. He offered a motion to award $20,000 toward the project and asked Lynn Whitehead if this amount will do that. Lynn Whitehead answered the amount will complete the final modification of the architect. Dr. Schneider asked if there was an amount of money , other than the full amount, that would allow the project to go forward and to what purpose.. Lynn Whitehead replied they would need to come back in July for the design. The town allocated $300,000. There were two bids, both of which came back twice the cost. She added the price of steel is so exorbitant that the $20K is the fee to the architect to modify the cantilever. Both Messrs. Schmitt urged the committee’s support; Mr. Gartner suggesting allocating the remaining unappropriated funds to the project. Mr. Boyer reminded members that there was a motion and a second on the floor to award $20K for the design modification to the new town band stand. It was unanimously VOTED.

Mr. Clark proposed an amendment to the grant of $40K to the Falmouth Affordable Housing Committee for 419 Woods Hole Road. He proposed adding the words: “so as to minimize impacts on the topography and vegetation and to place a priority on cluster development and preserving open space: after the words “affordable housing� on line 4 of the proposed warrant article. It was unanimously VOTED.

Dr. Schneider asked to revisit the award of $250,000 to the Recreation Committee to construct playing fields. She cited her concern from earlier comments by Mr. Giordano that the project will be done in stages. She proposed adding another $50K for a total of $300K to complete the project. It was unanimously VOTED.

Mr. Boyer than drew attention to the fact that there remained $105K in unappropriated funds. If the committee leaves it in that status, it cannot be used until the November 2007 Town Meeting. He suggested placing the monies in a “Budget Reserve�. It would allow the committee to appropriate monies in the coming fiscal year for the purposes of the CPA in any of the categories. Any recommendation by the committee to expend such funds would have to go to town meeting. It was unanimously VOTED.

3, Approve Warrant Articles for Spring 2006 Annual Town Meeting.
There being no further amendments, the committee unanimously VOTED final recommendations for town meeting. Mr. Boyer will email them to the Administrator’s Office on Friday, January 13. A formal presentation to the Board of Selectmen is scheduled for January 23rd.

4. Approve Minutes of December 15, 2005. Minutes were approved with changes.

5. Old Business: None

6. New Business: Mr. Herbst brought up his concerns re: complying with the Open Meeting Law. Mr. Boyer suggested that the matter be discussed as an agenda item for the February 9th meeting. 

In the matter of the proposed staff position to be funded under CPA administrative expenses, Mr. Boyer suggested forming a subcommittee to review the position with the town personnel director. Dr. Schneider reminded members that the committee said at one point they wanted to research other towns, who have created staff positions with CPA funding, and subsequently draft a committee devised job description. Mr. Clark stated there are certain code words for town positions. Dr. Schneider felt she still wanted to do the research and determine how the staff person fills their time. It was agreed that she, Jamie and Patti Haney would serve as the subcommittee and report their findings. 

There being no further business, the committee adjourned at 9:15 PM to meet again on Thursday, February 9, 2006 at 7:00 PM at the Falmouth Service Center.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little


Community Preservation Committee Minutes
February 9 , 2006

Members Present: Vice Chair Peter Clark; Ralph Herbst; Barbara Schneider; Jamie Bowers; Ed Schmitt; Ken Gartner; Patti Haney.

Acting chair, Peter Clark called the meeting to order at 7:14 PM In the Falmouth Service Center.

The minutes of January 5 and 12th were approved with corrections.

Review Draft MOU for Project Applicant Awards: Ralph Herbst distributed a draft Memorandum of Understanding. It will specify the required general and special conditions to be met by the applicant. Town Counsel Frank Duffy offered conditions on tax compliance and non-collusion The final MOU will be signed by Chair Peter Boyer and the applicant. After a full discussion, the matter was held pending a further review by the members. It was agreed they will forward their changes or comments to Ralph for another discussion at the February 23rd meeting.

Falmouth Housing Authority Affordable Housing Retention Plan: The Committee reviewed the draft special conditions One of the conditions listed stated that all proposed real estate transactions must be presented to the CPC in writing as well as a verbal presentation from the Falmouth Housing Authority. Patti Haney made an appeal to approve this condition. She felt it important for the committee to be informed as to the use of the funds. Matter was held for further review and comments.

Community Preservation Plan Plan Policy Issues: The committee had a full discussion and a variety of opinions on the memo dated January 12th authored by Ralph Herbst regarding emails on policy issues. The document would not apply to potential applicants but rather to formal applicants. The matter was held for further discussion.

Old Business: 
Community Preservation Committee Position The committee discussed the position to support CPC work. The sub-committee will work to secure samples of job descriptions from other towns and they plan to conduct informal interviews.with the person holding the position. Matter Held.

New Business: The committee briefly discussed preparations for the committee’s first town meeting. Members talked about briefing the Town Moderator on the Community Preservation guidelines , categories and awards; Dr. Schneider advocated preparing a flyer for town meeting members. The committee also talked about disseminating the CPC minutes to town committees. Matter Held.

There being no further business, the Committee adjourned at 9:25 PM to meet again on Thursday, February 23, 2006 at 7:00 PM at the Falmouth Service Center.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little


FEBRUARY 23, 2006

Members Present: Chair Peter Boyer; Vice-Chair Peter Clark; Clerk Diane Thompson; Ralph Herbst; Barbara Schneider; Jamie Bowers; Ed Schmitt; Patti Haney.
Absent: Ken Gartner.

Chair Peter Boyer called the meeting to order at 7:14 PM in the Falmouth Service Center.
There was no public present.

The minutes of the February 9th meeting were approved.

Review Draft #3 Memorandum of Understanding for Project Awards: 
The members submitted their proposed conditions for their assigned projects and comments were offered and discussed . 
Special Conditions for the historic preservation awards were introduced by Jamie with the suggestion they be the basis for all historic preservation projects. The design professionals should meet the standards set forth in the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for Archaeology and Historic Preservation. The other special conditions dealt with the submittal of drawings and specifications at different stages of development.

Special Conditions for the affordable housing awards were proposed to include a comprehensive permit filed with the Barnstable Registry of Deeds; permanent deed restrictions stating the affordable housing units will remain affordable in perpetuity; an open space element that must also remain in perpetuity and during construction, the developer must erect a sign at the construction site acknowledging that Community Preservation funds are being used, including dates.

The committee felt the open space element will be a major goal and will be the philosophy of the Community Preservation Committee.

Each project was reviewed incorporating the conditions/special conditions particular to that project and each was unanimously voted, with the exception of the East Falmouth Village Association which was approved by a majority of 4-1, with Barbara Schneider recusing herself from the discussion and vote.

A sign or plaque acknowledging that Community Preservation Act funds were used will be a standard special condition for all projects.

Peter will prepare the final MOU’s for signature.

Consideration of Proposed Staff Position:
The sub-committee comprising of Patti, Jamie and Barbara reported on their efforts to frame the job description for the position. During their assignment, they discussed the possibility of consultant vs. town position. Barbara spoke to her conversation with Dorrie Pizzella of the Coalition who provided her with the towns (Newton, Braintree, Nantucket and Cambridge) utilizing a community preservation staff position. As a result of their research, the sub-committee submitted a job description that would have the staff position work under the general direction of the Community Preservation Committee and the administrative direction of the Town Planner. The position would be full time with benefits until such time as the committee decides otherwise. The position would be paid from the administrative expense account of the committee.

Ralph Herbst reported on his conversation with the Town of Yarmouth CPC staff person. She stated her position is full time and her work also includes preparing the MOU’s and warrant articles. He felt that these duties should be reflected in the job description. The committee agreed to add the following wording under Essential Duties and Responsibilities: �Conducts public relations and prepares education materials. Responds to inquiries from the general public on town bylaws and procedures and CPA legislation and policies�

On a motion by Peter Clark, seconded by Jamie Bower, the committee VOTED: unanimously to amend the title of the job description to �Assistant Planner/Community Preservation� and further voted to approve the job description, as amended.

The Committee adjourned at 10PM to meet again on THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006
7:00 PM in the Falmouth Service Center.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little
CPC 2/23/06


MARCH 9, 2006

Members Present: Chair, Peter Boyer; Clerk, Diane Thompson; Jamie Bowers; Ken Gartner; Patti Haney; Ralph Herbst; Ed Schmitt; Barbara Schneider
Absent: Peter Clark

Chair Peter Boyer opened the meeting at 7:05 PM. There was no public present.

The Minutes of the February 23, 2006 meeting were approved with corrections.

Discussion of CPC Staff Position with Assistant Town Administrator Heather Harper: Since the committee’s last meeting and vote on the CPC position, Town Planner Brian Currie offered a counter version of the job description, which is a Grade M-7. It is based on the town’s Grade and Classification Plan for non-aligned employees. Heather said her presence at this meeting is to clarify the commonality of needs. She agreed that the CPC needs a staff person from project development to its completion, but she reiterated that it is critical that any position dealing with land use development and should be part of the Planning Office. She stated if the CPC feels it should be funded by them, that would be fine, but the town is committed to folding the position into the town’s plan. She stated the position was voted last evening with a $10,000 fringe benefit as a base to be expanded over time.

Dr. Schneider stated to Heather the committee did not design this position for the level of expertise the town may want and their requirement for a Masters Degree would prevent some applicants from seeking the job. 

Heather stated the committee is asking the person to perform similar duties to the present Assistant Town Planner but take direction from another board. When asked about the salary differences, Heather said that without the plan in front of her, she believed the M-7 position ranges from $50,000-70,000 while the M-5 ranges from $45,000-65,000. There are twelve incremental steps within the grade at a yearly 3% increase. The Town Administrator can hire above the minimum if the qualifications require it.

Dr Schneider restated her feeling about the requirement for a Masters Degree. She would prefer a person who might have more experience but only has a Bachelors Degree. She was thinking more of an Administrative Assistant position. Heather replied that the Town Planner needs to review your final job description, but she felt he would be uncomfortable if you removed the Master’s Degree requirement. We need to establish a M-7 position even if it is changed to “Masters Degree preferred�. Peter interjected that the town’s job description is defined by a score. It is the accumulation of points that dictates the job description.
Peter asked if they wanted to propose a motion either to (1) accept the revised job description presented by the town planner, (2) reassert the CPC’s version, (3) advertise for a contract services and visit the subject in November or (4) some other combination. Diane stated she was not prepared to accept the revised version of the town planner.

Jamie Bowers offered a motion to accept Brian Currie’s draft of an M-7 grade. Ed Schmitt seconded the motion. There was no vote taken because Ralph offered a further motion to insert under Education and Experience, the words “Bachelors Degree, but Masters Degree preferred�. This amendment was unanimously approved 6-1.

A unanimous vote was reached by changing the second paragraph under Essential Duties and Responsibilities in the CPC job description to read: “Assists the CPC in administering and overseeing contracts for CPC funded projects. 

Dr. Schneider offered a motion to retain the wording in the paragraph under Supervision in the CPC version – Assistant Planner/Community Preservation – Grade M-5. It was
Unanimously voted: 6-2. Heather expressed her concern with the words “general direction� in that paragraph. It is key to the scoring of the position. She stated the position is going to be part of the town government and it needs to be in the town’s Planning Office and , as such, it should have the same professional requirements as the existing Assistant Town Planner. The position, as proposed, has to be rated and any change will reduce it to a M-6 Grade.

Jamie Bowers offered a motion to reconsider the committee’s vote to keep the CPC version of the wording under Supervision. Diane seconded the motion, but the motion failed for a lack of a majority.

Peter asked the committee if they wanted to table the matter six months and do a contracts service until the next town meeting or do they want to vote to accept the M-7 version with the changes. The committee voted 5-3 to accept the M-7 position with the changes. Heather acknowledged this was a declarative statement, but she will grade it and advise the committee of the score.

Discussion of Town Meeting Preparations: Peter advised he will e-mail the applicants to be present and ready to make presentations for Town Meeting. Peter will also brief the Town Moderator on the Community Preservation Act. Dr. Schneider wished to acknowledge Ralph Herbst for his four-page summary of Questions & Answers for Town Meeting Articles.

Old Business: Ralph brought up some issues that have been held over pending further discussion: the e-mail policy; briefing town hall department and committees about the Community Preservation Act and whether or not copies of the minutes should be provided to different town departments. Peter asked the committee’s indulgence by waiting until after town meeting.

New Business: The Community Preservation Committee meeting schedule for April through September was distributed The committee will be meeting twice a month and meetings will be held at the Falmouth Service Center or the School Administration Building. All meetings will start at 7PM.

The committee adjourned at 9:40 PM to meet again on Thursday, March 23, 2006.
Sumitted by:Mary J. Little

MARCH 23, 2006

Members Present: Chair, Peter Boyer; Vice Chair Peter Clark; Clerk, Diane Thompson; Jamie Bowers; Ken Gartner; Patti Haney; Ralph Herbst; Ed Schmitt; Barbara Schneider; 

Chair Peter Boyer opened the meeting at 7:05 PM. There was no public present.

The minutes of the March 9th meeting were approved with one absention (Mr.Clark).

Community Preservation Committee Position: Peter announced unanimity with the job description, which is listed under Article 16. The new title is Assistant Town Planner/ Community Preservation M-6. Heather still wants to fund the health insurance benefit. Dr. Schneider restated her feelings that the committee pay for the salary and health benefit. The Finance Committee approved the committee’s request for the $100,000 to cover administrative expenses, but had reserved judgment on the position because no consensus had been reached when they voted the articles.

Peter asked members if they agree that the town should fund the fringe benefit in its budget or reimburse the town for the health insurance. Dr. Schneider moved to approve the M-6 job description as a community preservation committee position and fund the salary and health benefit. Matter VOTED: 6-2.

Community Preservation Committee Town Meeting Articles: The committee was advised of the process for the voting of the various articles by Peter Boyer. In the matter of the Highfield Hall funding article, the Committee VOTED : unanimously to move for a favorable recommendation and should it fail, reconsideration will be attempted.

Peter asked for a secondary recommendation if the $250,000 is ruled out of order or voted no. Failing that, the committee would recommend increasing the budget reserve fund under Article 38 from $105,000 to $355,000. Matter VOTED: Unanimously.

Peter advised the committee needs to recommend approval of the $2,133,810 appropriation listed under the Operating Budget Summary Page to cover the debt service payment. Matter VOTED: unanimously.

Also under the Special Budget, Article 10, committee approval is required for the $19,383. Matter VOTED: Unanimously

The committee adjourned at 8PM to meet again on Thursday, April 13, 2006 at 7:00pm
At the Falmouth Service Center.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little


APRIL 13, 2006

MEMBERS PRESENT: Diane Thompson, Clerk; Barbara Schneider; Ed Schmitt; Ken Gartner; Ralph Herbst, Jamie Bowers. Absent: Peter Clark

Due to the resignation of Peter Boyer, Ralph Herbst moved and Jamie Bowers seconded a motion to appoint Diane Thompson as Acting Chairman for tonight’s meeting. VOTED: unanimously.

1. The Minutes of the March 23rd meeting were accepted.

2. Discussion of Staff Hiring Process: Dr. Schneider advised members she sat down earlier in the afternoon individually with Christina Callahan, followed by Heather Harper, Selectmen Kevin Murphy and Cary Murphy. Subsequently, there was a joint meeting with Mr. Whritenour, Heather Harper and Christina Callahan. It was announced they will seek a replacement for Peter Boyer for a two-year term. Each board will have to reappoint their representative for three-year terms. Christina Callahan wanted to define the traits the committee is seeking for the staff position. Mr. Whritenour will be the appointing authority and he stated the committee must follow the model for all staff appointments. The ad for the position will be on the web and printed in early May with the State Planning Association. It will not be advertised in the newspaper. (Patti wants it advertised in the Boston Globe and it was agreed). June 8th will be the target day for the selection process. Christina invited committee members to sit in on reviewing the applications and resumes around May 22nd.

Dr. Schneider asked the members if they had any objections to allowing Jamie, Patti and herself to continue as the sub-committee for the staff position. Ralph Herbst moved approval, seconded by Ed Schmitt. VOTED: unanimously.

On June 8th , Jamie, Patti and Barbara will join Brian Currie, Christina and Heather to form the panel to interview the final three candidates. It will be a consensus with Mr Whritenour being the deciding vote. This will occur at a public meeting.

In conversation with Town Planner, Brian Currie, he did not feel his office would be the right choice for the new staff person, but offered to inquire about space in the Engineering Office. 

It was moved and seconded that Ralph Herbst would liaison with Brian Currie and Information Technology to determine what will be required in the way of equipment to set up the office. Ralph Herbst Abstained. VOTED: unanimously.

3. Discussion of Town Meeing Actions: A discussion ensued on the matter of Article 26 wherein an amendment was offered on the floor to eliminate one of the houses on Cloverfield Way. The committee learned that this was an illegal move because this action essentially changed the intention of the project. Town Meeting can seek to lower the funding of a project but they cannot change the intent. Members agreed there was a need to educate town departments and town meeting members about the CPA process. The committee spent time discussing how they might meet this goal. Suggestions included preparing a status report for all town meeting members; designing a simple brochure about the Community Preservation Act and assigning members to attend the Precinct meetings to answer questions and concerns about CPA articles . Patti suggested distributing approved minutes to all town departments. Up to this point, Diane has been responsible for seeing that the Town Clerk receives a copy of the approved minutes.

4. Committee Assignments for Monitoring Projects Voted at Spring Town Meeing:

Members determined that eleven (11) projects will need monitoring. The following assignments were made:
Article 24 – Habitat for Humanity $60,000 (Diane Thompson)
Article 25 – Woods Hole Affordable Housing Engineering . Study (Barbara Schneider)
Article 26 - Affordable Housing Cloverfield Way & Ward & Chester Sts. $250,000 (Ralph Herbst)
Article 27 – Affordable Housing Retention Program - $250,000 (Ralph Herbst)
Article 28 - Historic Highfield - $250,000 (Jamie Bowers)
Article 29 – Falmouth Chamber of Commerce - $150,000 – (Jamie Bowers)
Article 30 - United Methodist Church - $27,650 (Ken Gartner)
Article 31 - Falmouth Historical Commission - $30,000 (Diane Thompson)
Article 32 - Historic Society - $28,000 (Jamie Bowers)
Article 33 - Recreation Committee - $300,000 (Peter Clark)
Article 34 - Town Band $20,000 (Ed Schmitt)
Article 35 - East Falmouth Benches $1,400 (Patti Haney)

5 ..Community Preservation Committee Meeting Schedule April –Sept.14:
The committee reviewed the schedule prepared by Dr. Schneider.
One significant date is May 11, which will be the second Annual Meeting (the last one being September 22nd). The committee will meet the public and town departments to discuss the second round application process. Committee members agreed to continue meeting every other week. 
The Committee VOTED¨unanimously to hold the public hearing on May 11th in the Selectmen’s Meeting Room. (Diane to determine if Room is available, if not, School Administration Building will be used.)

