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2007 Meeting Minutes

JANUARY 25, 2007

MEMBERS PRESENT: Chair Peter Clark; Vice-Chair Barbara Schneider; Kevin Andrade; Patti Haney; Ralph Herbst
Assistant Town Planner Jessica Erickson

Chair Peter Clark called he meeting to order at 7:05 PM in the School Administration Building. Chair recognized members of the Finance Committee, Charles Eastman and Barbara Perry.
Barbara Schneider asked that the corrected minutes be emailed to members. Minutes of the January 4th meeting were tabled until next meeting.

Three bills were presented for signature. Barbara Schneider reminded liaisons to fulfill their obligation to review bills for approval. Patti Haney offered a motion, seconded by Kevin Andrade to approve the bill schedule. Voted:

Assignment of liaisons for Round Three Projects:
Affordable Housing Development, Retention Funds – Haddad Property/ Barbara Schneider
Ward & Chester Street Affordable Housing project; Bikeways/ Ralph Herbst
Children’s School of Science – Diane Thompson
Falmouth Library Project – Patti Haney
School Administration Building – Kevin Andrade
West Falmouth Harbor Coastal Pond Management project – Ed Schmitt
Fuller Field Lighting project - (Jessica will contact Ken about assuming project)
Liaisons shall continue to communicate through Jessica.

View Recommendations for Town Meeting Warrant:
The Committee talked at length about Preservation Restrictions and whether they would require separate votes at Town Meeting.
Peter Clark offered a motion, seconded by Patti Haney that the CPC include in the Recommendations and Explanations for the School Administration and Library projects that the Town approve a Historic Preservation Restriction on these properties. In the Explanation portion of the Warrant, the details will be negotiated with the Board of Selectmen.

Debrief Round Three Processes:
Ralph Herbst moved and Kevin Andrade seconded a motion to table this item until the committee has a full quorum. Committee voted 4-1

Discusssion of CPC Priorities:
Ralph Herbst moved and Barbara Schneider seconded to table the item pending a full quorum of the Committee. VOTED: 4-1.

Review of Round One & Two Projects:
Carolyn Powers, Director of the Falmouth Historical Society, appeared before the Committee requesting they be exempted from the provisions imposed in their Letter of Agreement requiring an Historic Preservation Restriction on their project which only involves installing a climate control system and does not involve any modifications to the property. The Society is bound by the regulations of the Falmouth Historic District Commission.

Following discussion, Barbara Schneider offered a motion, seconded by Kevin Andrade, that the Committee will seek a minimal Historic Preservation Restriction aligned with the Falmouth Historic District’s guidelines for the Falmouth Historical Society. VOTED

Barbara Schneider spoke to the need the committee will need to specify the restrictions on an individual basis. Jessica Erickson will confer with Town Counsel Frank Duffy as to what action will be required for Spring Town Meeting.

· Sandwich Rd Athletic Fields:
Jessica Erickson advised members there are concerns about a third field. Recreation was looking for funds to clear and grub for a third field.
Patti Haney, liaison to this project, stated her last conversation with Rec. Dir Helen Kennedy indicated they are happy with the two fields. Ralph Herbst suggested that Patti Haney might want to have another conversation with Helen Kennedy.
· The Affordable Housing Development fund: Jessica advised that Bonnie O’Neil of the AHTask Force is working on criteria for the fund (Round 2) and they need clarification on how loans are paid back. Do they revert to the CPC or the Affordable Housing account set up by the town. Peter recalled that in Round 1, there was discussion that some development funds can be recouped as “0� interest loans, but he recused himself from any discussion. Barbara Schneider stated her expectation that the CPC funds will be used to support diverse ways to provide affordable housing and not to one project. Peter also spoke to his preference that the $400,000 not going into one project. Barbara Schneider, liaison for the project will be contacting Bonnie O’Neil.

· 419 Woods Hole Road: Barbara Schneider reported they had the tour and briefing and are awaiting modifications on the endangered species map. Barbara will be attending a more thorough presentation on February 5th and will report back.
· Hampson Property: Jessica distributed an email from the 300 committee proposing some wording to dedicate the Hampson property as the George Souza Preserve. They hope to have the dedication in February. The Committee VOTED: 5-0 to approve the wording for the plaque.

Staff Report:
Jessica advised members the Finance Committee will be reviewing CPC Warrant Articles at their February 13th meeting. In the meantime, she will be setting up meetings with each liaison and applicant to finalize their articles. Articles 4,5 and 6 will require deed restrictions.
Barbara will determine if there will be a draft of the criteria for the Development Fund by February 8th.

Old Business:
Ralph Herbst is still interested in discussing the creation of Community Preservation Award at a future meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:40 PM to meet again on Thursday, February 8, 2007 in the School Administration Building at 7:00 PM

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Recording Secretary




FEBRUARY 8, 2007

MEMBERS PRESENT: Chair Peter Clark; Vice-Chair Barbara Schneider; Clerk Diane Thompson; Patti Haney; Jamie Bowers; Ralph Herbst; Ken Gartner.
Assistant Planner, Jessica Erickson.

The minutes of the January 4, 2007 were approved.

Bill Schedule:
 Ralph Herbst offered a motion, seconded by Jamie Bowers to approve payments to Attorney Laura Moynihan and Robert Fitzgerald for the Ward/Cloverfield/Chester Street project. Committee VOTED: 6-0
 Barbara Schneider offered a motion, seconded by Patti Haney to approve a payment to Horsley & Witten for the Affordable Housing project at 419 Woods Hole Road. Committee VOTED: 6-0
 Jamie Bowers’ motion, seconded by Ken Gartner, to approve payment to Menders, Torrey and Spender for Falmouth Historical Society’s project was VOTED: 6-0
 West Falmouth United Methodist Church’s payment was VOTED: 5-1 (Ralph Herbst abstaining)

Status of Letters of Agreement:
 The Committee discussed the requirements of the deed restriction for the purchase of the Haddad property at Menahuant Beach and how it will be limited for the purposes for which the property was acquired. The Letter of Agreement has not been signed because of concerns raised by the Conservation Commission, Board of Selectmen, and the Beach Committee. Barbara Schneider mentioned that Administrator of the 300 Committee, Margaret Russell, is opposed to any structure or building that would be invasive. Jamie Bowers advised there is a section of the law that allows a permanent deed restriction under certain conditions. Margaret Russell also informed Barbara that to require anything less than a permanent deed restriction would be wrong because the monies to buy the property were raised from private donations. The town will own the land and the 300 Committee will hold the Restriction. Following discussion, Patti Haney offered a motion, seconded by Jamie Bowers that the only structures allowed on the property shall be restricted to one lifeguard chair and a low storage bin. The Committee VOTED: 6-0. 

 Liaison Diane Thompson and Jessica Erickson met with Nicole Goldman of the Childrens’ School of Science to discuss the Preservation Restriction. The Letter of Agreement has been signed, but the committee must decide on the minimum requirements for the Restriction. Diane stated the school doesn’t want the Restriction to be longer than 30 years. Jamie Bowers advised if the CPC doesn’t purchase real property, then the Restriction isn’t required, but it would be better to have it in perpetuity. In order to have a permanent Preservation Restriction, it has to be listed on the National Register. Because it is in a local historic district, any construction changes would fall under the guidelines of the Historic District.

Jessica advised they are negotiating a fee with Attorney Robert Ament to prepare the restriction. They have to go forward with the National Register nomination and the Restriction. Members preferred the restriction be held in perpetuity based on the conceptual design the Committee viewed. Jessica was asked to work on the memo and distribute it. 
The Committee VOTED 6-0 to approve a fee not to exceed $5,000 to Ament and Ament for the Preservation Restriction, with the monies to come from the Administrative fund.

 Library and School Administration Building: Jessica talked about her meeting with Town Counsel Frank Duffy regarding the need for a Preservation Restriction He sees the Article as a two step process. (1) ask Town meeting to approve the money and (2) give up an interest in the town’s real estate. Peter Clark suggested the committee continue to work on this until the February 22nd meeting. In the meantime, it would give the committee time to research what other towns have done or the committee could consider hiring a Historic Preservation consultant.

Finalize Language for Town Meeting Warrant:
After reviewing the language for the Falmouth Historical Society’s project, wherein the CPC is considering the rescission of the special condition requiring a preservation restriction requirement on 55 and 65 Palmer Avenue, the Committee VOTED: 6-0 to seek the Town’s approval to disallow the special condition.

The Committee VOTED: 6-0 to approve the Articles for Town Meeting excepting Articles 15 – 40 and 41, which will be held until the February 22nd meeting.

Discussion of CPC Priorities for Agendas for February through July 2007:
A compilation of the CPC’s priorities was distributed for discussion. Following comments and ideas, Chair Peter Clark offered to incorporate them into a formal agenda schedule beginning with the February 22nd meeting through the remainder of 2007.

Staff Report:
Jessica informed members she has been asked by Americorps to sit on the Advisory Board, which meets four times a year and who are responsible for developing goals for the Americorps Cape Cod program. Jessica will be the first sitting alumna of the Board.

She has enrolled in an on-line course for Historic Preservation and will also be attending a seminar on Planning and Management Tools.

She has concluded meetings with liaisons regarding the Letters of Agreement and advised the CPC’s Articles for the Town Meeting will be heard by the Finance Committee on February 13th.

Peter Clark asked members to consider what level of involvement they envision Jessica undertaking for future RFP’s, etc. He suggested a future agenda item for discussion.

Old Business:
Barbara reported that the Community Preservation Coalition is in the process of approving a formal sign logo, which Falmouth can consider using for their signs.

The Science Play Park at the Mullen-Hall School has schedule the build date for the weekend of March 27th. They are seeking volunteers and Barbara thought that members might want to consider being part of the volunteer work force.

Liaisons were asked to give updates on the Round One projects not yet completed.

New Business:
Jamie Bowers spoke to the need for continuing Falmouth’s Historic Cultural Inventory and can money be used to research structures already on the list. He advised that the chair of the Historic Commission is putting together an RFP for adding new structures. Question is how to structure the RFP if the CPC is funding only a portion of it.

Barbara Schneider advised members to check their emails for the next Round Table Discussion scheduled for February 20th.

Ralph Herbst asked if the Committee should consider an Article for Town Meeting to take the monies out of the General Fund previously reserved for the Town’s Band Shell project.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 10:15 PM to meet again on Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 7:00 PM in the School Administration Building.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Recording Secretary




FEBRUARY 22, 2007

MEMBERS PRESENT: Chair Peter Clark; Vice-Chair Barbara Schneider; Clerk Diane Thompson; Jamie Bowers; Patti Haney; Ed Schmidt; Ralph Herbst; Asst. Town Planner/CPA Jessica Erickson. ABSENT: Kevin Andrade

AUDIENCE: Charles Eastman (Finance Committee); Town Counsel Frank Duffy; Veronica Zylinski

The Minutes of the January 25 and February 8 meetings were accepted.

Bill Schedule: A bill for $14,786 was presented from the North Falmouth Village Association for the purchase of playground equipment for the Nye Park Playground. 
The equipment will be installed in the spring. Diane Thompson moved approval, seconded by Patti Haney. VOTED

Discussion with Town Counsel Frank Duffy: 
Ø Mr Duffy’s appearance was a discussion on the Open Meeting Law as it relates to subcommittees. He referred them to the memos he sent in December regarding the subcommittee law. He advised that when you have more than one person engaged in a verbal exchange for the purpose of making a decision, the Open Meeting Law applies. Site visits are not considered “open meetingsâ€? but should not be used to evade the law. Subcommittees require minutes to be taken – who was present, what subjects were discussed, what votes were taken. The meeting should be posted in the Town Clerk’s office 48 hours in advance. Subcommittees are allowed to meet and talk without making a decision. A recommendation is considered a deliberation, which would trigger the Open Meeting Law. 

Ø Deed Restrictions: Mr. Duffy distributed his memo covering GL ch.44B,S12(a) as it relates to real property interests, permanent deed restrictions purchased with CPA monies. His second memo, dated 10/25/06 dealt with examples of real property interests, which are conveyed by a deed and recorded in the Registry of Deeds.

Finalize Recommendations and Language for Town Meeting Warrant:
Article 15 -Haddad Property: Barbara Schneider advised members that a joint meeting with the 300 Committee, Beach Committee, Administrator Robert Whritenour, Heather Harper and Town Counsel Frank Duffy was held following the CPC’s vote of February 8th. It was explained that Menahuant Beach is divided into three sections and the concept of small spread out convenience stations was favored over having one central location. There is room in front of the existing foundation to move the building closer to the road and that would create space for a future structure. The Beach Committee will have a paid attendant and cars will not be allowed to park on Foster Road. 
Jessica’s memo recapping the February 20th meeting was distributed. 
Ø It was deemed a conservation restriction was the most appropriate instrument to ensure the Haddad parcel is preserved as open space/recreation land in perpetuity.
Ø The CR will allow for up to two handicapped parking spaces, a turn-around area, and emergency vehicle access
Ø The CR will allow for low-lying storage area (tomb) for Beach Dept. purposes.
Ø The CR will allow for existing 24’x24’ structure to be demolished and removed.
Ø The CR will allow for a structure 576 square feet (same footage as footprint)
The CR will be drafted by Frank Duffy and reviewed prior to submittal to the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs for approval.

On the motion of Barbara Schneider, seconded by Diane Thompson, the Committee Voted: 7-0 to amend the Committee’s previous vote and endorse the use of a Conservation Restriction incorporating the five elements. An amendment proposed by Peter Clark was also voted to allow the 300 Committee to hold the Conservation Restriction.

Article 40 – Main Street Library Project: Three members of the Library Trustees including Frank Duffy met with Jessica to discuss a Preservation Restriction for the interior of the Library building. Liaison Patti Haney expressed her concern that the wording not be so restrictive as were the trustees, who might have to deal with future technologies such as wiring and security measures. Jamie Bowers wanted a Preservation Restriction to cover the interior portion that is being preserved. He said if it was done through the Massachusetts Historic Commission, it would not require an endowment and they would be an appropriate holder. Following discussion, the committee Voted: 7-0 not to require a formal Preservation Restriction in the Letter of Agreement, but should they wish to alter the historic integrity of the 1901 building, approval of an architect with Historic Preservation experience will be required as well as notice to the Community Preservation Committee. If the Committee ceases to exist, approval shall fall to the Historic Commission.