It was agreed to advertise the public meeting on April 25 and 28; May 2, 5, and 9th. A memo will be given to Heather asking the Administrator’s office to distribute a copy of the ad to department managers.

6. Discussion of E-mail Policies: Committee agreed to table this item and ask Peter Clark to schedule it for the next agenda. In the meantime, Ralph will e-mail a paper to member

7. New Business: Request of Helen Kennedy/Director, Recreation Department to seek bids now for the playing fields even though the monies will not be available until July 1st. It was moved and seconded to table the matter and allow in-coming Chairman,Peter Clark to deal with it.

Election of Chairman, Community Preservation Committee: Matter was tabled until next meeting. Vice-chairman Peter Clark was not present to participate.

Letter of Appreciation to Peter Boyer: the committee VOTED: to ask Peter Clark to send a letter on behalf of the committee.

Ralph Herbst asked for a vote to reflect the committee’s appreciation of Peter Boyer, the Committee’s first chairman and acknowledge his efforts in providing the leadership in its first year to the Town of Falmouth’s Community Preservation Committee. VOTED: unanimously.

There being no other business, the Committee adjourned at 9:00 PM to meet again on
Thursday, April 27, 2006 at 7:00 PM in the Falmouth Service Center.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little


APRIL 27, 2006

MEMBERS PRESENT: Peter Clark; Diane Thompson, Clerk; Ken Gartner; Ralph Herbst; Jamie Bowers; Patty Haney Absent: Barbara Schneider; Ed Schmitt
Falmouth Enterprise reporter, Mark Brown, was in attendance.

The Meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM in the Falmouth Service Center.

The minutes of the April 13th meeting were approved with changes.

Peter Clark accepted the chairmanship with the understanding this action was an interim step. Diane Thompson expressed her wish to continue as clerk and offered in nomination Barbara Schneider as interim Vice-Chair. VOTED: unanimously
Peter advised that applications for the at-large member will close on May 15th and decisions reached May 22nd.

Discuss Status of Funded Projects: Jamie Bowers reported on his conversation with Barbara Milligan on the Historic Highfield project. Highfield has gone ahead and spent spent their own money on the HVAC contract. Barbara Milligan had stated in their application under “Timelineâ€? they would complete the work before June. The reason for spending the money up front was the need to complete that work on the 2nd & 3rd floors. Jamie suggested and it was agreed the committee write a letter agreeing to the several exceptions regarding #8 in the Historic Highfield MOU. 
Members agreed that this was cause to change the wording in the Memorandum of Understanding. It was stated in the MOU that monies would not be
available until July lst. Ken Gartner stated that once the project is accepted at Town Meeting, he had no objections to the applicant starting work, but the applicant should not expect payment until after July 1st. Peter asked if they wanted to vote this for the record. Jamie moved that it shall be the policy of the committee that all funds will be paid directly to the contractor for said project. Applicants may commence work once the project has been approved by town meeting, and payments will be disbursed only after the beginning of the fiscal year. Ralph seconded the motion. VOTED: unanimously. 

Jamie said he conferred with Mass Historical and was advised the CPC should be requiring 100% construction and drawing specs. However, applicants may apply for design funds as an initial step to the process.

Review and Approve Timeline for Fall Town Meeting: Peter distributed a new schedule of committee meetings through September. The public hearing for the second round of applications will be held May 18. Peter felt the interview process in the last round was rushed and suggested July 20 and August 3 for meetings depending on the number of applicants. Following discussion, the committee approved the meeting schedule.

Discussion re: CPA Staff Position: In a meeting with Bob Whritenour, Peter stated that he wanted to insure participation from those members of the committee not serving on the sub-committee and he pushed for an opportunity for the committee to meet with the applicant. Bob Whritenour agreed that the non-official members can write notes to the sub-committee members if they had a particular question to offer. 
As for advertising the position, members were informed that ads will not be sought in the Falmouth Enterprise, Cape Cod Times or Boston Globe. If this action was the result of a tight budget, the committee members informed Peter the monies to place ads in the Enterprise and Cape Cod Times could be taken from the CPA budget.

Discussion re: May 18th Public Hearing for Second Round of Projects: After members spent time editing the cover letter and application form. Ralph advised that in the Community Preservation Act, applicants are asked to justify “public benefitâ€?. He suggested the committee should adhere to this goal in the application form and suggested inserting the words “specifically, how does it benefit the public?â€? Members agreed. Ralph has volunteered to revise the edited cover letter and application form. Ralph also offered to update the membership of the CPA on the website. Diane has assumed responsibility for posting the ads in the newspapers. 
Peter will prepare a memo to the chairman of the Selectmen, Finance and School Committees, the town manager, Superintendent of Schools and the Housing Authority advising them to inform their individual departments and employees about the forthcoming May 18th public hearing and timeline for submission of projects for the second round to be voted at the November Town meeting. The third and final round will be scheduled for this fall to be voted at the 2007 Spring Town Meeting. Peter will prepare a news release announcing a June 22nd due date for the next round of proposals The application form and explanatory letter will be published on the CPC website.

Communication Protocol: Ralph has authored and distributed a paper for review dealing with e-mail discussions between committee members and applicants. Ralph asked to place the matter on the May 25 agenda.

There being no other business, the committee adjourned at 9:09 PM to meet on
Thursday, May 18 in the Selectmen’s Meeting Room, which will be a public meeting.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little


MAY 18, 2006

Members Present: Chair Peter Clark; Ralph Herbst; Ed Schmitt; Barbara Schneider; Patti Haney; Diane Thompson

The committee met at 5:45 PM to discuss language changes for the Memorandums of Understanding and guidelines relating to invoices, maintenance and historic preservation.

It was agreed that: MOU’s are the contract under which funds are recommended to Town Meeting and take precedence over the original application for funds. The CPC will entertain properly documented requests to amend the MOU if, within the scope of the original application, but CPC can not consider amendments that exceed the scope of the original application. VOTED: unanimously. This language will be inserted in the cover letter in subsequent rounds.

It was agreed that: Payment for expenses under MOU’s on approved proposals is made directly by the Town of Falmouth to the provider(s) of the services/work approved, after submission and review of appropriate invoices. Such invoices must be submitted to the delegated CPC liaison committee member. When an assistant planner is hired, invoices will be submitted through that individual or through the CPC project liaison. No work may be performed with expectation of CPC funding until the project has been approved by vote of Town Meeting. VOTED: unanimously. This language will be inserted as a new paragraph in the cover letter and MOU in subsequent rounds.

It was agreed that: CPC funds cannot be used for maintenance of historic buildings, affordable housing, open space or recreational property. Maintenance, the upkeep of real or personal property, includes any process that normally must be performed more frequently than ten-year intervals. VOTED: unanimously. This language will be inserted in the Application Form as part of Guideline #9 – “Maintenance‿ in subsequent rounds.

It was agreed that: Historic structures and landscapes are buildings, structures, vessels or real property that is listed or eligible for listing on the state register of historic places or has been determined by the Falmouth Historic Preservation Commission to be significant in the history, archeology, architecture or culture of a city or town. The CPC considers town documents and artifacts that are 50 years old or greater to be historic. Documents and artifacts not owned by the Town are not covered by the law. VOTED: unanimously
This language will appear in Paragraph 5 of the Project Submission Form in subsequent rounds.
A short form will be handed out to prospective applicants asking for a brief description. It will be used by the committee to determine if the Department of Revenue (DOR) deems it legal or within the parameters of the Community Preservation Act. It will help the committee to advise the applicant not to proceed in the application process because it will have no standing in any of the four categories.

MAY 18, 2006

Members Present: Chair Peter Clark; Ralph Herbst; Ed Schmitt; Barbara Schneider; Patti Haney; Diane Thompson; Ken Gartner; Jamie Bowers.

Chair Peter Clark called the public hearing to order at 7:00 PM in the Selectmen’s Meeting Room, Town Hall.

Chair Peter Clark introduced the committee members and talked briefly about the Community Preservation Act; its acceptance at Town Meeting in the Spring of 2005 and the formation of the committee in July of 2005. The town approved the CPA in time for FY 2006, but after the tax rate. $1,767.448 is the amount available for the 2006 state match monies. The hearing will be used to gather public input on the four categories of the Act with question and answer period to follow. 

Mark Patton, Director of the Dept of Natural Resources and a member of the Coastal Pond Management Committee submitted a funding request for a Model Coastal Pond Management Plan including Shellfish Habitat Assessment and spoke to their plans to develop management plans for each of the ponds; five of which are critical. The plan is to do one a year beginning with Green Pond. Betsy Gladfelter, also a member of the Conservation Commission, spoke to the fact that Falmouth has the largest shoreline of the cape towns – some 68 miles. Committee member, Ed Schmitt, noted that coastal pond activity provides recreation as well as open space.

Sylvia Szulkin, Clerk of the Affordable Housing Committee, submitted a letter dated May 18, 2006 and an Affordable Housing Needs Assessment prepared by the Affordable Housing Committee, which spoke to the current affordable housing needs in Falmouth and the need to add additional funds to the $250,000 awarded in the first round for the Housing Retention Fund. The Affordable Housing Committee is advocating the creation of a new development fund.

Michael Palmer, Town Clerk, working with Lynn Grant, Director of Information Technology, formed a committee to identify the archival needs for the town. Mr. Palmer stated they have documents dating back to the 1800’s that are in need of repair. They have spent two year to find cost-effective ways to undertake this project, but expressed their hope this fund will be supportive. Lynn Grant stated the project will be submitted in stages. Peter Clark reminded the group the law was amended to provide for town documents and artifacts. It applies to documents 50 years old and greater.

Susan Hallstein-Goodman, a former President of the 300 Committee for six years, announced that the 300 Committee will be celebrating its 20th anniversary and spoke to the purchase of open space as the best investment Falmouth can make. This investment in open space has preserved the character of the town of Falmouth. Parcels are coming in every day for purchase in key linkage areas. Dr Schneider reminded the audience the town can’t borrow money for acquisitions, but $200,000 was put aside at the Spring 2006 Town Meeting in an Open Space Reserve, but there is agreement to continue building up the reserve.

Peter Clark announced there will be another public hearing for the third round in September finishing in January for Spring Town Meeting. He urged interested applicants to come back in the third round if they do not get picked in this round. He went on to briefly explain the invoicing process. The procurement laws will only be in effect for projects submitted by the town.

Committee member Jamie Bowers, who also serves as Chairman of the Falmouth Historical Commission, reminded applicants that historic preservation is different in that the aim of the CPA is historically correct preservation, while the aim of the applicants may simply be to keep buildings functioning. If the scope is well defined, applicants can ask for design services if there are going to be construction plans and specs that will be laid out per federal guidelines. Monies can be sought partly for design and partly for construction. He recommended using a preservation architect.

Dr. John Funkhouser, representing the Cape Cod Conservatory, wanted to ascertain if their proposal for the theatre would be eligible in the cultural resources sector. Peter suggested he sit with Jamie Bowers at the close of this hearing .

Dr. Schneider distributed a short form to applicants asking for a brief description of their proposed proposal. It will be used by the committee to consult with the Department of Revenue to determine the eligibility of the project. She reminded applicants that all questions must be communicated to Peter Clark for full discussion at the next CPC meeting after submission of proposals. There will be four meetings sometime in July/August to discuss proposals with applicants.

The hearing concluded at 8:10 PM with Peter Clark publicly expressing thanks to Peter Boyer for his contribution to the Community Preservation Committee as its first chairman.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Secretary

MAY 25. 2006

Members Present: Chair Peter Clark; Ralph Herbst; Ken Gartner; Patti Haney; Barbara Schneider; Ed Schmitt; Jamie Bowers; Diane Thompson

Chair Peter Clark called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM in the Falmouth Service Center.

The Minutes of the April 27th were accepted with Dr. Barbara Schneider and Ed Schmitt abstaining. The May 8th Special Meeting ; May 18 Special Meeting (Jamie Bowers Abstained) ; and May 18th hearing were accepted.

Dr Schneider inquired and Peter Clark affirmed the minutes will be posted on the website. Space for frequently asked questions is also provided.

Members had a short discussion on the substance and eligibility of the recent round of applications proposed at the public hearing. A concern was raised on the Teaticket School Administration Building proposal that regular maintenance will be handled with town monies. There was a submission of the Capital Improvement Program for FY 2006-2011 with a letter from Heather Harper suggesting that other town projects might be submitted. No further details were provided.

Patti Haney has assumed liaison responsibility for the recreational fields. In reviewing the MOU , she saw the need for more changes. She stressed that invoices need to be submitted to the liaison. Peter felt personal contact with their project applicant is of prime importance. He offered to make this a future agenda item and members can present their concerns. One of the discussions might be using a standard contract to replace the MOU.

The committee reviewed the draft Communication Protocol prepared by Ralph Herbst. The document deals with the appropriate communication policies that will be followed by the applicants to the CPC in accordance to the CPC application process and open meeting law as well as communications from the CPC to applicants. After project consideration and approval by town meeting, applicants should communicate with the CPC member assigned to monitor their project or to the CPC planner. 
After minor changes, the Committee VOTED: unanimously to accept the Communication Protocol Policy. It will become part of the application process. 

With regard to Peter Boyer’s replacement, no applications were received . Members discussed what skills and qualities should be sought for the replacement and they concluded the committee would be better served with someone possessing a construction, engineering or historic preservation background to assist Jamie Bowers. The committee VOTED: unanimously to recommend that the position be filled in July when the at-large position also comes up for reappointment.

Dr Schneider gave a brief report on the status of the assistant planner position. Of the twenty-seven applications received, three were acceptable and one of them did not fit the education qualification because of the town’s point system. They submitted their recommendations.

Under Old Business, Diane stated there was a conflict for the Selectmen’s Meeting Room for the September 28th Public Hearing for the third round . Therefore the hearing
will be held at the School Administration Building.

Under New Business, Dr Schneider and Jamie Bowers reported on their attendance at a recent Round Table Conference with other CPC communities. One of the topics dealt with easements and how they must be assigned in perpetuity. There is much responsibility associated with easements. Easements can also be done for a non-town property. The Mass. Historical Commission has a model easement. Any Community Preservation Committee can propose a scope and in Falmouth’s case, Town Counsel Frank Duffy can prepare the final product. They suggested scheduling Preservation New England for their June 8th agenda. Dr. Schneider and Jamie felt the Falmouth CPC should be proud of its accomplishments. 

The meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM to meet again on Thursday, June 8, 2006 at 7:30 PM in the Falmouth Service Center.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Secretary

JUNE 8, 2006

Members present: Chair Peter Clark; Barbara Schneider; Patti Haney; Diane Thompson; Ed Schmitt; Ralph Herbst; Ken Gartner; Jamie Bowers

1. Dr. Barbara Schneider called the meeting to order at 7:30PM and announced that Peter Clark would be arriving later because of a schedule conflict.

2. The minutes of the May 25, 2006 meeting were approved.

3. The committee spent time discussing the language and format of the MOU’s. Some members felt the applicants did not pay careful attention to the MOUs. Each committee liaison should inform their applicant that there will be a 3-week lag time for the receipt of monies – that it won’t be readily available on July 1st. At the last meeting, members were asked to consider whether to revert to a contract rather than an MOU. Ralph Herbst said he was not in favor of contracts. He felt they would add another level of legality. The MOU holds weight, he added, but it is more informal. Ed Schmitt agreed with Ralph, but he would discontinue the name MOU. Jamie Bowers offered a change to a Letter of Agreement. VOTED: unanimously.

Item #7 under General Conditions was changed to read as follows: The schedule must be submitted to the CPC for review.

Item #8 under General Conditions shall read as follows:
Payments for expenses under MOUs on approved proposals is made directly by the Town of Falmouth to the provider(s) of the services/work approved, after submission and review of appropriate invoices. Such invoices must be submitted to the delegated CPC liaison committee member. When an assistant planner is hired, invoices will be submitted through that individual or through the CPC project liaison. No work may be performed with expectation of CPC funding until the project has been approved by vote of Town Meeting. All invoices to be paid by the CPC must be submitted by the applicant within 15 days of receipt from the service provider.

4. Issues dealing with the use of easements for town property were discussed. Dr. Schneider handed out seven pages of information which included a Preservation & Conservation Easement Bibliography and a List of Tools to reach a Successful Non-Profit Easement Program. It was stressed that each member should review their project to determine if an easement is required. Members agreed to research what restrictions, if any, might be required for each of the categories and what entities might need said easement or restriction.
Matter was held for a report at the next meeting.

5. In preparation for Round Two Proposals for the Fall of 2006, Dr. Schneider disbursed a list of the proposed team as well as the criteria to evaluate proposals. The new appointee will be rotating amongst the teams to familiarize himself/herself with the process.

6. Members had a brief discussion on issues relating to their projects. Diane advised the Affordable Housing project in North Falmouth is on hold for the time being because of liens. Jamie reported the Falmouth Historical Society did not get the funding source they were seeking to coincide with the CPC funding. Therefore, they sought and received a proposal from a Boston firm to do a technical evaluation. The analysis will be used to complete a feasibility study to determine a phased action plan. Ed Schmitt, liaison for the Band Shell, was informed by Heather Harper the town is reconsidering the project and is hiring a structural engineer. Patti, liaison for the Recreation Fields, has concerns with the Recreation Committee and believes they are planning for a third playing field. Rumors are about the Ice Rink Committee is looking at the recreation fields as a potential site. Ralph reported Helen Kennedy came before the Planning Board and mentioned the three fields and no mention was made the CPC is providing the funding – a clear violation of Item 10 in the MOU. It was VOTED: unanimously that Peter write a letter to Helen Kennedy citing the CPC concerns and requesting she work with Patti. Sandy Cuny, Chair of the Recreation Committee, should also be copied.

7. Members briefly discussed issues for the second round of applications. Peter felt many of the proposals will have a larger cost value. One such proposal might come from the Coastal Resource Committee for a study to preserve water under the Open Space and Preservation categories. There is such a precedent for designating water as Open Space. 
8. The matter of the CPC’s article for the Annual Report was held. Peter reminded members the report is due mid- August.

9. Peter reported on his conversation with Bob Whritenour, Heather Harper and Brian Currie for the Round Two proposals and the committee’s hope to maintain good communications and foster teamwork. Peter extended them an invitation to address the CPC to give members an indication of the Town’s long term plans. Brian Currie stated the candidates for the new CPC position are inquiring about the chain of command. Peter relayed the committee’s perception the person will be working under Brian but working on the committee’s agenda and projects. The member’s liaison role was also discussed.

10. There was no new business.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 10:13 PM to meet again on Thursday, June 22, 2006 at 7:00 PM at the Falmouth Service Center.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Secretary


JUNE 22, 2006

Members Present: Chair Peter Clark; Vice-chair Barbara Schneider; Clerk Diane Thompson; Ralph Herbst; Ed Schmitt; Jamie Bowers; Patti Haney; Ken Gartner.

Public Present: Falmouth Enterprise reporter, Mark Brown; Ann Sears; Nancy Haywood; George Hampson.

Chair Peter Clark called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM in the Falmouth Service Center.

The minutes of the June 8th meeting were accepted.

Recreation Director Helen E. Kennedy; Ed Giordano and Recreation Committee Chair, Sandy Cuny appeared before the Committee. Their purpose was to request an amendment to the MOU to include a third playing field and to reallocate $6,000 to clear and grub the practice field or third field, because the equipment will be on site to clear and grub the other two fields. They are confident they can raise the money to construct the third field. They submitted a preliminary bid sheet prepared by the Engineering Department for $546,574.85. Additionally, they have applied for grants, but will not know the outcome until October 1st. The Committee VOTED: unanimously to grant the Recreation Committee an extension to October 1st and authorized them to seek bids on the third playing field as an Add Alternate.

Carolyn T. Powers, Executive Director of the Falmouth Historical Society and Museums on the Green, appeared before the committee to request an amendment to their MOU to allow the Society to obtain a Comprehensive Conditions Assessment prepared by a Preservation Architect. This will be required before the Landmark Facilities Group can complete their Monitoring Analysis and Feasibility Study. The preliminary work will determine the appropriate improvements required for the collections and buildings and provide the design documents. No additional monies will be sought from the CPC and they hope to raise money to complete the design phase from other sources.
The Committee VOTED: unanimously to approve the amendment that would reallocate funds to complete the architectural conservator assessment as part of the design process.

Peter announced that in addition to the spreadsheet he prepared for the 11 proposals for the November town meeting, ten more were received by the close of day. The total cost of the 21 proposals amounts to $4,742,980 of which 11 are town projects. The team concept worked well in the last round and Peter asked members to submit at the close of the meeting their written choices for the projects they wanted to monitor. This would also avoid issues of conflict of interest. Peter and Dr. Schneider will coordinate a final

The committee discussed how to proceed with the town’s 11 proposals, the total cost of which comes to $3, 710,584. Because members did not want to make recommendations on town projects in the absence of input from the Town Administrator, the committee VOTED: to ask Peter to request from the Town Administrator written comments and guidance on how the proposals factor into the town’s long term capital program.

Members discussed timing the proposals based on their complexity. In order to allow 20-30 minutes for each proposal, it was agreed the committee will meet weekly commencing Thursday, July 13 through August 10th. Meetings will be conducted 6:30 PM to 9:00PM at the School Administration Building. Clerk Diane Thompson was asked to post the new times at Town Hall. Peter mentioned there is interest from FCTV to televise the proposal interviews. 

Dr. Barbara Schneider updated the committee on the hiring of the Assistant Planner. The eight-person board, on which Jamie Bowers and Patti Haney also took part, interviewed seven finalists. She stated there was such a diversity of applications and depth of the applicants, it was a difficult process, but the committee selected the same two people. Mr. Whitener made the final decision and chose Jessica Erickson, who will start July 5th. For the first year, her full attention will be spent on the work of the CPC. Peter invited the committee to ponder a periodic evaluation process. Members agreed that Peter, Brian and Jessica should meet weekly to discuss the work schedule.

Under Old Business, Peter reported there is still no candidate for Peter Boyer’s position.

Ralph Herbst advised his term expires June 30th. He informed members he is seeking a ruling from Town Counsel as to whether or not he can serve beyond that date. Peter felt it was legal for sitting members to continue until a formal appointment is confirmed by the Board of Selectmen. Note: The Town Counsel subsequently determined that there is no automatic extension on such appointments.

Dr. Schneider distributed a draft of an article on the CPC’s first- year report for the Town Annual Report. Members were asked to email corrections or additions to her.

The Operating Procedures for the committee were distributed. Its purpose is to provide members with a clear definition on the conduct of business between applicants and the CPC.

The subject of easements was discussed. Dr. Schneider said the Massachusetts Historical Commission has a boiler plate easement suggested as a starting point. Also some CPC’s included a sum of money attached to each project cost to use toward administrative expenses.
Jamie and Diane offered to do the research and draft a letter to Town Counsel Frank Duffy on the issue of easements.

Under New Business, the committee discussed the process for paying invoices. Peter was concerned over who signs off on the invoices. Peter felt the committee might want to schedule time on the agenda for a business portion to sign a bill schedule for the Warrant.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM to meet again on Thursday, July 13, 2006 at the School Administration Building.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Secretary


JULY 13, 2006

MEMBERS PRESENT: Chair Peter Clark; Vice-chair Barbara Schneider; Clerk Diane Thompson; Ralph Herbst, Ed Schmitt; Jamie Bowers; Patti Haney; Ken Gartner.

Chair Peter Clark opened the meeting at 6:35 PM and announced that Channel 13 will be televising the proceedings. He thanked them for honoring the work of the committee.

Peter announced the committee will be working without a quorum until Ken Gartner arrives. Ralph, Patti and Diane have been reappointed to the committee, but have not been sworn in.

The minutes of the June 22nd meeting were tabled.

With the arrival of Ken Gartner, the Annual Reorganization of the committee was held. Dr. Schneider nominated Peter Clark to serve as Chairman. Ed Schmitt seconded the motion Jamie Bowers moved to close nominations. It was so VOTED with abstentions from Diane, Patti and Ralph.
Jamie Bowers nominated Dr. Barbara Schneider as Vice-chair. Ed Schmitt seconded the motion. It was so VOTED with abstentions from Diane, Patti and Ralph. Dr. Schneider nominated Diane Thompson as Clerk. Ed Schmitt seconded the motion. It was so VOTED with abstentions from Diane, Patti and Ralph.

Peter introduced Jessica Erickson, the new Assistant Planner for Community Preservation and Marlene McCollum, Assistant Planner. Dr. Barbara Schneider gave the audience a brief synopsis of Ms. Erickson’s educational background.

Jessica and Marlene’s memo, dealing with DOR regulations and Procurement procedures under Chapter 30B, was distributed. Marlene suggested a full discussion at a future date.
Patti Haney and Ed Schmitt were appointed as a sub-committee to work with Jessica and Marlene to provide guidelines/recommendations by August 3rd on the procurement process and Bill Payment Schedule. Members were requested to email questions to Jessica and Marlene before that date.

Harbor Master Greg Fraser submitted an application for $350,000 for the design of a new Wild Harbor Bulkhead and delivered it on June 18 or 19 at Town Hall. The receptionist mailed it out and it was mailed back to Town Hall, but time-stamped after the June 22nd closing date. Peter asked members to accept the proposal; refer it to Jessica and Marlene to determine its eligibility under the DOR regulations. Peter noted it is not listed in the Town Administrator’s List of Proposals. The project was assigned a hearing date for 9:30 PM on July 20th. Diane and Ralph will be team leaders.

Members discussed a process for handling the payment of invoices accrued in the first round of proposals. It was agreed Jessica will prepare the schedule and submit it as an agenda item for discussion and vote at the July 20th regular meeting.

Having dispensed with the business portion of the meeting, Chair Peter Clark commenced the interview portion of the meeting. He advised there will be no questioning by the public. 

Woodneck Beach-Little Sippewissett Marsh. (Open Space & Recreation) Courtney Bird and Elizabeth Gladfelter, both members of the Conservation Commission, presented their proposal for a CPA funding request of $60,000 for a sand/sediment budget and flushing study of the marsh, which will become part of a Management Plan. The goal is to improve the recreational value of the public beach and restore the ecosystem of the coastal marsh. With a Management Plan in place, the town will have choices for alternative strategies. Elizabeth Gladfelter advised they will be hiring a coastal geological consultant, who can do both studies. Courtney stated the sand has migrated 50 feet into the marsh and the study will determine where it comes from and where it is going. Asked if they had a contingency plan if CPA funds were not available for the next round, Elizabeth stated with the two elements completed and a management plan in place, the town can apply for state and federal funding. When asked if the study would help the town to develop an overall plan for sewering the town, Elizabeth replied the studies could lead the town to sewer now rather than later.

Model Coastal Pond Management Plan for Green Pond, including a Shellfish Habitat Assessment. (Open Space & Recreation). The Falmouth Coastal Pond Management Committee (represented by George Hampson and Elizabeth Gladfelter) and the Falmouth Department of Natural Resources (represented by Mark Patton) stated their proposal for a CPA funding request of $50,000 to conduct a shellfish/benthic habitat resource assessment and a management plan for Green Pond. When asked by Peter if pond bottoms can be considered open space, Mark Patton replied that most of the town’s public spaces are under water and there is a strong need to protect them. When asked by Diane if the county resources and the PALS project will be useful, Elizabeth replied they have information from many sources. When questioned by Ralph as to whether the Green Pond model could be applied to the other four coastal ponds on a reduced cost, Mark Patton said he was of the mind to do all the ponds. However, it was decided to approach Town Meeting for their response.

Waquoit Congregational Church (Historic Preservation). Reverend Kenneth Landin, Harold Casperson, Kevin Thompson and Brad Broderick appeared before the Committee. The church is seeking $72,428 to restore the steeple and weathervane; remove the existing vinyl siding and aluminum trim as well as the clapboard siding under the vinyl; install new red cedar clapboards and restore the exterior trim details. They are requesting funds for a 20% contingency. They will commit 10% of the cost ($8,000) to support the project. When asked by Diane if the repairs might be significant enough to hire an architect, Rev. Landin stated they don’t expect to hire an architect. Ralph felt the 20% contingency request was high. Rev. Landin replied they are assuming a worst-case scenario. He cited the window sashes do not operate and there is no painting allowance in the proposal. Peter suggested the work might be done in phases. Jamie asked if they had given any thought to his previous suggestion of hiring a preservation architect because the CPA could fund design work. Rev. Landin felt it would involve more time. Because of time constraints, Peter suggested Jamie, Jessica and Rev. Landin have a further discussion.

John Wesley United Methodist Church Burying Ground (Historic Preservation)
Robertson Dinsmore, Chairman of the church cemetery committee and Dr. Donna Walcovy, a professional cemetery conservator, appeared before the committee to request $22,800 to restore the Methodist Society Burying Ground, located on East Main Street abutting the Police State and Poor House. It was established in 1809; is the third oldest cemetery in town and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The project would include repairing and righting broken and toppled gravestones; cleaning of same; locating unmarked graves by ground penetrating radar; landscaping and placing of commemorative plaque. The public park bordering the street is presently maintained by the town’s Parks Department and they will assume maintenance of the burial ground as well. Jamie requested a letter from Brian Dale stating their commitment to maintaining both properties. When asked by Jamie if there were any negative effects to the radar, Dr. Walcovy replied no – it is only a radio wave.
Dr. Schneider stated that on her site visit, she noticed three graves newer than 1956 that could not be included in this project. Marlene questioned what would be the consequences to the town if additional graves were found outside of the cemetery layout. Dr. Walcovy stated she had no idea. Marlene suggested a limit of work might be useful. Jamie asked if they anticipated leaving more open space between the Poor House and the burial ground, Mr. Dins more replied they are unsure of the location of the property lines and a survey might be in order.

West Falmouth United Methodist Church (Historic Preservation) Committee member, Ralph Herbst recused himself from this portion of the meeting. Ellen Hocker and Beverly Noelte, Trustees, presented their request for $36,900. Ellen stated the church has been at work 14 years to preserve the 100-year old structure, which has been designated a historic building by the Falmouth Historical Commission. The work would include applying a PermaCoat finish to the façade and three sides of the belfry; renovate three triple stained glass windows and reshingle a roof leaking into the minister’s study.
Asked if it will look like paint, Ellen Hocker was advised by PermaCoat of New England the finish is guaranteed for 20 years and is indistinguishable from paint. Jamie advised them to approach the Historic Districts Commission to determine if it will be an appropriate finish and this should be documented. A standard of the Secretary of the Interior’s guidelines states that the work should be reversible. Jamie advised them CPA funds can be sought to hire a preservation architect, who will provide measured drawings for future restoration projects. When asked what would be the public benefit, Ellen Hocker replied the church is available to Emerson House, neighborhood associations and the public in general. They were requested to provide the documentation before August 3rd.

Cape Cod Conservatory: (Historic Preservation). Annie Dean, Avery and John Funkhouser presented their request for $25,000 to engage the services of Durland Van Voorhis of New Bedford to initiate a feasibility study for the Highfield Theatre restoration project. The work includes restoring the stable wing for the theatre rest rooms, box office and concession area. Jamie suggested they provide a profile of the architectural firm to Jessica. Peter noted the architect submitted an estimate of $18,500, yet the request is for $25,000. He wanted further justification to warrant his vote for the larger amount. Ralph suggested they might wish to prioritize the various restoration projects should the Conservatory decide to seek further funding.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM to meet again on Thursday, July 20, 2006 at 6:30 PM in the School Administration Building.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Secretary


JULY 20, 2006

MEMBERS PRESENT: Chair Peter Clark; Vice-chair Barbara Schneider; Clerk Diane Thompson; Ralph Herbst; Ed Schmitt; Patti Haney; James Bowers; Ken Gartner

Peter called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM in the School Administration Building.
The minutes of the June 22, 2006 meeting were accepted with changes.

Three Bill Schedules were presented for approval and signature. Jamie Bowers recommended the committee approve a bill for the Chamber of Commerce for $150,000 and another for the Highfield Theatre HVAC system for $250,000. Ralph recommended approval of $22,000 for the Falmouth Housing Corporation. It was unanimously VOTED to approve the bill schedules as submitted.

Peter offered thanks to the FCTV 13 for their commitment to televise the meetings. Each of the meetings will be shown on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Peter reminded applicants they will have 2-3 minutes for a brief overview on their project because committee members have read the proposals. Team leaders will ask questions, followed by questions from other members. There will be a brief opportunity for a closing statement.

North Falmouth Village Association (Recreation) Pat Johnson accompanied by Maryanne Smith, President of the North Falmouth Village Association presented their request for $35,068, for the Nye Park playground improvements. Work would include adding playground equipment; a shade picnic pavilion and lighting. Their intention is to expand the age range by including pre-schoolers. Diane asked if the source of monies for maintenance will come from dues. Pat replied it was one of the sources; the others being the Paul White Race and contributors, but the association will be responsible for maintenance. The impact surface will be sand and Brian Dale of the DPW will do the edging and preparation of the site. Ralph asked if they considered utilizing the services of the Upper Cape Cod Vocational School to build the structure as they have done for Habitat for Humanity. Maryanne stated Helen Kennedy has reviewed the choice of vendors. Ralph suggested the committee would appreciate a memo from Helen. Ed Schmitt asked if they have community support and that of the town meeting members. Pat Johnson said they could not guarantee there will not be surprises at town meeting, but they have a broad level of support. When asked who is maintaining the present structure. Pat replied the Parks Department has always responded to any problems. Installation was part of the vendor’s quote. When asked if the association’s offer to maintain the equipment would relieve the town from that expense, Pat replied that Brian Dale has offered his assistance and direction to maintain the equipment. Peter asked them to submit their comments to Jessica by August 3rd.

Mullen Hall School PTO (Recreation) PTO member, Adam Thomas and Principal, Donna Noonan presented their request for $80,000 to create the Village Science Playground. The work includes designing and building a playground emphasizing science and the nautical environment to enhance the K-4 science curriculum. They plan to engage the services of Leathers & Assoc. to design the project, which would accommodate up to125 students during a recess session. The current structure is not handicapped accessible. Fundraising events are planned through the summer and a committee has been formed for donations of construction materials. Mr. Thomas stated if they don’t make the build timeline of October, the CPC funds would fund the second phase items, which include improving the field, adding soccer nets, gates and fencing in front of the school. Peter cautioned those items might not be covered under CPA. Ralph asked if they thought about lighting. Mr. Thomas replied it has a downtown glow and the structure is being built to withstand vandalism. Marlene asked about the bus circle; would it be gated and how many hours per day would it be closed. Donna replied it is closed 9am to 3:30 pm. Marlene suggested a discussion should take place with police and fire and rescue officials, especially as to what door will be available in case of an emergency. It was suggested they may wish to delay building until the monies were approved at town meeting and asked them if they would be willing to do it in the Spring. Barbara noted they listed projected donations of $60,000. She asked them to provide an update to Jessica.

Town of Falmouth Water Dept. (Historic Preservation) Utilities Manager Raymond Jack, accompanied by Ray Willis of the firm Tata & Howard presented his request for $370,000 to preserve the Long Pond Water Treatment Facility building. It is listed On the National Register of Historic Places. The town has already appropriated funds totaling $1,200,000 to upgrade the mechanical and electrical equipment, which is now all computerized. This funding request to complete phase 3 will complete historic restoration and preserve original equipment gauges and historic photos for display. Mr. Jack said it was his goal to encourage the public to tour the facility. He will also organize a Drinking Water Week as part of this goal. It is a beautiful building and the interior work has restored some original structural trusses. He pointed out this is the only other significant town building of this age other than the Poor House. When asked if they anticipated going before the Historical Commission, Mr. Jack stated that Jamie Bowers, chair of the Historic Commission, has the plans and specs. Jamie asked Mr. Willis if the firm had a background in historic preservation. Mr. Willis replied not specifically, but they can avail themselves with someone with that background. Mr. Willis was asked to provide the committee with that information.

Falmouth Beach Committee (Recreation) Don Hoffer, Falmouth Beach Superintendent presented their request for $500,000 to renovate the Ellen T. Mitchell Beach Admin. Bldg. on Surf Drive. A series of buildings have served the public on this site since 1905. The renovations will have handicapped accessible rest rooms; a family restroom; public wall space to display paintings and informational messages; storage areas will be provided for equipment, including the beach wheel chairs. The concession area will face the parking lot. No renovations are planned for the exterior. Mr. Hoffer stated the town allocated $9500 towards the design study, undertaken by Brown, Lindquist, Fenuccio and Raber and is at the 25% completion stage. He explained the reason for keeping the same footprint was at the suggestion of the Conservation Commission. The Beach Committee has appeared before the Historical Preservation Commission and received a letter of support. It was suggested the Beach Committee might wish to consider this proposal for the historic preservation category rather than recreation, but there would be restrictions. They were cautioned they may face serious limitations seeking CPA funding for recreation. Peter advised Mr. Hoffer there will be another round of funding and the design could be considered Phase I and Construction Phase II. If the Beach Committee wishes to change categories, they can return on August 3rd and then describe the steps.
Mr. Hoffer replied the Beach Committee will consider this option by August 3rd and decide if they can live within the guidelines of historic preservation. Jessica would be available to assist them. Jamie asked for background information on the design consultant and his qualifications for historic preservation.

Town of Falmouth Clerk (Historic Preservation) Michael Palmer, Town Clerk, and Patricia Favulli of the Assessor’s Office presented a scaled-back request for $150,000 to provide a climate-controlled vault, acid free storage containers and replication of original records both on microfilm and CD-Rom. Because the guidelines for preservation apply to records over 50 years old, the records of the building, legal and clerk’s office generated since l956 will be eliminated from the request. When asked what is the need to do both microfilm and digitizing, it was explained that the state accepts only microfilm because of its longevity qualities. Asked where the papers would be stored during the HVAC work, Ms. Favulli replied they will be placed in short-term storage in town facilities. Mr. Palmer pointed out there is a town Archival Committee who is working to secure funding and soliciting a needs assessment from the town departments because it should be a goal to archive all the town’s records. Asked if Falmouth is in violation of the law, Mr. Palmer replied not presently, but will be if the records are allowed to deteriorate. 