Article 41 -School Administration Building: Jessica suggested removing the restriction from the Letter of Agreement at this time for roof and gutter replacement. Should construction occur on the remainder of the building, a restriction would be appropriate.
The Committee Voted: 6-1

Article 39 – Childrens’ School of Science: The Department of Revenue has ruled that the $5000 voted by the CPC for the Preservation Restriction cannot come from Administration Funds. The Committee must amend their vote and wording in the Article Explanation to state the amount of the award to the School shall include not more than $5000 for the Preservation Restriction.
Jessica stated if Town Meeting approves the project, the monies will not be available until after July lst. If the school has contracted for an attorney to prepare the restriction, they could pay for the restriction out of their funds and seek reimbursement. On the motion of Barbara Schneider, seconded by Jamie Bowers, the Committee Voted: 7-0 to change the wording in the Article Explanation to read: The Community Preservation Committee’s recommendation for Article 39 is in the amount of $135,000. The CPC is recommending $130,000 towards the exterior rehabilitation of 3 Water Street in Woods Hole to be managed by the Children’s School of Science and an additional sum not to exceed $5000 is recommended toward the cost of a Historic Preservation Restriction.

Review of Long-Range Schedule for Agenda Topics: 
Peter Clark asked for comments on the schedule. Barbara Schneider suggested the April and November Town Meeting dates be included in the schedule. Following discussion and suggested meeting date changes, Peter agreed to email members another draft.

Staff Report:
Jessica advised the Finance Committee has voted favorably on the CPC articles with the exception of Articles 15, 40, and 41, which will be reviewed by them on February 23.

Designer selection for the Green Pond Management Project RFP will be going out to bid. 

Victoria Goldsmith sent the CPC a project update regarding the 40B project on Sam Turner Road. They received $40,000 from the County. This project is not a LIP application.

Old Business:
Diane Thompson reported that the Affordable Housing Task Force, Bob Murray and Joseph Martinho will be meeting next week to work out the differences on the Development Fund guidelines. They are aware that imput from the CPC will be a major factor. They will be at the March 8th meeting to answer questions.

New Business:
Diane Thompson advised members an information session on Affordable Housing units will be held at the Morse Pond School on February 26th at 6PM.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 10PM to meet again on Thursday, March 8, 2007 at 7PM in the School Administration Building.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Recording Secretary




MARCH 22, 2007

Members Present: Vice-Chair Barbara Schneider; Kevin Andrade; Ed Schmitt; Jamie Bowers; Diane Thompson; Ralph Herbst and Assistant Planner Jessica Erickson

Audience: Louie Kerr/Nicole Goodman (Childrens’ School of Science); Nancy Haywood (Falmouth Historical Commission; Carolyn Powers (Falmouth Historical Society/Museums on the Green); Winifred Grant/Ellen Handy (Falmouth Heights Improvement Association); Jennifer Gaines (Woods Hole Historic Museum); Lulu Hollis (Woods Hole Comm. Assoc.);

Vice-Chair Barbara Schneider called the meeting to order at 7 PM in the School Administration Building.

Affordable Housing Development Fund: Bob Murray; Bonnie O’Neill and Marlene McCollum Schreiber appeared before the Committee to discuss and seek comment on the Affordable Housing Development fund guidelines. The idea of the Fund is to create a revolving loan account, which will also act as gap financing. The fund will provide monies to get into pre-development i.e. septic and surveying costs. Bob Murray referred to the guidelines as a good start and will be updated annually by the Falmouth Affordable Housing Committee, the Falmouth Housing Trust and the Falmouth Housing Corporation. Vice-chair Barbara Schneider asked when they will present the guidelines to the Board of Selectmen, who have final approval. Bonnie O’Neill said it would be after Town meeting. After reviewing the guidelines, the Committee suggested several changes particularly under the “Eligibility Criteria� category.

Discussion of Needs for Preservation of Historic Resources: Vice- Chair Barbara Schneider welcomed the participants to the discussion. In preparation for the discussion the committee selected five areas that the participants were asked for their input.
 When asked if there were clear numbers and locations of historic resources worthy of preservation, including public, private and non profit, most agreed there wasn’t, but the need is great. Jamie Bowers stated the Historical Commission is expanding the Cultural Resources Inventory to include a list of historic buildings, but they will need to hire a Historic Preservation Consultant to complete this work.

 When asked if the town goals and plans are articulated in this area, participants pointed to the Local Comprehensive Plan, Element #7, which deals with Historic Preservation. Its 12-pages needs to be condensed into a user friendly brochure. Jamie advised the Historic Districts Commission is working towards changing the zoning bylaws.

 When asked what general methods of HP were more effective, the group felt that the Village Green, Main Street , neighborhood organizations and the National Register were effective as well as the creation of the seven historic zoning districts. What they viewed as ineffective were a lack of knowledge and appreciation of historic education by the schools, businesses, local realtors and prospective home buyers. They suggested seminars might be an appropriate tool to educate them on the proper architecture. The four distinct activities of the Secretary of Interiors’s Guidelines – restoration – preservation – rehabilitation and reconstruction, needed clearer definitions to make it user friendly. Spending monies for a brochure and several newspapers articles was thought to be a good use of CPA funds.

 When asked if government systems and procedures were productive for Historic Preservation, participants stated there should be a “one stop shopping� facilitator that residents could go to about historic issues. The participants were enthusiastic over the creation of neighborhood preservation districts. They are less restrictive and have worked well for the city of Cambridge. This might have been a possibility in Falmouth Heights had there not been misinformation spread by a few of its residents. Mr. Bowers pointed to the success of creating the Waquoit historic district through education and brochures.

Preservation Restriction for Children’s School of Science: Jessica advised that Attorney David Ament has submitted a revised Preservation Restriction (PR) which was previously voted at the CPC meeting on March 8th. Jamie Bowers stated future owners of the Children’s School will be guided by the PR. The language in the PR will now require another level of review – the Massachusetts Historical Commission. In the interim, the PR will be held by Town Counsel and recorded later. After reviewing the draft, Jamie Bowers offered a motion, seconded by Kevin Andrade to instruct Town Counsel Frank Duffy to strike Item #4 – “Alternate Approval� on page 2. The Community Preservation Committee will not be the holder of the PR, but that entity has yet to be identified. VOTED: 6-0

Priorities for Studies Growing out of March 8 Community Housing Discussion:
Peter Clark prepared a two-page memo for review and discussion, which summarizes ideas suggested at the March 8th Community Housing Discussion. Diane Thompson stated the update of the town’s Affordable Housing Action Plan will be ready in July. The Committee agreed with Items 1 and 2 under “Goalsâ€? because it provides a picture frame for addressing the issue. Members were asked to email Jessica by Monday any items that should be added to the list. 

Appproval of Minutes: The Minutes of the March 8th meeting were approved.

Bill Schedule: Jessica submitted two bills for signing. One bill for $200 for the John Wesley Church Burial Ground was reviewed by liaison Patti Haney and approved for payment. Motion to approve by Jamie Bowers, seconded by Kevin Andrade was VOTED. A second bill for $50,000 for lumber to build the Village Science Park was submitted for payment. Motion to approve by Kevin Andrade and seconded by Jamie Bowers was VOTED.