Falmouth Parks/Improvements to Guv Fuller Field (Recreation) Brian J. Dale, Superintendent of Parks and Forestry, accompanied by Chuck Sturtevant , General Manager of the Falmouth Commodores, and Helen Kennedy, Director of Recreation, presented their scaled-down request for $225,000 to replace the wooden poles with steel poles. Because of the peat problem, concrete footings will be required. Metal arc bulbs will be utilized and this will result in a 50% energy reduction. The Falmouth Commodores have obtained a $150,000 matching grant from the Yawkey Foundation in addition to their donation of $25,000. A question arose about the effect of the increased lighting on the neighbors, but Helen explained there is an agreement that the lights are turned off at 11 PM. Asked if the lighting will increase capacity, Helen replied it would provide opportunities for more events under the lights. When questioned about the cost per pole, Brian replied the firm is reluctant to provide a cost until the contract is competitively bid. Question was asked if they approached the Cape Light Compact and inquired about their programs and was there an alumni group interested in giving something back to the baseball community. Mr. Sturtevant stated there are presently 198 major leaguers and once they become professionals, they have agents who manage their money. 

Falmouth Recreation Department (Recreation) Helen Kennedy, Director of Recreation, appeared before the committee to withdraw their proposal for $150,000 to develop 6 of the 14 acre Dupee parcel located on Sandwich Road into athletic fields (practice field; football/Lacrosse field and a baseball field). Because they will not have their bids in place, they cannot provide a true cost to complete the two fields. They anticipate coming back to the committee next spring.

Wild Harbor Bulkhead Repair (Recreation) Falmouth Harbormaster, Gregg Fraser, is requesting $30,000 for engineering and permitting of the Wild Harbor bulkhead on West Avenue, West Falmouth. The construction portion ($320,000) is scheduled for FY10. Mr. Fraser advised this project was in the town’s capital budget program for ten years. It passed town meeting, but was defeated at the ballot box. He gave a brief overview of the deteriorated condition of the bulkhead as well as West Avenue. When asked if he had approached The Rivers and Harbors Grant Program and the Boating Infrastructure Program, Gregg said he would inquire of the Rivers program, but they did inquire into the Boating program and was told it didn’t fit their criteria – they want their projects to bring in a new use. Marlene asked if the work would allow for more moorings. Gregg said no. When asked what materials would be used, and what is their life expectancy, Gregg replied the engineer, Applied Marine, estimates $770 per linear foot and it will be a wood capping – modeled after the Menahaunt Bridge. It would last 30-40 years. When asked about the public benefit, Gregg did not foresee a large number of transients utilizing the structure. It will be used mainly by the residents of New Silver Beach.

Old Business: 
In the matter of the John Wesley United Methodist Church’s request to restore the burial grounds on East Main Street, the committee discussed whether service contracts should be itemized or should hourly rates prevail and how should incidental supplies be handled. Diane said she would opt for the hourly rate fee, but some tasks could be lumped. She wanted to know how Ms. Walcovy arrived at the lump sum. Peter indicated he would like a breakdown by task if it isn’t an hourly rate and he was not in favor of a lump sum. He wanted to see an indication of the number of hours required to perform those tasks as well as an indication of the expenditures for general supplies. Barbara stated they were still asking for an hourly rate. 

A brief discussion on the use of GP Radar took place.
It was unanimously VOTED: That the use of the GP Radar should only be used within the boundaries of the lot, as determined by a survey.

In the matter of the West Falmouth Methodist Church’s application to use PermaCoat, it was suggested at the July 13th meeting the church should approach the Historic Districts Commission to determine if the finish will be appropriate or provide an indication that the finish has been approved by other historical commissions in the state. 
Because the HDC meets the first Thursday of the month (in this case August 3rd), the question arose as to whether or not the documentation can be provided in time for the Committee’s follow- up meeting on August 10th. Diane stated it is still possible for the applicant to make application to the HDC by tomorrow, July 21st to be on the August 3rd agenda.

The Annual Report draft will close and comments should be submitted to Barbara by July 27th.

Ralph reminded members to review their Letters of Approval to be sure that applicants give credit by way of a sign or plaque that CPA funds made their project possible. He suggested the Chamber of Commerce could also do an article in their newsletter acknowledging their project was funded by the CPA.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 10:15 PM to meet again on
Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 6:30 PM in the School Administration Building. The meetings on August 3 – 10 and 24 will begin at 7:00 PM.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Secretary


JULY 27, 2006

Members Present: Chair Peter Clark; Vice-Chair Barbara Schneider; Clerk Diane Thompson; Ralph Herbst; Ed Schmitt; Patti Haney; James Bowers; Ken Gartner.
Jessica Erickson, Asst. Planner/CPC; Marlene McCollum, Asst. Planner

Chair Peter Clark opened the meeting at 6:30 PM in the School Administration Building.

The minutes of the July 13, 2006 meeting were accepted.

Farms of Falmouth Booklet (Open Space/Historic Preservation) 
Louise Houle presented her request for $5200 to develop a booklet of historic farms, at the behest of Ann Sears. She gave an overview of how the Friends of Falmouth Farms started. Falmouth has the oldest and most farms on the Cape and this prompted working with the Agricultural Commission. Patti Haney advised Ms. Houle she was troubled about listing this project as historic preservation. Ms. Houle responded she should have cited both Historic Preservation and Open Space. When asked what constitutes a historic farm, she answered Falmouth’s landscape and the historic elements of strawberry and white turnip farming. Jamie advised he found it difficult to draw a connection between the printing of the booklet or specific historic sites being preserved. He felt the committee would need to see a demonstrated effect and indicated it might not be justifiable under CPA regulations. Dr. Schneider suggested that the project might belong under recreation and asked a question about the number of farms that provided family activities. She further stated their use of 4 colors would add to the cost and suggested using colored and recycled paper and securing several bids. Peter reminded her she could not publish the booklet and get reimbursed prior to the November town meeting. Ms. Houle stated she has more research to do, but she learned if application is made for grants, 40 acres of agricultural farming must be dedicated and documented.

300 Committee: Purchase of Hampson Parcel (Open Space)
Leonard Johnson, President of the 300 Committee and Administrator Margaret Hough Russell presented their request for $550,000 to purchase 3.64 acres in Hatchville owned by George & Barbara Hampson. If developed, the owner could divide it into three lots. The Falmouth Conservation Commission has given their approval to this purchase. Margaret gave an overview of the linkage this parcel will provide with the contiguous conservation parcels in the area. It would provide protection of wildlife and fisheries habitat; watershed protection for Broad and Coonamessett Rivers and this purchase is a bargain sale. If purchase, it will added to the town’s open space. The 300 Committee will hold the Conservation Restriction. Diane requested a copy of the Land Appraisal report, which also provides recent comparable sales. When asked if the wetlands were included in the acreage, Mr. Johnson said it did not count toward the acreage. When asked about the foundation and whether it will be moved, Mrs Russell stated another owner has encroached on Mr. Hampson’s land and the owner is notified each year in writing of the encroachment. It is known as “adverse protectionâ€?. When asked if there will be parking and use of the trails, Mrs. Russell replied trail maps will be available for a website downloading in the Fall and it is possible to walk along the river. 
When asked by Patti if the CPC cannot fully fund their request, will the seller wait. Mrs. Russell said she could not answer that. When questioned if this purchase is the best use of the $550,000 request, Mrs. Russell advised the ranking committee has given this a very high ranking as an important piece to further protect the Coonamessett River. Jamie asked if a copy of the ranking form could be given the committee. Mr. Johnson indicated that the ranking sheet is an internal document and some of the information is not yet public. Marlene answered she has the criteria. In closing, Mrs. Russell stated the town has demonstrated its commitment to protect the river system. Costs are getting higher and the opportunity to purchase is now. Peter advised the Committee will make their decision on August 10th.

Town of Falmouth Design/Specs for Poor House Renovation (Historic Preservation)
Assistant Town Administrator Heather Harper presented the town’s request of $50,000 to proceed to Phase II. The Phase I project of $250,000 completed the structural repairs for the building, but provided only architectural rehabilitation of the first floor. One 8x8 inmate cubicle has been preserved from its use as a town infirmary. The building, now known as the Edward Marks, Jr. Office Building, houses the Falmouth Retirement System and Historical Commission. When questioned about plans for the second and third floors, Heather clearly stated that the primary justification and value for the project is for the historic preservation of the second floor rather than the development of space for town departments.

Town of Falmouth Rental Rehab Pilot Program (Affordable Housing)
Assistant Town Administrator Heather Harper appeared before the committee to request $100,000 to develop a rental rehabilitation Pilot program. The proposal will seek three or four landlords to participate.The program will fund property improvements to rental units. In exchange the landlord will restrict the housing unit or units as affordable consistent with the standards for rehabilitation and duration of the Department of Housing and Community Development. Heather was asked to provide that information. She stated the pilot program will help test the waters to bring existing units into compliance. When questioned if some monies will be used for administration costs, Heather replied no. The town will work to set up a task force to develop the program. When asked what would be the incentive for the landlord, she replied good will and a $25,000 investment. They would still need to work with Planning on the code issues and ZBA would require a much large review. The town will be looking at those projects that need code relief
Affordable Housing Comm; Affordable Housing Devl. Fund (Affordable Housing)
Bonnie O’Neill, Vice Chair of the Affordable Housing Committee; Robert Murray of the Falmouth Housing Authority and Joseph Martinho, Falmouth Housing Trust, are seeking $250,000 as a dedicated pre-development fund to take advantage of potential real estate and affordable housing development opportunities. The funds should be spent where there is dual value. He cited the VFW which would include housing and open space and the proposed Woods Hole property, where the town would gain housing and redevelopment. When asked if there was a way to structure the program so that is self-replenishing, Mr. Murray stated the town should get back certain types of funds as no interest loans at the time of construction financing. Peter stated the Retention Fund is fairly defined, but this request is a wide-flung program. He asked how these uses will be managed and asked for written guidelines. Mr. Murray was also requested to provide a clear list of what the monies would be used for. Mr. Murray, in closing, stated the town should stop chasing the 10% affordable housing level and look at what the town needs.

Affordable Housing Retention Fund (Affordable Housing)
Robert Murray, Executive Director of the Falmouth Housing Authority is requesting another $250,000 to supplement the fund established from FY2007 CPA funds. He cited the need to replace the monies spent on the property at Longshank. He pointed out the importance of building the fund to handle multiple sales. He stated the one property he would want to purchase is the 33-unit Gosnold Grove apartments, When asked what the equity is for Gosnold, Mr. Murray stated he could have purchased this parcel two years ago for $1.1 million. Mr. Schmitt asked Mr. Murray for a written schedule of what might be considered possible retention opportunities. Mr. Murray stated the committee could forego funding beyond the replacement of the $22,000 used to date if monies are needed for other projects because there are no immediate opportunities for purchases

Habitat for Humanity: Purchase of Sippiwisett Property (Affordable Housing)
Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Cape Cod, Victoria Greenberg , is requesting CPA funding of $45,0000 to help fund the construction of a single-family affordable home in perpetuity on Sippiwisett Road. The land was purchased at a discounted price of $120,000. The seller will donate the entire proceeds to the 300 Committee. Because the foundation encroaches into the set-back area, a special permit will be required. Peter reminded her the CPA funding, if approved, cannot be used until after November 15th. Ms. Greenberg stated construction will not begin until next March. When questioned what constitutes median income, she stated the new deed restrictions are tied to median income ,which is currently $44,600 for a family of four.

Falmouth School Committee: Restoration of Adm. Building (Historic Preservation)
Marc Dupuis, Director of Finance and Facilities for the Falmouth Public Schools and Superintendent Dennis Richards, discussed their request for $1,085,000 to restore the School Administration Building – former site of the Teaticket School. They were joined by John Keenan of Keenan & Kenny Architects in Falmouth. Mr. Dupuis said they are looking to do a complete renovation of the exterior envelope. Mr. Keenan gave an overview of the numerous problems:s in the wall causing the plaster to peal off; water seeping through the gutters, trim and brickwork; and replace the original slate roof. Mr. Bower suggested, as a first step, they seek monies in this round to finance a schematic design involving a Preservation Architect. Also requested was a plan for phasing the project starting with the roof down to the edge of the gutters. Mr. Dupuis replied their funds are very limited, but they would be receptive to the option. Mr. Schmitt asked for the cost of restoration, which maintains the historic accuracy and the cost of renovating, which is strictly maintenance. Mr. Dupuis replied the requested monies will restore it historically. When suggested that the County has a resource development office to help find grants, Mr. Keenan replied that this route tends to drive the costs up, especially federal funds, because of the different wage rates. Peter asked Jessica to confirm a phased process.

Action Items July 20th meeting:
On August 3rd the committee will be considering follow-up information requested from the Affordable Housing Retention Fund; the Beach Committee and Mullen Hall School on August 3rd.

The committee discussed and unanimously VOTED: to add August 17th as an additional meeting date to make recommendations on the proposals. It will be necessary to split the proposals over two meetings – August 10 and 17. The meetings will commence at 6:30 PM. The Public Hearing is still scheduled for August 24th at 7:00 PM

There being no further business, the committee adjourned at 9:45 PM to meet again on Thursday, August 3, 2006 at 6:30 PM in the School Administration Building.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Secretary


AUGUST 3, 2006

Members Present: Acting Chair Barbara Schneider; Ralph Herbst; Jamie Bowers; Patti Haney; Ed Schmitt; Ken Gartner.
Jessica Erickson, Community Preservation Planner; Marlene McCollum, Asst. Town Planner

Acting Chair Dr. Barbara Schneider called the meeting to order at 7 PM in the School Administration Building.

The Minutes of the July 20 meeting were accepted with corrections.

2. Follow-up Items Identified during 7-27 Interviews: Jessica distributed action items from the July 27th meeting for review. There were accepted.

3. Follow-up Interviews with Applicants: Beach Superintendent Don Hoffer and Beach Committee Chairman Greg Contos returned to advise whether or not they will apply under the Historic Preservation category. Mr. Hoffer said he had discussions with the Historic Preservation Commission and Planning and it was the consensus to apply for Historic Preservation. When asked if monies were not tied up with those restrictions, would they feel it was the best way to apply, Mr. Hoffer replied he talked with the architect and based on some of the buildings he worked on, he was convinced he could design the building to meet historic preservation guidelines. By seeking money for the design, they can accomplish many things. They would have 100% design and would be ready to seek more funds for the next step. When asked if the town planned on putting money into the project, Mr. Hoffer said he had no indication. To date, $9500 has been spent on design. Mr. Bowers asked Mr. Hoffer to get a projection of fees and a portfolio from the architect. Clarification was requested on whether it is an open contract.

The Mullen Hall PTO did not appear for their follow-up meeting. Jessica said she called and also emailed. Dr. Schneider advised Jessica that if the Mullen Hall wants to provide their responses as written material, it would be acceptable.

Jessica advised members she would like to set up site visits for the Hampson property and the Poor House and do a drive-by on a home that has utilized the PermaCoat finish either on Tuesday or Wednesday. It would have to be posted 48 hours before the visits. 

Marlene advised that Rev. Kenneth Landin of the Waquoit Congregation Church is withdrawing his application to restore the church. He cited a change in leadership leaving it in flux.

Report From Procurement Subcommittee: (Patti Haney/Ed Schmitt) At the request of Patti, Marlene gave an overview of the timeline for processing invoices for payment through the Town Accountant’s office. She explained the town of Falmouth’s contracts follow C.30B regulations. There was a discussion as to whether invoices should be signed at the meeting until the committee had a better sense of what is involved or could it be accelerated by having the chair, vice-chair and project liaison sign off on invoices up to $1000. Dr. Schneider suggested wording be added to the addendum:
“When circumstances necessitate, two out of three members will sign invoicesâ€?, and Jessica will always consult with the project liaison. She would encourage lumping invoices together . It was agreed that Jessica, working with Patti and Ed, will prepare an Addendum “Câ€? for a vote next week. Members agreed to add verbage that they reserve the right to require more than one bid or estimate. The committee agreed to revisit the procedures in January after completing Round 3. 

Report From Operating Procedures Subcommittee & Discussion on Letter of Agreement. 
The committee spent time reviewing a draft of the Operating Procedures prepared by Ralph and Dr. Schneider. Jamie offered a motion to add the following language after the word “Law� under Conduct of Business in the first bullet: “Secretary of Interior Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties� . Motion did not pass. Also proposed was to insert “CPA�after the word “Falmouth�. It was VOTED: Ken Gartner asked Jamie for a synopsis of the Standards. Dr. Schneider suggested a workshop on the Standards might be in order and she would work on that for the fall. Under the Conduct of Business section – the fourth bullet, the language after the word “requirements� is eliminated. The committee VOTED: unanimously to accept the Falmouth Community Preservation Act Committee Operating Procedures with changes.

Letter of Agreement: Dr. Schneider and Ralph, working with Jessica and Marlene, gave and overview of the draft Letter of Agreement, formerly called the Memorandum of Understanding. It was suggested by Marlene that members can review an applicant’s proforma but cannot obtain background checks. Therefore the wording was stricken from the section – CPC Reserves the Right in the first paragraph. In the section - Time Frame – the words: “Before first payment is requested�, shall be inserted at the beginning of the paragraph. On the Signature page, the first paragraph shall state the applicant will return two copies of the LOA and the applicant will receive the signed original LOA. The committee VOTED: unanimously to accept the LOA with changes.

Discussion of Dept. of Revenue Guidelines: Members were given a copy of the guidelines at the July 13th meeting. Members felt applicants should submit another application if applying for a Phased project noting that there could be situations where it would be fiscally sensible to phase. Ralph wants applicants to return to the CPC especially on a large project because it would not prevent them from looking for other sources of funds. Ken questioned whether the committee has the authority to authorize payments two years away and would Town Meeting see this as a problem. Members decided to keep their options open on the multiple-year funding. Regarding the open space element and whether ponds are included as open space, Ralph said he would like a legal opinion. Members tabled discussion until Jessica has had a discussion with Town Counsel Duffy. Because the CPA has no set aside for cultural heritage, this element will be included under Historic Preservation. Marlene stated the CPA cannot be used to supplement projects that should be included in the town’s Capital Improvement Plan. It has to be a true historic preservation project.
Establish Calendar for Round 3 and Discuss Meeting Location: Dr. Schneider distributed a tentative draft of Schedule for Round Three and suggested the committee vote on it at one of the next two meetings.

Projects for August 10 and 17 Discussion: The committee will discuss the 11 town-related projects on August 10 and the remaining nine projects will be taken up on the 17th.

Round One Project Documentation: Dr. Schneider reminded members to provide a folder to Jessica by August 15th for her report to EOEA.

There being no further business, the Committee adjourned at 9:45 PM to meet again on
Thursday, August 10, 2006 at 6:30 PM in the School Administration Building.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Secretary

Community Preservation Committee Minutes
August 10, 2006

Members Present: Chair Peter Clark; Vice-Chair Barbara Schneider; Clerk Diane Thompson; Ralph Herbst; Patti Haney; Ed Schmitt; Jamie Bowers; Asst.Community Preservation Planner Jessica Erickson; and Assistant Town Planner Marlene McCollum.

Chair Peter Clark called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM in the School Administration Building. Peter explained the process to bring a motion to the table and formally voting on the projects.

Falmouth Beach Committee: Mr. Schmitt offered a motion to recommend $75,000 (Historic Preservation Category) for design services for the interior renovation of the Ellen T. Mitchell Beach House. Mr. Bowers asked for further evidence of the architect’s historic preservation background, i.e. Preservation awards etc.
Diane was concerned about funding design elements when there might not be money for the construction, but Mr. Schmitt felt the town was inclined to fund it in the future. The committee VOTED: 6-1 to recommend $75,000. As a Special Condition, the Beach Committee shall give a presentation of the work done to date when 50% of the money for the design has been requested. Mr. Bowers also stated if they find the project cannot be done within the historic guidelines, they need to stop the design work.

Little Sippewisset Marsh Flushing Study: Dr.Schneider offered a motion to fund $60,000 ( Open Space Category)for the two flushing studies for Little Sippewisset Marsh. Patti seconded the motion. Matter VOTED: 5-2

Green Pond Management Plan: Mr. Schmitt moved to recommend $50,000 (Open Space Category) for the development of the Green Pond Management Plan because it will be a model to be used for all our coastal ponds. Dr. Schneider seconded the motion. Matter VOTED: unanimously.

School Administration Building : Ms. Haney expressed her concern that thecommittee needed to stop talking about a slate roof and address the structural issues and water damage. Mr. Bowers still opted for a slate roof but stated there were composite materials simulating slate. Following discussion, the committee VOTED: 5-2 to provide $40,000 for a rigorous review of the cost of the roof and a research of the historical issues.

Guv Fuller Field Lighting Improvements: Mr. Clark moved to recommend $220,000(Recreation Category) for the lighting improvements. Members agreed it was a safety issue, but pointed out there will be $150,000 matching fund from the Yawkey Foundation; a $25,000 donation from the Falmouth Commodores and a $5,000 grant from Cape Light Compact Following discussion, Mr. Schmitt offered an amendment to recommend funding $125,000 for lighting improvements. Matter VOTED:unanimously. Special Conditions were proposed to include the erection of a permanent sign or plaque stipulating that CPC funds were used to fund the project and consideration be given to other groups for the use of the field.
Edward Marks, Jr. Office Bldg. (formerly known as Poor House): Mr. Bowers offered a motion, seconded by Mr. Schmitt to allocate $50,000 (Historic Preservation Category for design services. Mr. Clark stated his objection - the building is stable and given the level of urgency of other matters, he could not vote to spend monies at this time. Patti Haney stated $50,000 for the second floor was excessive. Mr. Herbst offered an amendment, seconded by Dr. Schneider to fund $40,000. Members VOTED: 3-4. Project is not funded.

Town Clerk: Preservation of Town’s Historic Documents: Mr.Clark offered a motion, seconded by Mr. Bowers to support this project (Historic Preservation Category) for $150,297. Mr. Palmer has reduced his request from $253,800 by withdrawing documents less than 50 years old to fit the committee’s definitions. It was pointed out that two departments did not file their request for document preservation but this phase will provide the vault space for all the documents. Dr. Schneider asked Jessica to provide incidentals where it doesn’t fit the definition. She was inclined to provide more than what is truly historic preservation. Matter was VOTED: 5-2.

Rental Rehabilitation Pilot Program: Mr. Herbst offered a motion, seconded by Mr. Schmitt to appropriate $100,000 (Affordable Housing Category) for the pilot program.
Members voiced their support but had concerns about how the units get counted; how will the program be monitored, and how will the committee be informed of decisions.
Mr. Herbst would like to see evidence of the count for the existing rental units. Diane offered to draft a statement for a vote next week. Matter HELD. Requirements for Special Conditions should be sent to Jessica.

Restoration of Long Pond Pump House: Ms. Haney offered a motion, seconded by Mr. Bowers to appropriate $370,000 (Historic Preservation Category) for the restoration of the Pump House. Members felt with the work done to date and with Mr. Jack overseeing the project, the money to finance the final phase is in order. Matter VOTED:
Unanimously. Special Conditions: Committee encourages public access to the building and a suitable sign or plaque acknowledging funding by the CPC.

Harbormaster: Wild Harbor Bulkhead Replacement: Mr. Bowers offered a motion, seconded by Dr. Schneider not to fund this project (Recreation Category). He cited this as a public works project and the recreational aspect is incidental to the road collapsing. Ms. Haney thought it did not fit into any category. Mr. Herbst advised that the Harbormaster is working with the Waterways Committee for possible funding from their fund. Committee VOTED: unanimously not to fund this project.

Bill Payment Procedures: Patti Haney gave an overview of the bill payment procedures, which will be Addendum B for the Letter of Agreement. What remains to be clarified by Jessica is whether the Town Accountant’s and Town Counsel’s signature will be required as well. The committee VOTED: unanimously to approve the payment procedures. 

Calendar for Round 3 and Meeting Location: A copy of the calendar was distributed with the request by Dr. Schneider that members should state by August 17th their conflict of the proposed Thursday meeting date between September and January 14th. 
Channel 13 has asked the CPC to find space in town hall in order to televise the CPC meetings. Heather Harper asked the CPC to work out the scheduling with the town committee chairs. Peter agreed to attempt a solution.

Old Business: At last week’s meeting the committee worked on the draft Letter of Agreement. Peter, not being present at the meeting, asked members to consider suggested changes. In line 3 of the opening sentence he would rearrange the phrase to read: “…. will become available to pay approved expenses for the project as submitted by (applicant), hereafter referred to as “the applicant�, as stipulated….� In the Scope of Work section where it refers to mutual agreements, he suggests: “…by mutual agreement between the CPC and the applicant, as attached, and recorded under special conditions of this LOA.� Relative to periodic reports, he suggests they must be in writing to establish a clear paper trail and the applicant may also be asked to make a verbal presentation to the CPC. The committee VOTED: to include the suggested changes.

New Business: Jamie Bowers and Diane Thompson will act as a sub-committee working with Chantia on the Historic Preservation protocol for the application process and management of Historic preservation projects, once approved. Jamie suggested using the Administrative Fund to copy the Secretary of Interiors Standards (177 pages).
In the meantime, Dr. Schneider contacted the Cape Cod Commission and learned they are sponsoring evening workshops for the Fall.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:50 PM to meet again on Thursday, August 17, 2006 at the School Administration Building at 6:30 PM.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Secretary


August 17, 2006

Members Present: Chair, Peter Clark; Vice Chair Barbara Schneider; Clerk, Diane Thompson; Jamie Bowers; Ken Gartner; Patti Haney; Ralph Herbst; Ed Schmitt;
Also Jessica Erickson, Asst. Community Preservation Planner; Marlene McCollum,Asst. Town Planner.

Chair Peter Clark opened the meeting at 6:30 PM in the School Administration Building and the FCTV 13 will be televising tonight’s proceedings.

The minutes of the August 3rd meeting were approved. Peter Clark & Diane Thompson abstained.

Chair Peter Clark announced members will be making tentative recommendations for the following proposals. These decisions are subject to review at the August 24th public meeting:

300 Committee: On the motion of Ralph Herbst, seconded by Diane Thompson, it was moved to add $350,000 in this round in addition to the $200,000 in the Reserve Fund for the purchase of the Hampson property. Dr. Barbara Schneider asked 300 Committee Administrator Margaret Hough Russell if members voted to give less monies this round, would the land be available for purchase in Round 3. Mrs. Russell stated if the full amount cannot be funded, they would return in the Spring but reiterated the parcel is so important for the town to own and the price is affordable. Ralph Herbst added that there is no guarantee there will be money in Round 3 if more parcels become available for purchase. Members VOTED: 4-3 to approve funding the $350,000. Under Special Conditions, Jessica Erickson to insert language asserting rights to the property; the conservation restriction and sign or plaque acknowledging CPA funds.

Habitat for Humanity: Purchase of Sippewisset Property: Chair Peter Clark offered a motion, seconded by Ken Gartner to recommend $45,000 to create an affordable housing property on Sippewisset Road citing the Habitat’s excellent reputation, sweat equity and volunteerism.
Matter VOTED: unanimously. Under Special Conditions, Diane Thompson will supply standard language; erection of sign during construction acknowledging use of CPA funds. 

Affordable Housing Retention Fund: Dr. Barbara Schneider offered a motion to allocate $250,000 based on the possible movement toward the purchase of the Gosnold Apartments. Chair Peter Clark asked Mr. Robert Murray (Falmouth Housing Authority Director) if progress might happen before July 1st. Mr. Murray said no, but he has had a conversation with the owners and things are moving. Peter Clark stated he would support a lesser amount. A motion by Jamie Bowers to fund it for $100,000 was met with an amended motion by Ralph Herbst to fund it for $122,000. Ed Schmitt seconded the motion and it was VOTED: 4-3. Under Special Conditions, Diane Thompson will provide standard language.

Affordable Housing Development Fund: Although the committee received comments from Task Force Chairman, Bonnie O’Neil, Dr. Barbara Schneider stated the requested guidelines would not be finalized before Town Meeting. Ed Schmitt felt the project needed to be fleshed out before moving ahead. Ralph Herbst stated he would be open to funding a small amount to get them started and show good faith. On the motion of Dr. Barbara Schneider, seconded by Jamie Bowers it was moved to fund the project for $120,000. She based it on the fact that the survey costs for the Woods Hole site cost $40,000 and these monies would fund up to three site surveys. Matter VOTED: unanimously with recusals by Patti Haney and Peter Clark. Peter explained that he and Patti Haney are board members of the Falmouth Housing Corporation, who developed this proposal.

Cape Cod Conservatory: Architechural Services for Highfield Theatre: Diane Thompson stated the Conservatory provided the information to substantiate the architect they hired has a preservation background and she offered a motion, seconded by Ralph Herbst to allocate $25,000. Dr. Barbara Schneider asked for documentation on what is needed. Peter Clark stated if the bill for services comes in less than the $25,000, the lower figure will be used. Matter VOTED: unanimously

Mullen Hall PTO: Village Science Playground: Peter Clark announced the original application was outside the scope but has been revised and the focus will be on the equipment. On the motion of Chair Peter Clark, seconded by Ralph Herbst, it was moved and VOTED: unanimously to fund the playground for $80,000. Jessica Erickson was asked to confer with school officials about their practice for erecting a sign or plaque acknowledging CPA monies funded this project.

North Falmouth Village Association: Nye Park Playground: The association was asked to consider approaching the Upper Cape Vocational School about their building the gazebo, thus avoiding $4k in shipping costs. Their request will be added to the school’s list. A motion by Ralph Herbst to allocate $28,000 was followed by an amendment offered by Patti Haney to fund the project for $26,000 because the gazebo would only cost $1500. The amended motion for $26,000 was VOTED: unanimously.
Special Conditions shall include language stating maintenance will be responsibility of the Association and a sign or plaque acknowledging CPA monies funded the project.

John Wesley United Methodist Church: Restoration of Burying Ground: Mr. Robert Dinsmore, representing the church advised members the church is working to establish a perpetual care fund. They have $5000, but it cost $1,000 yearly for personnel.
Marlene McCollum advised she has contacted Parks Director Brian Dale and was told the town maintains only the frontage on Main Street and not the inside grounds. When asked by Jamie Bowers about removing the GPR from the proposal, Donna Walcovy answered the burial grounds can be restored without the GPR even though there are so many paupers buried there. She said the work could be done at a later date. On the motion of Patti Haney, the committee VOTED: to allocate $16,300 in funds and remove the $6500 item for GPR. A special condition was included that the church will be responsible for the maintenance of the grounds inside the fence. Also a sign or plaque shall be erected acknowledging CPA monies funded the project.

West Falmouth United Methodist Church: Renovation of Church: The Historic Districts Commission gave a positive response on this proposal. On the motion of Patti Haney, seconded by Jamie Bowers, the Committee VOTED: to fund the proposal for $11,234 but removed the item for the PermaCoat finish. Ralph Herbst recused himself.

Louise Houle: Farms of Falmouth Booklet: Patti Haney and Jamie Bowers stated this project was too far removed from what the CPA would authorize and there was no fit for this project in any of the categories. The committee VOTED: unanimously not to fund the project. 

5. Review of Fund Balances and Consideration of Amendments: Chair Peter Clark advised members they can discuss additional uses of the monies and make tentative votes on the Administrative Fund to support the committee’s activities through June 30, 2007; a Reserve Fund for Historic Preservation and Affordable Housing and whether to maintain the Open Space Reserve or give the $200,000 toward the 300 Committee request. Jessica Erickson informed members there is a balance of $1,617 that has not been allocated in this round. 

Following discussion, the committee VOTED: 5-3 to add $25,000 to the Administrative Fund. Peter Clark said there is about $45-50,000 in the fund until June 30, 2007.

A motion by Dr. Barbara Schneider to add $300,000 to the Historic Preservation Fund failed. The committee VOTED: 7-1 to establish a Historic Preservation Fund for $80,00.

Following discussion, Diane Thompson offered a motion to allocate an unfunded reserve for Affordable Housing. She felt that if Town Meeting failed to vote for the Affordable Housing articles, the 10% has to go into the Affordable Housing Reserve Fund. The Committee VOTED: unanimously to establish an unfunded Reserve Fund for Affordable Housing. 

Following discussion and feeling the project doesn’t fit in the Historic Preservation category and should be funded by the town, the Committee VOTED: 5-3 to cut the $75,000 from the Surf Drive Beach House proposal and transfer the funds to the Historic Preservation Fund for a total of $155,000.

The Committee VOTED: 6-2 to reduce the Mullen Hall Village Science Playground proposal by $30,000 leaving them $50,000.

On a motion of Dr. Barbara Schneider, seconded by Diane Thompson, the Committee VOTED: unanimously to increase the Affordable Housing Retention Fund by $31,617 for a total of $153,617.

A motion was offered by Chair Peter Clark to rescind the $350,00 funding for 300 Committee’s Hampson parcel and transfer $150,000 into the Open Space Reserve Fund for a total of $350,000 failed for lack of a majority (4-4). 

A motion offered by Ed Schmitt to reduce the Long Pond Pump House Restoration from $370,000 to $200,000 and add the $170,000 to the Historic Preservation Reserve Fund failed 1-6. 

Ralph Herbst asked Jessica Erickson to verify if the committee meets the %10 allotment for each of the four categories and provide a summary by category.

6. Calendar for Round 3: Matter held. Dr. Barbara Schneider asked members to submit their dates at the end of tonight’s meeting.

Old Business: Ralph Herbst asked the chair to query the Board of Selectmen regarding a replacement for Peter Boyer’s position and remind them a new round of proposals is due in September.

New Business: Dr. Barbara Schneider informed members a forum sponsored by the Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association; Community Preservation Coalition and Mass. Housing Partnership will be held on Monday, September 18, 2006 in Boston.

Patti Haney expressed an interest in providing the first round applicants with a copy of the recently voted Payment Procedures.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:45 PM to meet again at 6:30 PM August 24, 2006 in the School Administration Building.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Secretary

AUGUST 24, 2006

Members Present: Chair Peter Clark; Vice-Chair Dr. Barbara Schneider; Clerk Diane Thompson; Jamie Bowers; Ken Gartner; Patti Haney; Ralph Herbst; Ed Schmitt.
Also Jessica Erickson, Asst. Community Preservation Planner; Marlene McCollum, Asst. Town Planner.

Chair Peter Clark opened the meeting at 6:30 PM in the School Administration Building. 
The Minutes of the August 10th meeting were approved with one absention.

Review Agenda: Chair Peter Clark advised the audience that primary function of tonight’s meeting is a period of public comment followed by the committee’s recommendations. 

Review Final Information for Projects: Jessica advised members that a letter signed by Supt. Of Parks Brian Dale and General Manager of the Falmouth Commodores Chuck Sturdevant, was received stating the committee’s award falls $100,000 short for lights at Guv Fuller Field. A joint letter signed by President of the 300 Committee Leonard Johnson and Administrator Margaret Hough Russell was also received regarding the Hampson property stating Mr. Hampson is reluctant to renegotiate a P&S thus pushing the closing until after July 2007. Town Counsel Frank Duffy, replying to committee request about storing documents less than 50 years old in the vaults to be funded with CPA funds, stated primary consideration is the storage of historic documents, but there is leeway to store newer documents. 

Convene Public Comment Period on Tentative Recommendations: Beach Superintendent Don Hoffer asked for reconsideration on the Ellen T. Mitchell Beach House�0� funding. He spoke to the importance of the building as a community hub and asked for $45,000 for design costs citing it would qualify under the Rehabilitation category as listed in the Secretary of Interiors’s standards. Architect Curt Raybar and Jay Kingwell, representing the Commission on Disabilities, also spoke in favor of funding the design.

Mark Dupuis, representing the School Department in their request for funding restoration of the School Administration Building, stated that their original application included the complete restoration using original materials, but they will be happy to look at alternative materials for the roof. Secondly, they will comply with the committee’s wish to involve an architect with historic preservation credentials. Jamie Bowers commented that the architect must be clear about his involvement and state what the analysis will provide for historic preservation.

Administrator of the 300 Committee,Margaret Hough Russell, asked the Committee not to delay the CPA’s $350,000 commitment for the purchase of the Hampson property. She stated the 300 Committee has committed their funds to other projects and delaying the funding in this round would require re-negotiating the Purchase & Sale Agreement which changes could be less favorable to the town. They must have the money in-hand before the closing.
Superintendent of Parks Brian Dale, speaking on behalf of the Fuller Field Lighting project, asked for reconsideration of the CPA’s $125,000 funding proposal. Their request was for $225,000 to complete $400,000 lighting portion. He stated the rising of steel prices on a daily basis will continue to add to the cost.
Chuck Sturdevant, General Manager of the Falmouth Commodores, spoke in defense of reconsideration as well, citing the Commodores use the field only 22 days while the rest of the schedule is devoted to Falmouth teams. He cited a quote of $400K for lights at a school in Hyannis and $355K for Bourne Tech School, but their figure includes labor from the students. The Yawkey Fund monies must be spent by June 2007.
Ed Giordano, Recreation Department, spoke about contacting Musco Lighting. They quoted a price of $271K for materials alone. He spoke to both Musco and Granite City and they want to see the specs before they bid. They were told a good rule of thumb is to double the price for materials and labor. 
Ed Marks, former Selectman, stated the last study on the field improvements was done in 1999. The poles were installed in l965 and came from Otis Air Force Base. He mentioned the southeast corner of the field is dark and dangerous when playing night games and asked the committee for reconsideration. 