Staff Report: Jessica reported on 419 Woods Hole Rd Affordable Housing project saying the Affordable Housing Committee is working on clarification of the project. Details on the payment process with Horsley & Witten will be redefined to reflect the percentage of work completed when submitting bills.

The Community Preservation Committee’s Funding Recommendations brochure for Town Meeting members will be mailed out Friday, March 23rd. Members thanked Jessica for a job well done.

Old Business: Jessica submitted a copy of a memo, dated March 5, 2007, from Town Counsel Frank Duffy regarding the Open Meeting Law and whether or not CPC teams are considered sub-committees. Mr. Duffy states the Open Meeting Law applies to sub-committees, but does not define sub-committees. However, the Attorney General has taken a position that a collection of committee members is a sub-committee if it is carrying out a delegated function of the parent body.

There being no further business, the Committee adjourned at 10:30 PM to meet again on Thursday, April 12, 2007 at 7PM in the School Administration Building.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Recording Secretary 




March 29, 2007
School Administration Building, Falmouth, MA

Members present: Chair Peter Clark, Vice-Chair Barbara Schneider, Clerk Diane Thompson, Ken Gartner, Patti Haney, Ed Schmitt, and Jamie Bowers. Staff present: Assistant Town Planner, Jessica Erickson.

Chair Peter Clark called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm in the School Administration Building.

Peter Clark welcomed Attorney David Ament, and Children’s School of Science Board Members Louis Kerr and Kitty Brown.

The Committee reviewed a draft of the revised Letter of Agreement dated March 29, 2007 for the Children’s School of Science historic rehabilitation project. The following revised special conditions were discussed and voted by the CPC:

1. Appropriate signage or a plaque must acknowledge that CPA funds were used for this project, including the date.
2. A Preservation Restriction (PR) shall be required, the conditions of which shall include that the PR will be in perpetuity, will cover the entire exterior (of the front building, as delineated on sketch plans submitted on March 22, 2007), will be assigned to a grantee designated by the CPC, and will not include the proposed ‘alternate approval’. The preservation restriction shall be in the format of the MHC’s sample PR. The PR shall be approved by the CPC and Town Counsel and reviewed by the Massachusetts Historical Commission (MHC) through their preliminary review process and appropriate revisions shall be made to meet the requirements of MHC before the disbursement of funds. Upon MHC’s final approval, the PR shall be held in escrow by Town Counsel until such time that the rehabilitation is completed. Upon satisfactory completion of the rehabilitation, the PR shall be recorded at the Barnstable County Registry of Deeds. The cost of drafting the PR, up to $5,000, may be submitted for payment from the appropriation for this project. 
3. Community Preservation funds shall be applied to the historically appropriate exterior rehabilitation of the Davis House at 3 Water Street. 

The CPC voted unanimously to accept the revised special conditions for the Letter of Agreement. The President of the Board of the Children’s School of Science shall sign the revised agreement on or before April 3, 2007.

Adjourned at 6:15 pm. 

Submitted by Jessica Erickson, Assistant Town Planner.




APRIL 12, 2007

Members Present: Chair Peter Clark; Vice-Chair Barbara Schneider; Kevin Andrade; Ed Schmitt; Patti Haney; Ralph Herbst; Ken Gartner; Assistant Planner Jessica Erickson.

Audience: Representative Eric Turkington; Susan Goodman-Hallstein (300 Committee) Karen Wilson (Chair, Conservation Commission); Jennifer McKay (Conservation Commission Administrator); Paul Cavanaugh; George Hampson (Coastal Resources Committee).

Chair Peter Clark opened the meeting by welcoming the participants. He stated the immediate goal of the committee is to guide the future funding efforts and needs for acquisition and preservation of open space in Falmouth.

Conservation Commission Administrator spoke to the need for documenting the acquired parcels and the conditions under which they were purchased. Further research could determine which municiply- owned parcels can be placed under conservation restriction. 

Susan Goodman-Hallstein stated there is 6200 acres of protected open space with conservation restrictions. The town also owns 3200 acres under the jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen and Schools Department, but it is not counted as preservation and open space. She stressed the need to spend as much money for open space because the land will not be there.

There is 2800-2900 acres of developable land, but according to Representative Turkington, a good portion are already subdivided into house lots. It is a closing door and the CPC is the last chance

To achieve the Local Comprehensive Plan’s goal of preserving 25% of town land as open space, 900 acres will be required by the year 2010.

It was mentioned that Falmouth does not have an Open Space Committee to pull together all the pieces. 

George Hampson of the Coastal Ponds Committee, spoke to the need of “attenuation�, which would reduce the impact of Nitrogen. Further suggested recreating the wetlands that have been previously filled in.

Discussion of Housing Needs Study: The committee reviewed a draft of the Community Housing Needs Assessment Scope of Work. The following conditions were discussed and voted with one abstention.
The needs assessment shall include a profile of the Town of Falmouth including, but not limited to:
Need for affordable housing within varying age groups
Number of bedrooms needed
Need for rental housing vs. ownership units
Need for affordable housing among varying income brackets.
The Town of Falmouth has a Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) apaproved “Affordable Housing Action Plan�. The existing plan is based on year 2000 census data and is not scheduled for a complete update until after 2010. In the interim, the CPC seeks to collect current information ofr affordable housing needs, and to develop a projection of needs for the next five years. The committee directed Jessica to seek three informal quotes, in consult with Patti Haney and Diane Thompson.

5.Discussion of March 22nd Historic Resources Priorities for Studies: Peter Clark asked members what they thought might be a next step. The round table discussion revealed the apparent need for a needs study for preservation. A more complete inventory of historic resources in the seven districts would be useful. Barbara Schneider spoke to the need for fostering funding for a workshop or school curriculum subject. Jessica felt a CPC developed ranking sheet to look at future historic preservation proposals was also in order. Patti Haney suggested the CPC not fund any studies at this time but rather have Jessica, in her role as a staff to the committee, work with the historical groups.

6.Discussion of Town Counsel’s March 5th Memo and Role of Assistant Town Planner: The committee had a discussion about the role of the Assistant Town Planner; the effects of the Open Meeting Law and how the committee governs research on independent issues. Members were asked to work through Jessica on any matter requiring research. Ralph Herbst offered a motion wherein the chair, vice-chair or assistant planner may request written comments or emails from a town, state or non-profit agency on issues relative to the work of the CPC. The source providing the opinion must make the information known to all members at the same time. Jessica said she was opposed to this idea. Members agreed to leave the motion for future discussion. Ralph was asked to provide his draft motion to Jessica. 
Peter raised another issue about the possibility of Jessica providing support to committees such as the Bikeways and Coastal Management who have no staff, but need support to begin the procurement process once the CPC funds their project. Jessica felt it important to provide this support when there is no department head to oversee the procurement process. Patti Haney supported the idea of Jessica overseeing guidance where there is no staff. Barbara Schneider and Kevin Andrade voted against the motion to limit RFP support to town boards/committees with no staff. The vote was 5 in favor, 2 opposed.

7. Approve Minutes of March 22, 2007: Voted with one correction. Peter Clark, Patti Haney and Ralph Herbst abstained.

Approve Minutes of March 29, 2007: Voted.

8. Bill Schedule: Invoices presented for approval and signature:
Sandwich Road Athletic Fields $28,229.50; Horsley & Witten for 419 Woods Hold Road $12,619.95 and the Falmouth Historical Society$2,502.84.
Vote to Approve: unanimous
9. Staff Report: The Afffordable Housing Retention Fund was accessed to convert one unit at Long Shank to affordable housing.

The contract was awarded to Keenan and Kenny for design services for the School Administration Building and the RFP for Little Sippewisset Marsh Management Study has been advertised.

Victoria Goldsmith of Habitat for Humanity is informing the committee they are proceeding toward the application process for 4-5 homes.

10. Old Business: Ed Schmitt asked Jessica for a further report on the Town Band shell.
Ralph inquired about the long-range plan.
Barbara Schneider asked Jessica to report back as to whether or not there is an agreement on signage with the Village Science Park.

There being no further business to conduct, the committee adjourned at 9:55 PM to meet again on Thurday, April 26, 2007 at 7:00PM in the School Administration Building.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Recording Secretary



APRIL 26, 2007

Members Present: Acting Chair Barbara Schneider; Clerk Diane Thompson; Jamie Bowers; Ralph Herbst; Patti Haney; Ken Gartner: Assistant Planner Jessica Erickson.

Audience: Beach Superintendent Don Hoffer; Supt of Schools Dennis Richards; Falmouth High School Athletic Director Kathleen Burke; Kevin Lynch; Ed Gross and Bob Fitzpatrick (Bikeways Committee); Recreation Committee Chairman William Andrade; David Jarvis and Brian Coyne (Recreation Committee members)

Acting chair Barbara Schneider called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM in the School Administration Building by stating this meeting is for the purpose of discussing goals under the Recreation Category, but there will be another hearing on Open Space at a later date in which questions can be addressed about specific projects.

The Committee asked if there were numbers and locations of land worthy of acquisition/development for recreational use. 
Beach Superintendent Don Hoffer offered that his department’s long-range goals fall under the town’s capital budget, but he would like to see management plans for all town beaches. He mentioned that Grew’s Pond has a defined recreation area, but asked about the ponds and lakes.

Bikeways Committee members pointed to their preparation of a Bike Destinations Inventory and possible bike access from the Shining Sea Bikeway to Goodwill Park and the Trotting Park Fields.

Recreation Committee Chairman William Andrade submitted a summary of recreation needs throughout the town. 

Falmouth High School Director Kathleen Burke spoke to the need for more fields at the Lawrence School and the East Falmouth School as well as the lost playing field at Mullen-Hall. She favored an artificial turf field at the high school to serve lacrosse, soccer and other sports activities. The turf field would help to reduce maintenance costs.

When asked if the town goals are clearly defined for development of additional recreational resources, Assistant Town Planner stated that the 2001 Open Space/Recreation Plan is in the final stages of update and the document will be used as a planning tool.

It was pointed out that the Gus Canty Recreation Center cannot meet existing needs and there is much mediation on who gets to use the fields. Many of the recreation areas need improvements and lighting would be of great benefit. Soccer and lacrosse are now year-round sports causing wear and tear of the fields.

When asked what can be done with CPA funding to expand recreational assets, participants offered suggestions such as:

Bike racks – acquisition of land for fields – lighted fields, tennis courts and play areas – beach management plans to curb eroding beaches – acquisition of lands and easements for bikepaths - 

Select a Consultant for Housing Needs Study: Jessica informed members that she, Diane Thompson and Patti Haney met earlier in the day to preview the list of possible consultants provided by Laura Shufelt to prepare a Housing Needs Study. Diane felt it might take a combination of groups to provide a finished product. Jessica advised there is $30,000 in unencumbered funds due to expire the end of June. Because of the time limits and the committee not meeting for another two weeks, it was VOTED: 5-0 to authorize Jessica, Diane and Patti to act as a sub-committee in deciding on the choice of a consultant. Jessica advised the meeting will be posted.

Discussion of Possible Studies on the Open Space Category: Assistant Town Planner Jessica Erickson advised members that the town is updating the 2001 Open Space/Recreation Plan and Conservation Commission Administrator Jennifer McKay has received a grant from the State GIS to define all town-owned parcels and what restrictions were assigned to them. In light of the work of the 300 Committee and the ongoing work of the Planning Department and Conservation Commission to pull these parcels together under one cohesive plan, members did not see any CPC involvement at this time.

Review of Scope of Work for Historic Preservation Consultant: Assistant Town Planner informed members that Sara Korjef, an Historic Preservation Planner for the Cape Cod Commission, has offered her services to review proposals for a consultant.
It was unanimously VOTED: that Jessica, Jamie Bowers and Sara Korjef be authorized to seek a Historic Preservation consultant and report their findings to the committee.

Approval of Minutes: Patti Haney offered a motion, seconded by Ralph Herbst to accept the minutes of April 4, 2007. Voted: 4 in favor – Jamie Bowers and Diane Thompson abstaining.
Patti Haney offered a motion, seconded by Ralph Herbst to accept the minutes of April 12, 2007. Voted: 4 in favor – Jamie Bower and Diane Thompson abstaining.

Staff Report: Assistant Town Planner provided a staff report: 
In answer to Barbara Schneider’s inquiry on signage for the Village Science Park, Jessica informed members that no requirement was required due to the many donations of time and materials by volunteers and businesses.

Town Clerk Michael Palmer reporting on his project ($150,297) to preserve the town’s historical documents; he has received two quotes.

Green Pond Management Plan – contract is being finalized.

Members agreed to set aside time at the May 10th meeting to give updates on their projects.

Jessica advised that August 15th is the deadline for submission of articles for the Town Warrant. September 7th is closing date for the Town Warrant.

Old Business: Barbara Schneider suggested a competition for all school ages for a sign design project to develop a logo stating funds were committed by the Community Preservation Committee for a project.

Ralph Herbst requested a future committee meeting for a long-range plan.

New Business: Barbara Schneider, speaking for members, wished Recording Secretary Mary Little well in her upcoming knee replacement surgery. Mary Little, in return, thanked members for the opportunity to work for a most wonderful and hard working group of people.

There being no further business, the committee adjourned at 8:45 PM to meet again on
Thursday, May 10, 2007 at 7:00 PM in the School Administration Building.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Recording Secretary




May 10, 2007

Members Present: Chair Peter Clark; Vice-Chair Barbara Schneider; Ken Gartner; Patti Haney; Ed Schmitt; Diane Thompson; Assistant Planner Jessica Erickson.

Chair Peter Clark called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm in the School Administration Building. 

Agenda items:
Peter Clark announced that he received a letter from Kevin Andrade requesting that the discussion regarding the “Annual Performance Review of the Assistant Planner” be tabled for future discussion. Peter Clark explained that only the procedures for the “Annual Performance Review” would be discussed at tonight’s meeting and that the performance review would occur in July.