Adam Thomas of the Mullen-Hall PTO addressed the committee and asked them to increase the allocation to $70,000 to complete the Village Science Park project. The additional funding would allow the playground committee to free up time to promote a grass roots network for Build Week scheduled for the Spring. When asked by Dr Barbara Schneider how they intended to continue to encourage contributions between now and Build Week, Mr. Thomas replied they intend to pound pavement, but it is an involved process to get Build Week pulled together. One fund raising event they are planning is “Pennies from Heaven where they hope to cover the gym floor and raise $3,000. Mr. Thomas said the goal is to complete the structure and during Build Week, he is hoping the contractors will contribute their services to complete the site work. 

Bonnie O’Neil, Affordable Housing Task Force, asked members to reconsider their allocation of $120,000 for the Affordable Housing Development Fund. She stated the fund would help with the septic and other pre-development costs, but it will not suffice.

Ray Jack, speaking as Acting Director of the DPW, Utilities Manager and resident, wanted to drop by and thank the members for their attention and dedication in serving on the committee. 

Vote Final Recommendations and Special Conditions for Letters of Agreement:
Expressing his feeling that the committee is putting aside monies for the future and not spending it now, Ed Schmitt offered a motion, seconded by Ralph Herbst to allocate $75,000 from the Historic Preservation Reserve and add it to the general balance. MATTER VOTED: 7-1. Dr. Barbara Schneider offered an amendment, seconded by Ralph Herbst, to allocate $45,000 from the $75,000 toward the design of the Ellen T. Mitchell Bathhouse. Several members expressed their disagreement based on the bathhouse’s lack of historic significance. On a VOTE of 4-4, the amendment failed for lack of a majority.

Peter Clark offered a motion, seconded by Jamie Bowers, to move the $100,000 funding from the Rental Rehab. Pilot Program to the general fund. MATTER VOTED: unanimously.
This action leaves a zero funding balance in the Rental Rehab Program and provides $175,000 in a general fund (the other $75,000 coming from Historic Preservation Reserve)

Dr. Barbara Schneider offered a motion, seconded by Jamie Bowers to move $50,000 into the Affordable Housing Retention Fund. MATTER VOTED: 7-1

Dr. Barbara Schneider offered a motion, seconded by Jamie Bowers to move $50,000 from the general fund into the Affordable Housing Development Fund. MATTER VOTED: Peter Clark and Patti Haney recused themselves from voting.

Ed Schmitt offered a motion, seconded by Dr. Barbara Schneider to allocate $50,000 for the design of the Edward Marks Office Building. Some members felt this amount was not in keeping with the other requests for design money and thought it excessive for renovating the second floor.
Dr. Barbara Schneider offered an amended motion, seconded by Ed Schmitt to allocate
$40,000. MATTER VOTED: 8-0

Ken Gartner offered a motion, seconded by Ralph Herbst to allocate $25,000 for the Guv Fuller lighting project. Dr. Barbara Schneider stated she has confirmation that $260,000 will be sought in the FY08 Capital Improvement Plan to replace the lights. MATTER NOT VOTED: 3-5

Patti Haney offered a motion, seconded by Jamie Bower to move $35,000 from general funds into the Historic Preservation Reserve. MATTER VOTED: 8-0. Historic Preservation Reserve now has $115,000.

Special Conditions: Jessica distributed a draft copy of the Special Conditions for the November 2006 Town Meeting for discussion. They were approved with changes.

Approve Bill Schedule: Committee approved a bill schedule for $865.

Vote on Calendar for Round Three Applications: The schedule was discussed and approved. 

Revisit Old Business: Peter reported that the FCTV 13 has encouraged him to pursue the scheduling of the Board of Selectmen’s room for the CPA meetings, but trying to confirm a commitment is getting complicated. Dr. Barbara Schneider expressed her wish that Peter continue to pursue it.
Regarding a replacement for Peter Boyer’s position on the committee, Peter Clark was advised by the Administration the position was re-advertised, but no deadline was given.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 10:00 PM to meet again on Thursday, September 14, 2006 at the School Administration Building at 7:00 PM.
(Members are asked to bring food donations for the Service Center.)

Submitted by: Mary J. Little

SEPTEMBER 14, 2006

MEMBERS PRESENT: Chair Peter Clark; Vice-Chair Barbara Schneider; Clerk Diane Thompson; Ralph Herbst; Patti Haney; Jamie Bowers; Ed Schmitt; Ken Gartner.
Jessica Erickson, Asst.Community Preservation Planner; Marlene McCollum, Asst. Town Planner.

Chair Peter Clark opened the meeting at 7:05 PM in the School Administration Building. The Minutes of the August 24th meeting were approved.

Bill Schedule: Jessica submitted for signature bill schedules from Donna Walcovy and the John Wesley Church and Laura Moynihan for Cloverfield Way. VOTED:

Status of Letters of Agreement: Jessica advised members 16 LOA’s have been returned and three are flagged for changes:
Habitat for Humanity is requesting a modification to the physical condition of the existing foundation. They intend to remove it and build a new foundation to provide a basement. Modification was so VOTED:

North Falmouth Village Association: The change deals with the insurance for the project. The contractor is to obtain all permits. During construction, the contractor will assume responsibility. Upon contract completion, the Town of Falmouth will assume insurance liability. VOTED

Housing Development Fund: Marlene advised members against signing until there is a clear understanding of what criteria and eligibility will be applied when awarding funds for non-town entities. Dr. Schneider, Ed Schmitt will meet with Jessica, Marlene and Bonnie O’Neil to provide suitable language and criteria for non-town entities. 

The Committee VOTED: to authorize Chair Peter Clark to sign all Letters of Agreement except the Housing Development Fund.

Warrant Articles: Jessica submitted for review the nineteen (19) Warrant Articles for the November Town Meeting.

Ralph Herbst noted the 300 Committee is not mentioned in Article 3 even though they are contributing $100,000 and the Conservation Restriction would be held by the 300 Committee. Marlene advised that this article is the source of funding. The Board of Selectmen have to accept this property and will be voting on another article to perfect the title issues.

Jamie Bowers offered a change in Article Nine (9) re: Highfield. Suggested inserting word “appropriate� rather than “accurate�. APPROVED

Jamie Bowers offered a change in Article Ten (10) Re: West Falmouth United Methodist Church. Suggested inserting word�decorative� rather than “stained glass� windows. APPROVED

In Article 12 ,Jamie Bowers noted the word “Community� has replaced “Affordable� He suggested staying with Affordable Housing Reserve to avoid any confusion. VOTED

In Article 14, Ed Schmitt moved to strike the words “withâ€? and insert the words “by creatingâ€? permanent deed restrictions. Diane suggested striking the words “based on Area Median Incomeâ€? because it will be confusing to Town Meeting members. 

Ken Gartner offered a motion to delete the Falmouth Commodores as a co-manager with the Falmouth Parks Department because they will have no direct responsibility. He suggested they be listed as co-collaborators. APPROVED

Chair Peter Clark was authorized to to make changes to the Warrant Articles as needed.

Adminstrative Budget: Jessica distributed a FY-07 Administrative Budget which has an available balance of $48,520 from the $100,000 allocation. Following discussion, the committee VOTED: 7-1 to appropriate $10,000 rather than $25,000 from the General Reserve for the purpose of administrative expenses. Peter Clark, Ralph Herbst and Dr. Barbara Schneider will serve as a sub-committee to allocate the existing monies for this year into a line-item budget. Chair Peter Clark advised that the previous Land Bank funds now part of the CPA account have earned $80,000 in the current fiscal year that might be certified as free cash before the November Town meeting and therefore be available for use . Following discussion, members agreed to leave the money unused for current projects, knowing that it will be available for the next round of proposals and would complicate the ability to clear recommendations on any current proposals.

Public Hearing Protocol: Peter Clark advised members that Jessica and Marlene will be attending the department heads’ meeting and will address them on the CPA. Dr. Barbar Schneider moved to authorize the expenditure of $1000 to allow Jessica to design a newspaper ad inviting the public to attend the pubic hearing. Jamie Bowers seconded the motion. VOTED: Peter Clark advised he will be sitting with the Town Administrator.

Round Three: A revised draft application and criteria was distributed by Jessica.
Members agreed that a pre-application meeting with Jessica or Jamie Bowers is advisable for historic preservation projects. Also to be noted is funds approved by the April 2007 Town meeting will not be available until after July 1, 2007.
The web site is to be updated to reflect the application materials are in place. 

Members reviewed a memo from Town Counsel Frank Duffy regarding CPC invoice procedures wherein he suggests the CPC should enter into agreements with the successful applicant and make payments only to the applicant. He recommended against third party participation and the CPC should assume invoice responsibility for performance.
It was agreed that Patti Haney and Ed Schmitt will serve as a sub-committee on invoice procedures working with Jessica to report to the committee by October 26th.

Ralph Herbst commented that Highfield Hall is announcing public events for its opening and should be acknowledging CPC as a funding source. Jamie Bowers said he would discuss this with the directors.

Jessica advised that Superintendent of Beaches, Don Hoffer, is requesting feedback as to whether or not he should apply in Round Three under the Historic Preservation Category. Peter Clark asked the team to sit with Jessica and present their findings at the Business Meeting on September 28th. Jamie noted it is not on the Cultural Resources Inventory list.

Updates on Round One Projects: Tabled.

Round Four Timing: Tabled.

Old Business: The CPC Meeting Schedule for Round Three was distributed. Members agreed to continue meeting at the School Administration Building for Round Three. Peter reminded members that a policy will be needed on projects that qualify under one or more categories.

The Meeting adjourned at 10:05 PM to meet again on Thursday, September 28, 2006 in the School Administration Building at 7:00 PM. A business meeting will be held at 6:15 PM.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little

Town of Falmouth
September 28, 2006

SEPTEMBER 28, 2006

Members Present: Chair Peter Clark, Vice-Chair Barbara Schneider; Clerk Diane Thompson; Ralph Herbst; Patti Haney; Jamie Bowers; Ed Schmitt; Ken Gartner.
Jessica Erickson, Asst. Community Preservation Planner and Marlene McCollum, Asst. Town Planner.

Chair Peter Clark opened the business portion of the meeting at 6:15 PM in the School Administration Building.

The minutes of the September 14th meeting were approved with changes.

Warrant Articles: Jessica distributed a draft copy of the CPC Warrant Articles for the November Town Meeting to members stating Town Counsel is still reviewing the articles. Members offered minor changes and thanked Jessica and Marlene for their effort in pulling the articles together in a timely manner.

Chair’s Report from Finance Committee Meeting: Peter Clark and Patti Haney reported on their meeting with the Finance Committee. Because Finance Committee member, Mike Miller, had attended the CPC meetings, and reported regularly on their work, the Finance Committee had a few questions about the Reserve Accounts. 

Staff Report: Peter Clark stated he is initiating a staff report for this and future agendas.
Jessica Erickson, Barbara Schneider and Ralph Herbst traveled to Boston for the seminar sponsored by the CPA Coalition, Jessica distributed a copy of Chapter 289 of the Acts of 2006, which amended Section 5 of chapter 44B of the GL by inserting the words: acquisition, creation.
Peter Clark advised it was thought that the 100% state match would last five years, but, in fact, will be 100% funded through 2007. In the year 2008, funding maybe reduced to 75%. 

Having concluded the business portion of the meeting, Peter Clark opened the public hearing for Round Three proposals at 7:00 PM. He introduced Kevin Andrade, who was appointed to fill the remaining two years of Peter Boyer’s term, as well as Jessica Erickson, Assistant Planner Marlene V. McCollom, who have made life much easier for the committee.

Peter announced the Committee will have about $1.9 million to award in Round Three; advising the monies are generated from a 3% surcharge on real estate transactions. 

The committee recognized Susanne Hallstein Goodman, former President of the 300 Committee. She thanked committee members for their diligence and hard work . She came on behalf of the 300 Committee to relay their appreciation for the Hampson property purchase and in terms of the committee’s efforts to purchase land, she felt it will have a place in the history of Falmouth forever. They are presently prioritizing their latest Open Space projects. When asked by Peter Clark if she could estimate what kind of help they will need in the next five years, Susanne replied it is constantly changing, but she added they cannot fund raise forever and assured members they will be looking to the CPC for their help.

In the Affordable Housing Category, Diane Thompson stated Bonnie O’Neill, Vice Chair of the Affordable Housing Committee, was unable to attend tonight’s hearing. However, Bonnie submitted a letter for distribution dated September 28th signed by the Affordable Housing Committee.

In the Historic Preservation Category, Carolyn Powers, Executive Director of the Falmouth Museums on the Green presented two brochures. The latest is a “Walk Through Falmouth’s Historyâ€?. She stated the Board of Directors has approved a three-year strategic plan for projects on the HVAC systems for the two houses; research and archival storage space; climate controlled vaults; campus rest rooms, and the creation of a video on Katherine Lee Bates, which will reduce wear and tear on the collection. They will be presenting a proposal for the HVAC system for the 2008 Town Meeting. 

In the Recreation Category, no one appeared. On a motion of Jamie Bowers, seconded by Patti Haney, it was VOTED: to keep the meeting open for two weeks to accept written documents.

Review of Application Process: Peter Clark stated this hearing is the formal invitation to receive proposals, which are due October 26th at 4PM in the Planning Office. He referred the audience to a form that can be filled out and Jessica will review it to see if the proposed project is appropriate for that particular category. He reminded them that CPA funds cannot be used for maintenance or supplanting money already budgeted. Historic buildings must be on the state or national register or deemed to be “culturally significant�. He talked about the timeline for inviting proposals and making tentative decisions. The final hearing for applicants to comment on the tentative decisions is January 4th. The Warrant closes January 12th. Fiscal Year 2008 monies become available on July 1, 2007, but payouts will likely occur after August 1st. The application can also be downloaded from the web site. He referred to a Letter of Agreement, which is the formal contract that may contain changes or additional conditions as needed in a particular category. The monies are spent under the jurisdiction of the CPC. A question and answer period followed for members of the audience who wanted clarification on the application and eligibility process.

Updates on Round One Projects: Barbar Schneider reminded members that there will be a dedication of the benches at the East Falmouth Fire Station on Sunday, October 1 at 2 PM. 

Jamie Bowers reported that Highfield Hall has a framed list of donors and the CPC was acknowledged. Ray Willis, consulting engineer for the Water Department’s Long Pond Pump Station has a window profile for review next Tuesday.

Ken Gartner also reported that the Mullen-Hall School mentioned the CPC funding grant in their press release to the Falmouth Enterprise. 

Ralph Herbst asked Jessica to convey to the North Falmouth Village Association the intent of the Falmouth High School students not to contribute their services on the Nye Playground improvements. However, the services of the Upper Cape Cod Vocational School are still on the table.

Discussion on Round Four Timing: Peter Clark stated the committee needs to be thinking about the timing for the next round – did they want to consider proposals for the Spring or Fall Town Meeting or both. He is opting to place the Committee’s warrant articles on the Spring Town Meeting. He cited the committee’s schedule has provided no opportunity to consider any long-range planning. Most members expressed their wish to get on a yearly cycle. Barbara Schneider suggested they consider the matter after this Town Meeting. Ralph Herbst and Patti Haney also agreed. Patti Haney remembered that the committee informally agreed to re-evaluate the process. Jessica also requested the need to schedule a meeting devoted to analyzing the long-term debt. There is concern that the 3% surcharge is not covering the debt. 

Old Business: In the matter of the recommendation to Don Hoffer regarding the Ellen T. Mitchell Bathhouse proposal, Team Members Ed Schmitt and Barbara Schneider, along with Marlene, held a meeting and agreed the building is not listed on the Cultural Resources List and is not truly historic. They felt it was more suited for a recreation project and the town should be including it in their capital planning. 

Members were given a copy of Addendum D for the Letter of Agreement for the Affordable Housing Development Fund, which is a clarification of responsibilities as they relate to the Affordable Housing Committee, Housing Trust and Falmouth Housing Corporation. Peter Clark offered an amendment to Paragraph #1 under “Application Process by striking the words “A majority of the three groups� and inserting the words: “Two out of three people representing these boards� so as to read: “Two out of three people representing these boards must vote in support of the proposal.� On the motion of Patti Haney, seconded by Barbara Schneider, it was VOTED: to approve Addendum D, as amended, in the Letter of Agreement for Affordable Housing Development Fund.

New Business: Ralph Herbst asked about using CPC Administration Funds to honor someone who made a significant contribution in one of the four categories.
Barbara Schneider and Ralph Herbst have met to review the CPC’s Operational Plan. They requested time be reserved for discussion on the October 12th agenda.

There being no further business, the committee adjourned at 9PM to meet again on Thursday, October 12, 2006 at 7:00 PM in the School Administration Building.
Members are reminded to bring their food donations for the Falmouth Service Center to the October 12th meeting.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Recording Secretary

OCTOBER 12, 2006

Members Present: Vice- Chair Barbara Schneider; Clerk Diane Thompson; Ralph Herbst; Ed Schmitt; Jamie Bowers; Ken Gartner.
Also Jessica Erickson, Asst. Community Preservation Planner and Marlene McCollum, Asst. Town Planner

Acting Chair Barbara Schneider called the meeting to order at 7PM in the School Administration Building.

The minutes of the September 28th meeting were accepted with changes.

Amendment to Band Shell Memorandum of Understanding: Douglas Brown, Town Building Committee and Linda Whitehead, Director of the Falmouth Town Band appeared before the committee to request an amendment of the Special Conditions in the MOA. Mr. Brown explained this amendment will fund the fees for a structural engineer to modify the design of the band shell. Due to money constraints, it is their intent not to rebuild the roof. They plan to extend the present platform. On the motion of Mr. Herbst seconded by Mr. Bowers, the committee VOTED: unanimously to amend the Special Conditions in the MOA to fund fees for architects, structural engineers and designers, for modifications to the design of the Band shell or related incidental expenses contingent upon the positive review by Town Counsel.

Amendments to CPC Bill Payment Procedure: To address the concerns raised by Town Counsel in his memo of August 28th, staff is suggesting a standard procedure of releasing town funds only after the applicant has provided the Committee proof of payment. Jessica stated she has received a request from Habitat for Humanity to pay their vendors directly and seek reimbursement from the CPC. If they pay their bills within 10 days, they receive a discount. Habitat referenced the Chatham CPC as approving this method of payment. Matter was held pending Jessica’s determination of what is considered proof of payment. Barbara Schneider said they should revisit this procedure in three months.

Review of Administrative Budget Line Items: Jessica distributed the CPC Administrative Budget FY’07 for discussion. A line item for Professional and Technical Services was included. Barbara explained there might be a need for surveys and contractual services. Marlene stated that technical services under $5000 would not require an RFP. Any amount above the $5000 would require competitive bidding. No vote was required on the budget.