Approval of the April 26, 2007 minutes was TABLED until May 24, 2007

o Falmouth Historical Society – 55 and 65 Palmer Avenue Environmental Improvement project
o School Committee - Design Services for School Administration Building
Jessica Erickson reviewed the two invoices on the bill schedule and recommended that both items be approved for payment. 
Patti Haney moved approval of the bills for payment, Ed Schmitt seconded; Vote: 6-0

CPC members received a copy of the “Performance Management and Goal Setting Form”. Peter Clark requested that individual CPC members complete and return the “Performance Management and Goal Setting Form” by the June 14, 2007 meeting. 


The CPC reached a general opinion, not formally voted, that the resources of an organization or an individual to carry out a proposed project should not be a formal committee criterion in assessing the appropriateness of the project for CPA funds. 

The three other related dimensions were considered to be important for CPC consideration. The first of these is an assessment of the resulting "public benefit" of the investment of town and state funds in such projects. The committee members felt that there should be very clear, systematic, and predictable public outcomes from such investment.

The second dimension is a strong desire to see any proposal reflect energetic exploration of a variety of sources of support for the project.

The third important aspect is evidence that an organization or individual has the resources to maintain the project once it has been completed in order to protect the investment over time.

Patti Haney informed the Committee that three proposals were submitted for the Community Housing needs assessment. She reported that the proposals were under review by the subcommittee (Patti Haney and Diane Thompson) and Jessica Erickson. 

Jessica Erickson informed the Committee that the scope of work previously voted by the CPC had been sent to Sarah Korjeff, Historic Preservation Specialist at the Cape Cod Commission, for her review and comment. 

The Committee discussed the need for revision of their Recreation guidelines to convey the limits of the CPA in the Recreation category. The CPC would like to review draft language further defining the Recreation guidelines. Once finalized this language shall be included in the request for proposals before the next funding cycle.

o Affordable Housing Committee – Ward, Chester, and Cloverfield
Diane Thompson reported that the Falmouth Housing Corporation applied to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a comprehensive permit (under MGL Ch. 40B) – the permit is pending ZBA approval. Construction is estimated to begin in the fall of 2007. 

o Cape Cod Conservatory – Design Services for Highfield Theatre
Diane Thompson reported that design services are underway and almost complete.

o Historical Commission – Cultural Resources Inventory
Jessica Erickson reported that a draft Request for Proposals had been submitted to the Planning Office in March by the Historical Commission. The RFP is in the process of being finalized by the Historical Commission.

o Other projects
Diane Thompson reported that the North Falmouth Village Association is in the process of finalizing language for a plaque recognizing CPA funds at the Nye Park playground. 

Diane Thompson reported that all permits are in place for the Habitat for Humanity development on Sam Turner Road.

Patti Haney will provide an update on the Long Pond Water Treatment facility at the May 24 meeting. 

Barbara Schneider will provide an update on the Affordable Housing Committee’s 419 Woods Hole Road study at the May 24 meeting.

Jessica Erickson reported that all Letters of Agreement (LOA) were signed by the Town Administrator, Town Counsel, and Town Accountant. The LOA’s will be returned to applicants with their original application and any amendments to the application as Addendum A.

Jessica Erickson reported that Attorney David Ament sent notice that the Children’s School of Science (CSS) is in the process of revising the Preservation Restriction (PR). Once complete, the PR shall be reviewed by CPC and Town Counsel. The CSS is also preparing all other required documentation for the Massachusetts Historical Commissions review.

The Committee reviewed the long range agenda of topics and questioned the amount of time available for project proposal review. The updated long range agenda will be discussed at the May 24 meeting.

Peter Clark conveyed an interest in “benchmarking” Falmouth against other towns in relation to the four CPA categories. The Committee requested that Jessica Erickson determine the feasibility of conducting a benchmarking analysis in the area of Recreation and to report back to the Committee on May 24. 

Barbara Schneider conveyed that the following members will be up for reappointment by their respective committees in the next month: Jamie Bowers, Ed Schmitt, and Ken Gartner. CPC members may consider writing letters of recommendation on an individual basis to the appointing committees. 

Adjourned at 8:57 pm.
Submitted by Jessica Erickson




AUGUST 23, 2007

Members Present: Chair Peter Clark; Vice-Chair Barbara Schneider; Ralph Herbst; Diane Thompson; Ken Gartner (7:40PM); Patti Haney (8:35PM); Assistant Planner Jessica Erickson.

Chair Peter Clark opened the meeting at 7:23 Pm without a quorum and advised until there is one, members will work on the changes to the Community Preservation Plan.

Approve Minutes: The minutes of the August 16, 2007 were approved with changes.

Bill Schedule:
§ Green Pond Shellfish Assessment, payable to ENSR – Matter held pending clarification of tasks completed
§ Town Vaults, payable to University Products – Approved for $151.84
§ Guv Fuller Field Lighting, payable to Musco Lighting – Approved for $186,000
§ Nye Park Playground – payable to M.E. O’Brien – Approved for $414.00

Changes to Community Preservation Plan and Operating Procedures:
Addition of excerpts from LCP Elements - On the motion of Barbara, seconded b y Ralph, the committee VOTED: unanimously to abstract the following goals of the Local Comprehensive Plan for inclusion in the Community Preservation Plan’s IX. Local Comprehensive Plan Goals:
Element 2.2 Coastal Resources – Goals 1, 3 and 4
Element 2.3 Wetlands, Wildlife and Plant Habitat – Goals 1 and 2

Language submitted by subcommittee - The sub-committee VOTED: unanimously to approve the subcommittee minutes on the Community Preservation Plan and Operating Procedures. Diane asked for clarification of what is meant as “significant group”. Barbara replied “ a group that is important to the community which may or may not be large in number.”

Warrant Articles for November Town Meeting:
Following discussion of the proposed Community Preservation Committee’s Warrant Articles for the November 2007 Town Meeting, the Committee VOTED: unanimously to approve Articles 1, 2 and 11 and withdraw Article 3.

Amendment to “Guidelines for Affordable Housing Development Funds”:
The Committee discussed the clarification of the Affordable Housing Development Fund Guidelines previously proposed on March 19, 2007. Minor changes in Items 2 and 3 were proposed and Jessica was asked to incorporate them for the September 20th meeting.
Jessica asked if the Review Committee’s invoices should be sent to the Planning Board. She was advised that the point of contact for the Review Committee will sign off on invoices.

Committee and Staff Goals for FY 2008:
Peter asked members to revisit Organizational Goals 1, 2 and 3. Both Patti and Barbara felt it would be difficult for Jessica to quantify Goal #1 for this year. Following discussion, a motion by Barbara, seconded by Ralph to approve Organizational Goals 2 and 3 and hold Goal #1 for discussion at the October 11th meeting was VOTED: unanimously.

Progress Reports:
Guv Fuller Field Lighting - the committee reviewed the progress report prepared by Superintendent of Parks, Brian Dale. A vote of the School Committee contributed $17,000 to complete the total project, which allowed the installation cost of the 9th light for the football field. The CPC’s contribution will be $186,000 to Musco Lighting.

The North Falmouth Village Association submitted a breakdown of the costs associated with the pavilion and requested approval to apply the $1000 previously allotted for lighting to completion of the edging around the sand portion of the existing playground. The original estimate for lighting upgrade has now been deemed adequate for the area. The committee VOTED: unanimously to approve the request of the North Falmouth Village Association per letter of August 22, 2007.

Response to Rappaport Institute’s Report on the CPA:
Peter advised members to review a draft letter in which he spoke to the benefits of Falmouth receiving CPA funds as well as countering the arguments made in the Rappaport Institute’s report. He added he had no author’s investment in the letter or the process. Because Patti had not had a chance to read the draft letter, she offered a motion, seconded by Barbara to table the matter. The committee Voted: unanimously to table the matter.

Staff Report:
Jessica reported the Community Housing Needs Assessment Study is ongoing. A report will be given at the September 20th meeting. Letters will be sent out next week to alert the housing community.

The Request for Proposals for the Preservation consultant has been approved and will be advertised. Frank Duffy is pursuing the committee’s request for preservation restriction language. Sussequently, there will be a meeting with the chair of the Historical Commission, Sheryl Kozens Long, if it is determined they can be the approved grantee entity to hold Preservation Restrictions. The Massachusetts Historic Commission wants to review the draft Preservation Restriction for the Children’s School of Science once the town and CPC know who the grantee will be.

Old Business:
Barbara reported that Superintendent of Beaches, Don Hoffer, has to file a Notice of Intent to remove the concrete foundation on the Haddad property and he will have to ask for monies in next year’s budget.

On the motion of Patti, seconded by Diane, the Committee VOTED: unanimously to approve the minutes of the Community Housing Subcommittee Minutes of July 10, 2007.

Committee Reorganization:
On the motion of Patti, seconded by Ken Gartner, the Committee VOTED: unanimously to approve Peter Clark (Chair); Barbara Schneider (Vice-Chair) and Diane Thompson (Clerk) as officers of the Community Preservation Committee for one year.

There being no further business, the committee adjourned at 9:45PM to meet again at a public hearing on Thursday, September 20, 2007 at 7:00 PM in the School Administration Building.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Recording Secretary





SEPTEMBER 20, 2007

Present: Acting Chair Barbara Schneider; Ralph Herbst; Melissa Burling; Diane Thompson; Kevin Andrade; Patti Haney; Assistant Planner Jessica Erickson.

Acting Chair Barbara Schneider opened the meeting at 7:00PM in the Selectmen’s Meeting Room. She introduced consultant, John Ryan, Development Cycles, who was selected to prepare a Housing Needs Assessment for the town of Falmouth.

Community Housing Needs Assessment Report and Public Comments:
John Ryan of Development Cycles, Amherst presented his draft of the Housing Needs Assessment for the Town of Falmouth. He advocated:
§ Identifying sites for future senior development for seniors earning less than 60% of AMI. His assessment concluded there are 450 seniors living in poverty.
§ Advocated efforts to address life care needs to allow senior residents to stay in their homes.
§ Utilizing CPA funds for development of multi-family units
§ Funding marketing efforts to expand use of the auxiliary bylaw.
Jessica was asked to look at the recommendations and determine if they conform to the CPA and determine if other communities have been able to address the affordable housing initiatives with CPC funds.

Ralph suggested Mr. Ryan might want to communicate with the CPC Coalition as another resource.

Barbara wanted Mr. Ryan to go into the community to determine if there is a problem keeping apartments filled citing her hope that there would be included in the report narratives from residents because it would paint a picture. Mr. Ryan replied he was not sure those numbers would be there for any length of time.

A question and answer period followed. Barbara thanked the participants and advised the committee will continue the discussion at the September 27th meeting.

Approve Minutes: Minutes of the August 23, 2007 meeting were approved with one abstention.

Bill Schedule:
Childrens’ School of Science – Draft PR - approved for $3,191.00
Town Vaults – payable to Steel Machine, Inc. - approved for $26,900
School Adm. Building – payable to Keenan & Kenney – approved for $2,172.
Guv Fuller Field Lights – payable to Brite Lite Co - approved for $28,395.
Sandwich Road Fields – payable to William Bonito Const. – approved for $52,079.90

Changes to Community Preservation Plan:
Jessica reviewed a report dated September 18th prepared in consultation with Town Counsel Frank Duffy on the following areas of questions. 
§ Acquisition of easements for bike paths.
§ Historic Preservation Education
§ Cataloging municipal land
§ Conservation restrictions on privately-owned land.
Barbara suggested that the matter be tabled. Melissa, being sworn in as a member of the committee should be given time to read the Community Preservation Plan and Act. Members were asked to review town counsel’s responses. Subsequent to the discussion on community housing, members should be ready to make final changes, if any, on the Plan followed by a vote of acceptance.

Amendment for Guidelines for Affordable Housing Devl. Funds:
On the motion of Patti , seconded by Kevin, the committee VOTED with one abstention: to accept the Guidelines for Affordable Housing Development Funds. 

Staff Report:
Jessica provided members with a copy of the Town of Falmouth Five Year Strategic Plan 2008-2012. This will be the subject of an agenda item for September 27th.

The School Administration Building Roof contract is underway. The AC units will be removed from the roof. It was proposed to schedule a discussion of the status of the budget.

The Green Pond Management Plan will be on Monday’s Board of Selectmen agenda. The subject will be the section on the shellfish habitat assessment.

The Guv Fuller Field light poles are being installed. Jessica was informed the old wooden poles will remain for a short time.

The proposals for the Historic Preservation Consultant were due today. Packages were sent to 13 individuals and there was only one response. Jessica will review the proposal for accuracy and present members with a recommendation for moving forward. Barbara felt that with Melissa assuming a position on the committee, she could step down as a member of the sub-committee. Members agreed that Diane and Melissa will comprise the sub-committee on historic preservation.

Old Business
Town Counsel’s office will conduct two training sessions on open meeting law, public records law and conflict of interest law for town employees and board and committee members. Dates are: Tuesday, September 25th from 3 to 4:30 PM and on the 27th from 7 to 8:30PM – selectmen’s meeting room.

Re: the Haddad property, the Notice of Intent has been filed with the Conservation Commission. The notice covers demolition, removal of the structure and request to bring in an expert.

Ralph, filling in for Ken, attended the East Falmouth Burial Ground ceremony, which was attended by 20 people. The committee chair person for the church, in making his presentation, reminded the audience that the land was donated by a resident and is deeded to the church, but was considered to be a town graveyard and burials are not limited to church members. A bench was placed on the site engraved with comments that the site was restored partially with CPC funds. Ralph urged committee liaisons to participate at dedication ceremonies. 

New Business:
A letter of inquiry was received from Beach Superintendent Don Hoffer requesting consideration for a project in the area of preserving open space and recreational facilities to develop a Beach Management Plan to serve as a reference document for use by the Beach Committee and Beach Superintendent. He suggested an estimated $25,000 to hire a consultant.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:40 PM to meet again on Thursday, Sepember 27, 2007 at 7:00 PM in the School Administration Building.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Recording Secretary


SEPTEMBER 27 , 2007

Members Present: Chair Peter Clark, Vice-chair Barbara Schneider; Clerk Diane Thompson; Ralph Herbst; Ken Gartner; Patti Haney; Kevin Andrade; Ed Schmitt; Melissa Burling; Town Planner Brian Currie.