Draft of Revisions to Community Preservation Plan: Barbara Schneider reminded members the matter will be held for discussion at the October 26, 2006 meeting.

Preparation for Town Meeting: Jessica stated there will be a Power Point Presentation by Chair Peter Clark. Ed Schmitt wanted to reiterate that the recipients have to be prepared to support their project. Jessica responded that she has conveyed this message to the applicants. Barbara Schneider referenced the Town of Dartmouth wherein they printed their Power Point Presentation for distribution prior to Town Meeting and she asked members if they felt a brochure should be prepared and if so, what would be their preference for distribution – Precinct Meetings or mailing prior to Town Meeting. It is too late to include it as an insert in the Fall Town Meeting Warrant Book. It was the consensus of members to print the Power Point Presentation as a brochure and mail it to Town Meeting members.

Selection of Teams for Round 3: Barbara Schneider announced the following teams:
Ken Gardner/Diane Thompson; Ralph Herbst/Patti Haney; Jamie Bowers/Ed Schmitt; Barbara Schneider/Kevin Andrade. Peter Clark will not serve on a team. The matter of discussing the application review process was held pending the presence of all members. Diane Thompson said she preferred interviewing applicants, have a public hearing and deliberate on the funding thereafter. Barbara Schneider said she thought the committee was required to have the public hearing after the committee’s deliberations. She asked Jessica to research the law. Ralph Herbst stressed the importance of site visits.

Staff Report: Jessica, in conversation with Jill Bishop/Finance Committee, was told the Finance Committee has made positive recommendations for the CPC articles. The Finance Committee advised they expect to have a presence at future CPC meetings. 

Jessica advised she is fielding informal questions from the public about the applications, but there have been no requests for personal conferences.

Report on Boston Meeting: Barbara Schneider asked Ralph Herbst to provide the key points of the conference held by the CPC Coalition and Affordable Housing organizations attended by her, Jessica and Ralph. Ralph Herbst reported they are developing a study from the last five years. $68 million or 31% was spent on housing and 1000 more housing units were added. The Coalition is making projections about matching funds and expect they will fall off in 2008. They are trying to increase the CPA fee from $25 to $30 per real estate transaction or tie it to inflation.

Round Table Meeting: Jamie Bowers, Jessica Erickson, Ralph Herbst and Peter Clark attended the meeting at the Barnstable Court House. It focused on a variety of Conservation Restrictions as well as Historic Preservation Restrictions. The Nantucket Athenaeum was posed to be the correct model. They recommended the CPC and Town Counsel sit down with the owner to discuss what would be agreeable to all parties. The CPC can also hire an attorney to draft the Restriction. Chapter 184 requires the property must be eligible under the State or National Register. Historic Preservation Restrictions have to be approved by the Massachusetts Historical Commission. Historic Preservation Restrictions should have a preamble citing the CPA and town vote. One way of setting up a restriction is to award money as a “0â€? interest loan with conditions. In that way, you can foreclose on the loan if the Restriction is not followed. 

Old Business: Jessica reporting on the Signage situation, stated the Conservation Commission doesn’t know who designed the signs. Diane Thompson said the signs were diamond shaped in blue and green and were designed by Pamela Truesdale, a former Administrator for the Commision. Barbara Schneider is looking into a CP seal and hopes there is a CPC design in existence to review.

There were no Round One updates.

Ralph Herbst suggested the CPC award a plaque at the Spring Town Meeting to a town recipient, who made a significant contribution in one of the four categories. He offered to write the criteria and present a draft to members for review. 

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:25 PM to meet again on
Thursday, October 26, 2006 at 7PM in the School Administration Building.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Recording Secretary


OCTOBER 26, 2006

Members Present: Chair Peter Clark; Vice-Chair Barbara Schneider; Clerk Diane Thompson; Ralph Herbst; Kevin Andrade; Ed Schmitt; Jamie Bowers; Patti Haney.
Jessica Erickson, asst. Community Preservation Planner; Marlene McCollum, Asst. Town Planner.

Chair Peter Clark called the meeting to order at 7:00PM in the School Administration Building.

The minutes of the October 12, 2006 were accepted with changes.

Town of Falmouth Band Shell: At the October 12th meeting, members voted to amend the Special Conditions in the MOU to fund the $20,000 for architects, structural engineers and designers for modifications to the design of the band shell, contingent upon the positive review of Town Counsel. The committee voted to adapt the original design to allow an engineer to be involved in work on modifications to the design of the structure. During the intervening weeks, a question arose as to whether the scope of the current proposal is consistent with the original town meeting vote and outside the legally allowable uses of CPA funding. Members discussed its eligibility because renovation rather than construction is the focus of the amended use of the $20,000. Mr. Duffy is reviewing the MOU and warrant article. Peter Clark advised the committee members that they can amend the MOU , but not the warrant article. Furthermore, the project is now considered renovation, its legality is now in question under CPA regulations and it might be illegal if the end product is renovation of a structure that was not originally procured or created by CPA funding. Following discussion, the Committee VOTED: 8-0 that the $20,000 previously voted for an engineering study is ineligible under the CPA, because the project purpose is inconsistent with the town meeting article and outside the legally allowable uses of CPA funding.

CPC Bill Payment Procedure: After consulting with Town Accountant, Jessica distributed a proposed Request for Payment entitled Addendum B. A separate Addendum B will cover non-town and town department recipients. Kevin Andrade inquired about liability insurance and was advised the owner of the property must have insurance when he seeks a permit. While it isn’t in the contract, it is implied in good faith. The Committee Voted: unanimously to approve Addendum B – Request for Payment.

Revisions to CPC Plan: Peter Clark advised he would be looking for a vote on the Plan at this meeting. It was mentioned that the word “needs� should be deleted In Section IV because the approved LCP doesn’t assess town needs, but rather it is relied on for its goals and policies. Ralph advised “needs� are implied. The Committee Voted: 4-3 to delete the word “needs� on Page 6 of Section IV. Other than a few minor changes, the Committee Voted: unanimously to approve the Town of Falmouth Community Preservation Plan.

Round 3 Applications & Assignment to Project Teams: Jessica advised there are 11 applications for Round 3. She distributed a spread sheet listing the proposals with their money value total of $2,038.534. She stated there will be approximately $1,980,000 to spend in Round 3. She estimates the assigned 10% per category will amount to $400,000.
Patti Haney asked to be recused from the Housing Development Fund and Affordable Housing Retention Fund proposals. Diane Thompson advised she should not sit as a team member on the Housing Development Fund. Peter Clark asked members to read all the proposals and to consult with Jessica on possible problems, which will then be discussed with the full committee. 
Ken Gartner/ Diane Thompson selected the Library, Retention Fund and Dupee Fields projects.
Ralph Herbst/ Patti Haney – Haddad, Bikeways and West Falmouth Coastal Pond
Jamie Bowers / Ed Schmitt – School of Science; No. Falmouth Fire Station and AH Development Fund.
Barbara Schneider/ Kevin Andrade – School Administration Bldg and Lighting for the Football Field at Fuller Field.

As for the Timeline, Jamie Bowers felt the last interview process for Round 2 was too tightly scheduled causing little public input. He suggested lengthening the interview timeline. 

Peter Clark suggested five projects be assigned for November 16 and six on November 30. Tentative decisions with money value should be made on December 14 and the Public Hearing for appeals and public input be scheduled for December 18. Final voting on the recommendations with assigned money value will be made on January 4, 2008.

Project Liaisons and Asst. Town Planner Peter asked members to visit the project sites and to stay actively engaged in their projects. He asked that they act as observes and liaisons but not as decision makers, referring any perceived problems to Jessica for her review and committee action. Patti Haney noted it was her experience that applicants feel comfortable talking to the liaison and Barbara reaffirmed that members have the overriding responsibility for the projects.

Staff Report & Bill Schedule: In preparation for Town Meeting, Jessica has been working to be sure there is a point person to speak on their project. The Power Point Presentation and brochure will be ready next week. 
Jessica is coordinating a list of Historic Preservation consultants, who could be called upon to assist the Committee. Peter Clark noted this will be a top priority.
The committee received a thank you letter from the Recreation Committee for the lighting of the baseball field..

Jessica distributed the bill schedule for signature. It included a bill for $1400 for the East Falmouth Village benches and travel reimbursement for July through September. Schedule was Voted.

Old Business: Ralph Hebst distributed a Draft Community Preservation Award for discussion at a future date.

Town Counsel Frank Duffy’s memo concerning the Open Meeting Law was distributed.

Previously, the FCTV urged the CPC to seek space at Town Hall in order to televise the meetings. Peter Clark noted he has made an effort to do so, but the space is not available. The Odd Fellows Hall was also suggested, but Marlene advised it is not handicapped accessible.
Peter Clark advised he will be meeting with Administrator Bob Whritenour, Heather Harper and Jessica on Tuesday, October 31st concerning access to town information and exploring ideas about identifying their needs for recreation, open space and affordable housing. He hopes to hear about the town’s perspective on a variety of issues which will ultimately enable the committee to plan for future CPA funding.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:25 PM to meet again on Thursday, November 16, 2006 at 7 PM in the School Administration Building.
Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Secretary

Community Preservation Committee Minutes
November 16, 2006

Members Present: Chair Peter Clark; Vice-Chair Barbara Schneider; Clerk Diane Thompson; Ralph Herbst; Kevin Andrade; Ed Schmitt; Patti Haney; Ken Gartner
Asst. Planner for the CPC, Jessica Erickson.

Chair Peter Clark opened the meeting at 7:02PM in the School Administration Building.

The minutes of the October 26, 2006 meeting were accepted with changes.

Peter announced this is the first round of interviews for Round 3 proposals for April 2007 Town Meeting appropriation. He asked applicants to present their proposal not to exceed three minutes, which will be followed by a question and answer period from the team and other committee members.

Falmouth Parks Department/ Fuller Field Lighting (Recreation)

Superintendent of Parks and Forestry Brian J. Dale, accompanied by Chuck Sturtevant, General Manager of the Falmouth Commodores, is seeking $200,000 to complete the installation phase of the lighting. This funding is for the installation cost of the new poles purchased with the funding approved at the November Town Meeting. These poles are for the baseball field and will amount to $292,000. He stated the cost of the material six months ago was $242,000, but steel prices have risen 20%. He added that the $292,000 figure is good only until December 16th. Mr. Sturtevant thanked the committee for their last commitment and advised they intend to advertise the bids in order to lock in the price. The timetable for the bid opening is December 14th. In the new application, there will be an add alternate for two poles to cover the lighting for the football field. The cost of materials and installation will be $100,000. Barbara Schneider expressed her concern as to how the figure went from $400,000 to $605,000. Chuck stated that the Falmouth costs were built on estimates from similar work in Hyannis, but he had not known that those costs excluded installation which was covered by an anonymous gift. Brian replied his budget has been level-funded for the past 10 years and it is about money. The project is beyond a donation phase. Capital monies are needed. 

Falmouth Recreation Department/Development of Dupee Fields (Recreation)
Helen Kennedy, Director of Recreation for the Town of Falmouth, appeared before the committee to advise they are revising their request for funding from $250,000 to $185,000. The revised request will complete the construction of two fields and a playground on the former Dupee parcel, Sandwich Road. The playground will be similar to the present structure at Gus Canty Recreation Center. Bids were opened on November 13 for work funded by the CPC grant approved in April 2006, and the low bid came in at $272,000. The $185,000 is needed to complete the playground, install a well, an irrigation system and power supply. CPC members discussed the possibility that the playground could be financed with funds appropriated for the project in April 2006, if the playground was included in the proposal at that time. Assistant Town Planner, Jessica Erickson, will research this. Helen Kennedy added that the organizations using the facilities will fundraise to build the bleachers, snack shed and portable lavatories. She stated there is a third practice field planned, but they are not requesting current funding from the CPC for this work because of other possible uses now being considered by the Town for that portion of land.

Affordable Housing Development Fund (Affordable Housing)
Peter Clark and Patti Haney recused themselves from sitting in on this proposal.

The Falmouth Housing Trust, Falmouth Housing Corporation and the Affordable Housing Task Force Committee is seeking $300,000 for the development fund. 
Executive Director of the Falmouth Housing Authority Robert Murray spoke on behalf of this proposal, which is a dedicated pre-development fund to take advantage of potential real estate and affordable housing opportunities. It is their intent to continue building the funds in anticipation of development opportunities in the next 12 months. He referred to plans for Woods Hole Road, North Falmouth and the VFW property in Teaticket. Barbara Schneider asked about the status of proposed guidelines. Diane Thompson replied that the draft will be forthcoming. Ralph Herbst, asking about the status of the two properties in North Falmouth, was told that the lot description in the deed varies by 10,000 SF resulting in another survey. Mr. Murray expects to present the proposal before the ZBA in January of 2007.

Affordable Housing Retention Fund (Affordable Housing)
Robert Murray, Executive Director of the Falmouth Housing Authority, also discussed the request for $80,000 to supplement the fund established from FY2007 CPA funds. He expects to expend about $300,000 of the $431,617 within the next 60-90 days. Mr. Murray cited the number of town employees earning below the 80% median income. He suggested creating a work force housing fund. He also suggested the town undertake a needs study which might include development zones, types of housing for that zone and a provide a quicker process to develop same. Barbara Schneider suggested the committee could undertake a study for a needs assessment that could be funded from Administration funds.

Falmouth School Committee Restoration of School Administration Building (Historic Preservation)
Marc Dupuis, Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Finance, discussed their request for $490,534 to for work on the Administration Building in a historic preservation manner. The repair work will cover all work down to the brick line –re-roofing, gutters, down spouts and cupola. The three alternatives for roofing are slate, asphalt and synthetic slate. They are proposing to replace the natural slate with the synthetic slate, which has a 50-year life. A contingency and expenses are also included. The proposed timeline is to begin next summer and finish in November of 2007. Kevin Andrade inquired about the HVAC systems on the roof. Mr. Dupuis stated it is not included in this request. Barbara Schneider felt there might be time to make a decision about moving the HVACs once the study (funded in Round 2) is completed and before the start of the re-roofing contract.

Coastal Ponds Management Committee – West Falmouth Harbor (Open Space/Recreation)
Chairman, George Hampson, and Elizabeth Gladfelter, also a member of the Committee are requesting $50,000 to undertake a management plan and shellfish habitat assessment of West Falmouth Harbor, similar to their recent funding for Green Pond. The West Falmouth Harbor is on the Buzzard Bay side and it is one of the areas that has dwindling sea grass, but a diverse shell fishery. When asked by Ralph Herbs if it makes sense to wait until Green Pond is done, Ms. Gladfelter replied there is a need to know the specifics of each pond. Peter Clark spoke to his support of the shellfish habitat surveys, but viewed it as a separate piece to the management plan. George Hampson stated the management decisions for each pond will be different. The model is about developing inventories. Elizabeth Gladfelter concluded by stating the management plans will provide uniform information for the future and they hope to integrate the management plans into the management goals for open space for the Town. Ed Schmitt offered that, based on these studies, it could lead to formal changes in the regulations.

Bill Schedule:
Jessica submitted a bill schedule for the purchase of the Hampson property. The closing is December 19th.

Old Business:
Peter gave a brief summary of the meeting with Town Administrator Robert Whritenour and Asst. Town Administrator Heather Harper. They are working to prioritize the
town projects in this round for April Town Meeting. 
Ralph Herbst commented on the positive responses he received with the CPC’s Town Meeting brochure document. However, he felt there was still a need to provide more information on the work of the CPC and suggested this might be accomplished via the Town Meeting brochure. He thought it important to include the committee membership. Ed Schmitt brought up the subject of the church/state matter encountered at the Town Meeting. When you look at the history of churches, they were not considered just a religious entity, they were the main gathering place for the towns. Peter Clark thought the committee might look at crafting guidelines to preempt applications from private homes, but this would open up issues as to how the committee will utilize their time. He felt inquiries should be made of other towns belonging to the Coalition who have dealt with the matter.

New Business:
Jessica Erickson, Ralph Herbst and Barbara Schneider reported on their meeting with the Community Preservation Coalition in Harwich. It was hosted by Stuart Saginor, Executive Director. Due to the confusion encountered by towns as to what is or is not eligible under the Recreation Category, Mr. Saginor advised the attendees that a draft of revisions will be sent to participating towns for comment.
Mr. Saginor advised there are sufficient funds to match at 100% next year. However, this number could drop to 65 –70% by FY09. Ralph Herbst said they might propose an increase in the registry of deeds fee from $20 to $25 because of the slow real estate market. They also talked about assessing dues to the participating towns.

Ralph Herbst asked that the records reflect the committee’s appreciation to Assistant Town Planner, Marlene McCollum, for her assistance and guidance to both the committee and Assistant Planner for the CPC, Jessica Erickson.

There being no further business, the committee adjourned at 10PM to meet again on Thursday, November 30, 2006 at 7PM in the School Administration Building.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little

NOVEMBER 30, 2006

Members present: Chair Peter Clark, Vice-Chair Barbara Schneider, Clerk Diane Thompson, Kevin Andrade, Ken Gartner, Patti Haney, Ralph Herbst, Ed Schmitt

Chair Peter Clark called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm in the School Administration Building to discuss CPC business and applications for Community Preservation funding at the April 2007 Town Meeting.

Approve Minutes: Changes were discussed for the November 14, 2006 meeting minutes; Patti Haney moved to accept the minutes with changes. Dr. Schneider seconded the motion, all in favor (7-0 Ken Gartner not yet present at the meeting for this vote).

Staff report: Letters of Agreement for all Round Two Community Preservation projects were signed after Town Meeting by Town Counsel, the Accountant, and the Town Administrator. Addendum A for each LOA will include a copy of the original application along with additional information and any amendments to the project that were submitted before the CPC set their final recommendation to fund the project.

Interviews with CPA Funding Applicants:
o Children’s School of Science (CSS), renovation of Davis House at 3 Water Street, Woods Hole: Nicole Goldman and architect Andrew Borgese presented additional information to the CPC, including a professional estimate for the renovation of 3 Water Street. The professional estimate is $135,000 less than the original estimate. The CSS representatives were asked to provide further information to the CPC as to whether they will reduce their funding request, or if they will revise their fundraising strategy to match the $200,000 requested in CPA funds. CSS was asked to provide a financial statement and a breakdown of projected vs. in-hand revenues associated with fundraising for the renovation. A site visit will be arranged for next week.

o Library Trustees, historic preservation of Main Street Library: Library Director, Leslie Morrissey and Chair of the Library Trustees, Marilyn Zacks, presented additional information on their proposal for CPA funding. The original application, which included interior work only, estimated the budget not to exceed $100,000. The updated cost estimate for both interior and exterior construction is between $184,000 and $216,000; with more costs to be determined. A site visit to the Main Street library is scheduled for December 1, 2006. The Library representatives were asked to provide a finalized request for funding with prioritization of work and were asked to return for a follow-up interview on December 14, 2006.

o Fire Rescue Department, preservation of North Falmouth Fire Station: Fire Chief, Paul Brodeur, presented the proposal for rehabilitation of the North Falmouth Fire Station. The proposed project includes the replacement of two overhead garage doors and removal of center post, with one large door to accommodate two emergency vehicles without center post. The $50,000 estimate includes cost of a structural engineer and asbestos analysis. Diane Thompson questioned whether or not asbestos surveying could be covered under the CPA. 

The building is located within the North Falmouth Historic District; therefore any work on the building exterior will need approval of the Historic District Commission. Chief Brodeur was advised to consult with the HDC to have the project reviewed. Chief was also asked to provide the CPC with a breakdown of the $50,000 budget.

o Beach Committee and 300 Committee, purchase of Haddad property: Don Hoffer, Greg Contos (Beach Committee Chair) and Margaret Russell presented the proposal for the purchase of the Haddad property. CPC members questioned the debris located on the parcel – Don Hoffer reported that the DPW will likely remove the debris. The CPC requested confirmation that the DPW will clean up the debris. Discussion included public access – the CPC would like the Beach Committee to describe measures to ensure public access (bicycle rack, distance from Menahaunt Beach parking lot). The Beach Committee informed the CPC that there is a plan to move a lifeguard stand to this beach if purchased by the Town. CPC member, Ralph Herbst, requested that the 300 Committee / Beach Committee provide a suggestion for how the $285,000 funding shall be split between the CPA categories of Open Space and Recreation. 

o Bikeways Committee, town-wide bicycle rack system: Bikeways Committee members Ed Gross, Kevin Lynch, Bob Fitzpatrick, and Stace Ballou presented their proposal for the town-wide bicycle rack installation. The DPW is unable to provide the manpower to install the bicycle racks, so the project costs include purchase of the racks and installation. CPC member, Ed Schmitt, requested more information on the rationale for using the U-style bicycle racks vs. radiator style bicycle racks. Discussion also included alternate forms of footings such as crushed stone rather than concrete. The Bikeways Committee will present additional bid information before the December 14, 2006 meeting.

o Community Preservation Reserve Funds and Administrative Budget: CPC members discussed their operating budget for Fiscal Year ’08 – the Committee requested semi-annual reports on the budget from the Assistant Town Planner, Jessica Erickson. Barbara Schneider advocated financing the General Budgeted Reserve, in order to set aside funds that may be needed for administrative expenses in future years – due to the fact that the administrative budget closes to the general fund at fiscal year end. The CPC decided to table the discussion of reserve accounts until the December 14 meeting. 

Round 4 Timing: CPC members discussed the schedule for Round 4, with the possibility of finalizing recommendations by December 2007 in preparation for the April 2008 Town Meeting. Assistant Town Planner, Jessica Erickson, reminded CPC members of the Town Meeting schedule and the timing of the close of the warrant in January and due date for recommendations to the Finance Committee in March. The CPC voted 8-0 not to hold a November 2007 round and to hold the next round in April 2008. 

Bill Schedule: CPC members voted 8-0 to approve payments on the Falmouth Historical Society project and John Wesley United Methodist Church East Falmouth Burying Ground project. 

Old Business: Ralph Herbst presented a draft policy for CPC review regarding the allocation of funds for applications under more than one category.

New Business: no new business

Adjourned: at 10:30 pm to meet again on Thursday December 14, 2006 at 7:00 pm in the School Administration Building.

Submitted by: Assistant Town Planner, Jessica Erickson

December 14, 2006
School Administration Building, Falmouth, MA

Members present: Chair Peter Clark, Vice-Chair Barbara Schneider, Clerk Diane Thompson, Kevin Andrade, Ken Gartner, Patti Haney, Ralph Herbst, Ed Schmitt, Jamie Bowers
Chair Peter Clark called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm in the School Administration Building.

ï»» Library Trustees, historic preservation of Main Street Library:
Library Director Leslie Morrissey explained the library’s request has been revised as a result of the previous meeting. Estimates to have a niche built into the rotunda area or the construction of the quilt case were not able to be obtained. The statue still needs to be cleaned and put on a stronger pedestal. 
Architect Frank Adams explained the list has been itemized with estimated costs. We hope the items missing will benefit from fund raising. This will need a museum-level evaluation. The lighting is not an immediate problem. The roof and some preservation of some objects like the fireplace have been dropped from this list. 

ï»» Fire Rescue Department, preservation of North Falmouth Fire Station: 
Fire Chief Paul Brodeur explained an architect will need to inspect the preliminary designs and there are some other inspections needed for the final approval. If there is excess money, adjustments can be made. More funds will be needed; these are just the infant stages. All amounts are preliminary. 

ï»» Guv Fuller Field Lighting Installation:
Superintendent of Parks and Forestry Brian J. Dale explained of the four received bids, $98,000 is the lowest and $286,000 the highest. Mr. Dale was advised to have a 20% contingency plan. The price of copper seemed to be an issue with all the bidders. A soil analysis has not been conducted. The project has jumped $60,000 from the time of its inception. Approximately 5% of the total project cost is for professional services. The bids do not include the contingency plan. The projection is $200,000, which is within range of the bids. The bids are guaranteed for 60 days, but the bid won’t be awarded until Town Meeting vote. Any funds leftover will go back to the committee [to be held in the Community Preservation undesignated fund balance for future appropriation]. The RFP for lighting was specifically for the baseball field. Mr. Dale was advised not to add the football field to the RFP at this time and he informed the CPC that he would like to stick with the same estimate of $100,000 of additional funding needed to include lighting the football field. $25,000 has been donated by the Commodores and $5,000 from Babe Ruth. 
Dennis Richards, Superintendent of Schools; Joe Martinho; Ed Winslow; Mike Duffany all spoke in support of adding two additional lights for the football field.
Chair Peter Clark explained work can start after this is approved by Town Meeting, but no payments can be made until August.

ï»» Community Housing:
Peter Clark and Patti Haney recused themselves.
Falmouth Housing Authority Executive Director Bob Murray explained the changes of the use of funds.

ﻻ 300 Committee/Beach Committee – Haddad property
A spokesman of the Beach Committee explained the cement block can be done without any expense to the town, only the DPW’s equipment is needed. We are currently attempting to get an estimate to demo the building from Shardell Newton. 

ï»» Bikeways Committee:
No Comments.

ﻻ Children’s School of Science:
Representatives from the Children’s School of Science had no reservations with their endowment being part of public record. 

ï»» Coastal Ponds Management Committee:
No new information.

ï»» Falmouth School Committee:
No Comments.

Community Housing
ï»» Affordable Housing Development Fund:
Diane Thompson recommended additional funds go into the development fund allowing easier access.
Motion by Thompson, seconded by Andrade to increase the development fund from $300,000 to $330,000. Peter Clark and Patti Haney recused themselves. Vote 7 to approve.

ï»» Affordable Housing Retention Fund:
Motion by Jamie Bowers, seconded by Ed Schmitt to recommend $80,000 be moved to the retention fund. Vote to approve unanimous. 

Historic Resources
ï»» Falmouth School Committee:
Motion by Schneider, seconded by Andrade to fully fund the request for $490,534 the restoration of School Administration Building. Vote to approve unanimous. 

ï»» Trustees of Falmouth Library:
Motion by Schneider, seconded by Bowers to fully fund the request for $101,660 for the Main Street Library renovation. Vote to approve unanimous.

ï»» Fire Department:
Motion by Bowers, seconded by Schneider not to approve funding for the North Falmouth Fire Station historic preservation. 
Bowers felt this request only qualifies because it is in a historic district and the structure is not historically recognized any other way. Thompson did not feel the funds are being used for historic preservation. The town should fund these renovations.
7 in favor to deny. Herbst and Gartner voted in opposition.

ﻻ Children’s School of Science:
Motion by Schneider, seconded by Herbst to fund the request for $200,000 for the renovation of 3 Water Street. 4 in favor, 5 opposed.
(Thompson wished to reserve her vote to spend the funds elsewhere. Schmitt was not in favor of fully funding the request but was comfortable funding $50,000.)
Amended motion by Schmitt, seconded by Gartner to fund $100,000. 
Second amendment by Herbst, seconded by Haney to fund $150,000. Vote 5 opposed, 4 in favor.
Vote on amended motion to fund $100,000. Vote 7 in favor, 2 opposed.

Open Space:
ï»» 300 Committee & Beach Committee:
Motion by Schneider, seconded by Gartner to fully fund $285,000 for the purchase of Haddad parcel. 
Amended motion by Andrade, seconded by Schneider to add $5,000 for demolition of structure, to bring the total recommendation to $290,000. Vote to approve unanimous.

ï»» Falmouth Coastal Ponds Management:
Motion by Schneider, seconded by Herbst to fully fund $50,000. Amendment by Thompson, seconded by Schneider to fund $25,000 for a habitat assessment. Vote to approve amendment unanimous.
Vote to approve amended motion unamimous.

ï»»Open Space Reserve Fund:
Motion by Schneider, seconded by Herbst to fund $25,000 for the Open Space Reserve Fund. Vote to approve unanimous.

ï»» Bikeways Committee:
Motion by Bowers, seconded by Thompson to fully fund the request of the Bikeways Committee in the amount of $33,000 for the Town-wide bicycle rack project. Vote to approve unanimous.

ï»» Recreation Department:
Motion by Gartner, seconded by Andrade to fund $185,000 for the development of Dupee Fields. Vote to approve unanimous.
ï»» Parks Department:
Motion by Thompson, seconded by Andrade to fund $200,000 for the Guv Fuller Field Lighting Installation. 
Amendment by Clark, seconded by Schneider to fund $170,000. Vote 3 in opposition, 6 in favor.
Vote on amended motion 7 in favor, 2 in opposition.

Administrative Funds:
Total of $1,830,194
$100,000 projected for next year’s budget.
Total available $1,980,000
Motion by Herbst, seconded by Andrade to recommend the Administrative Fund be $100,000 for fiscal year 2008. Vote to approve unanimous.

Bill Schedule:
ï»» John Wesley United Methodist Church:
Motion by Schneider, seconded by Haney to approve $519.96. Vote to approve unanimous.

Motion by Herbst, seconded by Haney to approve the minutes of November 30, 2006 as written. Bowers abstained due to his absence. Vote to approve unanimous.

Adjourned: at 9:55 pm.
Respectfully submitted by Sheri Theroux


DECEMBER 18, 2006

Members Present: Chair Peter Clark; Vice Chair Barbara Schneider; Clerk Diane Thompson; Kevin Andrade; Jamie Bowers; Ken Gartner; Ralph Herbst Patti Haney.
Assistant Community Preservation Planner, Jessica Erickson.

Chair Peter Clark called the hearing to order at 7PM in the School Administration Building. He briefly read through the proposals and opened it to project proponents wishing to speak. The Children’s School of Science and Guv Fuller Lighting advocates expressed their interest in speaking. The regular meeting will be held following the proponents presentations.

Jessica Erickson advised members that with their agenda are status sheets for Rounds 1 and 2; Round 3; and one encompassing all three rounds.

Children’s School of Science (Historic Preservation)

Nicole Goldman, speaking for the Children’s School of Science, stated they are organized as a non-profit to give back to the community via education. Stated they will use the funds responsibly to bring the building( 93 years old) back to its historic past. She cited the school has produced two Nobel Laureates and provides 18 scholarships to Falmouth students. They have contributed to the upkeep of the school house, which is a town building.

Stephan Junker, Vice President of the Woods Hole Community Association, stated they were in favor because the school brings many good intangibles. They are a growing contributor to the spirit of the community even though they use the town-owned building six weeks a year and contribute $6,000 a year in addition to the rent. He said the school will give the village a historic building and landmark.

Jennifer Gaines, Director of the Woods Hole Museum, asked the committee to preserve the building because it is an integral part of Woods Hole. The museum has featured the Children’s School of Science collection and stated the original woodwork is still there.
Pamela Hinckle, Director of Communications for MBL, lent her support for full funding citing that many of their scientists have been science school grads.

Douglas H. Jones, Administrative Director of the School, stressed that their donations and rent have amounted to more than 50% of their budget. Each year they work to bring back the historical nature of the school.

John Goldman stated his daughter and two sons have been students of the School. Asked the committee to give them the full funding to continue the work of the school in their small community.

Deborah Cullone, Board Member of the CSOS, spoke to the opportunities that a non-profit can provide. They will pay for its historic status by following guidelines of the Secretary of Interior thanks to the assistance of Will Moore. She asked the committee to grant them the requested $200,000 and not penalize them for having raised monies. She referred to a small endowment of $200,000.
When asked by Barbara Schneider if the endowment can be found in some document, Kelly Brown replied there is nothing written in stone that the endowment is for education alone. There is a program fund within the endowment for “big projects�. Any extra money has gone into the endowment, but there is no formal written statement that it can be used for education.
When asked by Peter Clark to verify that the operating costs are covered by tuition and the endowment for special purposes, he was told yes, but on occasion, they have drawn on it. The tuition doesn’t cover the budget and the annual appeal covers the 18 scholarships.

Ralph Herbst asked about using the endowment as a down payment for the building. It appeared to him that when they used monies from the endowment fund, they replenished it. He questioned if part of the fund raising went to replenish the endowment fund. Peter Clark explained the money is being used for the exterior and part to restore the basement. The committee was told the cost estimate of $200,000 was for both the interior and exterior because they overlap. The total budget cost is over $500,000 and the mortgage is coming from the endowment fund until they can raise more monies.

Fuller Field Lighting (Recreation)

Kathleen Burke, Athletic Director, Falmouth High School, spoke in support of funding the project for $200,000 to include the last two light poles.

Dana Almeida, Head Footbal Coach, Falmouth High School, spoke of the former light pole near the Teen Center. Now the corner of the field is very dark and game officials are concerned about the safety. He spoke to the lack of height with the present poles. He mentioned the pole by the visitors bleachers, which is over 20 years old is ready to fall down.

Marc Dupuis, Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Finance, spoke in favor of full funding stating it is a community facility serving many of the town’s youth. 

Ed Winslow, Freshmen Footbal Coach, requested full consideration citing the field’s use by high school football and baseball; the band, Pop Warner and the running club. They have raised $7000 to pay for 62 new helmets and this was the result of getting the players involved in the fund raising. Helmets ten years old, must be taken out of service and the program lost 62 helmets to the 10-year limit.

Brian Dale, Parks Director, advised members that the low bidder has pulled his bid. They are analyzing the bids. Peter Clark asked if they will know more by January 4th when the Committee makes their final recommendations. Brian stated it will be settled by then. Ralph Herbst asked Brian Dale if the two additional poles estimated to cost $100,000 will be an extrapolation. Brian answered yes. Peter Clark reminded the audience that January 4th will be the night to make final decisions, but whatever they hear tonight is tentative.

Jamie Bowers asked the group how much fund raising is done between the Quarterback Club and high school. Kathleen Burke replied it should be a town investment. She asked why the committee could not fund all the poles. Peter Clark stated the original proposal was for eight lights.

Patti Haney asked the group if they are considering making this argument to Town Meeting if the committee doesn’t approve full funding their proposal. Joseph Martinho replied Fuller Field is a community field used by multiple groups. Monies are being raised all the time for the programs. He stated it didn’t make sense to do two-thirds now. More money would be saved doing the entire project. He closed by asking for full funding and they will do what they can to defray costs, but to answer their question, he said he would be prepared to go to Town Meeting.

Peter Clark read an email from Tom Griffin, a teacher and coach, requesting full funding by the committee.

Chair Peter Clark then called the meeting to order.

Committee Discussion of Public Hearing:
Peter Clark asked if the committee wished to make any motions. He advised members he wished to discuss the Land Bank Legislation – how to access or allocate the interest earned on unspent funds. He stated there is $20 million in the Land Bank account in terms of the principal balance owed. Interest earned in FY07 could be available for the committee’s use. The money that came to the CPA as a balance will handle the remaining debt. It may turn out there is some money to offset declines in state match. 

Ralph Herbst offered a motion, seconded by Diane draw down $50,000 from the FY’07 interest account to be allocated in this round on one of the four categories, depending upon the town administrator verifying that this is appropriate. Members should be emailed the results of the inquiry. 
Ralph Herbst ,addressing the committee, stated the Children’s School of Science and the Fuller Field Lighting came in with good proposals, yet members chose not to fully fund them. Construction costs will continue to rise and he wanted to take care of the projects, whose costs will only rise. Jamie Bowers stated it pained him to see projects broken into pieces and would vote with Ralph to flush out funding for a couple of the projects. Both Barbara Schneider and Kevin Andrade were not in favor of spending down the interest at this point in time because of future decline in CPA monies. Peter stated he would rather tackle the need and reconsider the proposals. The committee VOTED: 3-5. Ralph Herbst stated Affordable Housing has been fully funded in all three rounds, while legitimate requests before the committee have not.
Patti Haney noted the committee is allocating $692,000 to Historic Preservation; $703,0000 between Open Space and Recreation and $410,000 for housing. She favored adding more money into housing than the present 10%. She also favored adding money to the Affordable Housing Reserve. Peter Clark agreed there was a need to delve more into the Affordable Housing issue rather than Historic Preservation, citing the need is greater for Affordable Housing. He did feel there was a need for proponents of proposals to be more creative.

Letter of Agreement Stipulations:
In the matter of the Development Fund, the criteria has to be stipulated because of the involvement by three housing entities, each of whom might be recommending monies for private developers. It was agreed that once the criteria is established, it will be expanded for future requests. Kevin Andrade asked about buildings being sold after the CPA monies are spent. Jamie Bowers answered Deed Restrictions are put in place to ensure the building is maintained and the owner will know there is a Deed Restriction on the property. Committee postponed decisions on the Stipulations until January 4, 2007.

Retention Fund - None
Signage Language: Required on all projects.

Library Trustees: Committee will require a different party to hold the Historic Preservation restriction. The School Administration will be included as well.

Haddad Property Purchase: the 300 Committee will hold the Deed Restriction. $5000 of the CPA monies will be used for demolition of the foundation. Closing will take place in August.

West Falmouth Harbor: none

Dupee Fields: Same conditions stipulated originally.

Fuller Field Lights: Peter Clark asked how the committee wants to deal with the wording if the construction costs rise further. Does the committee want to specify the 10 poles.

Bikeways: Signage language will be placed at the kiosk.

Haddad Property Funding:
Committee opted to use Item C as their rationale. The Committee VOTED:unanimously to recommend the 60-40 split.

Land Bank Debt: 
On the motion of Patti Haney, seconded by Barbara Schneider, the Committee VOTED: unanimously to approve the sum of $1,215,000 for principle; $871,771.29 for interest
For a total of $2,086,771.29.

Old Business: The committee formally approved their Meeting Schedule through May, notice of which has been sent to Town Clerk for public posting.

New Business: Ralph Herbst wanted to acknowledge the assistance from Patti Haney, Diane Thompson and Joseph Martinho in providing a written overview of Falmouth Housing Entities.

There being no further business, the Committee adjourned at 9:05 PM to meet again on Thursday, January 4, 2007 at 7:00PM in the School Administration Building.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little