· Falmouth Housing Corp: Ward,Chester & Cloverfield - $605.01, payable to Laura Moynihan, Esq.
· Cape Cod Conservatory:Highfield Theatre - $3,325 – payable to the Conservatory
Discussion of Draft ‘Housing Needs Assessment and Changes to CPC Plan.
Brian asked members if there was additional information they needed. Concerns raised by the members were:
Need to investigate utilizing a focus group – does it add value to the report
Need to address home ownership at 80% or less of AMI as well as rentals
The stated need to reach 300 rental units over a 10-year period. (108 affordable units per year should be a clearer goal to strive for.)
Need to clarify the rental demographics – year round vs. seasonal renters (are there people with apartments that cannot rent them on a year-round basis.) Was there a reason why anecdotal comments were not considered in the assessment. )
Need to clarify reliance of Soft Second Loans. (only 10,000 loans have been approved state-wide)
How can the town gather information about the group of children staying with family. (Are they maintaining their cultural ties or are they in the lower end of the AMI.)
Matter tabled until October 11th meeting.

Act on Changes to CPC Plan in following areas:
Peter advised these additions would apply to the Specific Criteria of the Plan.
· Historic Resources: Support educational efforts to historic resources
Town /Counsel Frank Duffy advises this effort is not allowed or legal for project proposal. Committee VOTED: unanimously to drop this effort.

· Open Space: acquisition of conservation restrictions on privately-owned land:
Town Counsel Frank Duffy considered this allowable under the Act. Committee VOTED: unanimously to include this effort under Specific Criteria.

· Recreation: Acquisition of easements for bike path or other recreational uses:
Committee VOTED: unanimously to amend wording to read: acquisition of easements for recreational uses

· Cataloging of town owned land:
CommitteeVOTED: unanimously to delete this effort. Town Planner produced a copy of the inventory

· General priorities/strategies for decision making on FY-09 proposals:
Committee VOTED: not to make any changes in this round.

Inquiries from Potential Applicants for Community Preservation Funding:
· Beach Management Plan
Beach Superintendent Don Hoffer’s memo listed a wide variety of items, but members felt the proposal should focus on a more broad and long-range scope of work that would satisfy the requirements of the CPA as opposed to funding for day-to-day maintenance. 

Staff Report:
Schedule A-4 (Certificate of Appropriations and Reservations)was distributed for signature and approval. This schedule is the annual budget report to the Department of Revenue. $6.2M is the total revenue and available funds.

CPC recommendations for Town Meeting must be voted at the October 11th meeting.
Old Business:
Historic Preservation consultant update: Brian reported the Historic Preservation Consultant RFP will be readvertised. The only proposal received was ruled non-responsive.

Conflict of interest and open meeting law. Ralph asked members to consider a change in the Operating Procedures under the section “Conduct of Business” - Bullet #4. Members would be recusing themselves more under the conflict of interest as opposed to the open meeting law. The committee VOTED: unanimously to amend Bullet No. 4 under Conduct of Business in the Operating Procedures by deleting the words “the open meeting law….” – and inserting thereof “the conflict of interest law…”

Payment of Invoices: Brian advised members to expect a memo regarding payment of invoices. The committee may have to amend the payment invoice procedure because payments must be made within two weeks.
New Business:
· School Administration Building: In a memo dated September 18th , Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Marc Dupuis updated the committee on the School Administrative Building Renovations. It appears there will be an anticipated balance of $97,834. The school proposes to use the balance to replace the HVAC roof top units with new units to be located in the attic of the building. Following discussion, members realized the need to review the original application. Matter tabled.
· Town Vaults: Matter tabled until October 11th meeting
Barbara reminded members there will workshops for existing CPC members on November 10th from 8:30AM to 3PM at Bridgewater State College.
Peter advised there has been discussion about a CPC/Board of Selectmen meeting in the context of the 5-year town plan sometime in October and November/
There being no further business, the Committee adjourned at 8:55 PM to meet again on Thursday, October 11, 2007 at 7:00 PM in the School Administration Building.

Submitted by: Mary J. Little, Recording Secretary


October 11, 2007

Present: Chair Peter Clark; Barbara Schneider; Ralph Herbst; Ed Schmidt; Ken Gartner; Melissa Burling; Diane Thompson; Kevin Andrade; Patti Haney; Assistant Planner Jessica Erickson.

Chair Clark opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. He reviewed the agenda and asked that agenda items 6 and 7 be reversed. He said agenda item number 7 will be reviewed more carefully the following week. Chair Clark reminded the committee that the CPC will be meeting with the Board of Selectmen on October 29th at 6:00 p.m. in the Selectmen’s Meeting Room at Town Hall. 


The minutes of September 20, 2007 and September 27, 2007 were approved as written. 

Bill Schedule


o John Wesley Methodist Church - $1,661.25
o Sandwich Road Athletic Fields - $98,297.00
o Guv Fuller Field - $308.90

Jessica Erickson said she had reviewed all of the bills and they are all in accordance with their contracts. 

Requests for Amendment to Project Scope of Work

School Administration Building

The CPC received a memorandum from Mac P. Dupuis, Assistant Superintendent, Finance & Human Resources, dated September 18, 2007. 

Marc Dupuis was present to discuss the memorandum. He said that there was excess money in the grant account allotted for the School Administration Building roof renovation. The School Department would like to remove the HVAC units on the roof and relocate them in the attic. This will bring back the look of the building to a more historical nature. He said they believe strongly that allowing the use of the funds for the additional work will greatly improve the aesthetics of the building as well as reduce the energy consumption. The HVAC units are close to 20 years old. If the HVAC units are removed they will be able to re-roof over the whole area. 

Chair Clark said the question for the CPC is if this fits within the original scope of what was proposed. If not, then Spring Town Meeting is a possibility. 

Barbara Schneider asked if the School Department had to wait until April Town Meeting, would it affect their decision.

Mark Dupuis said the HVAC units are coming off the roof anyway. They would need the HVAC units replaced before next summer. It would be a separate bid package so they could get started after April. 

Ralph Herbst asked if they had consulted with the Energy Committee, and how much energy would be saved by having new units. He also asked if they were sure that the units will fit in the attic.

Marc Dupuis said the units will fit in the attic. They have only had estimates about how much electricity would be saved.

Kevin Andrade said the condensers are on the ground. It is the fan duct work that will be located in the attic. He added that what they are asking for will make the building more historically correct. 

Jessica Erickson said roofing and fascia was specified in the contract. 

Patti Haney stated that the CPC needs to look closely at a request when money is left over. Does it prompt the question to the recipient of the grant about how to spend the remaining money? 

Marc Dupuis said the option is to leave them on the roof and roof around them. They think this will improve the look of the building. 

Patti Haney suggested that the Town should pay for it. 

Ed Schmidt thought the AC units should come down.

Melissa Burling agreed that they should come off the roof. She also endorsed Patti’s concern and asked if the work has been included in the Town’s Capital Improvement Plan. 

Barbara Schneider said she agreed 100% with Kevin. 

Chair Clark said the School Department must build its own capital improvement costs into its budget.

Barbara Schneider said that would then take money away from the school programs.

Kevin Andrade said he is support of funding the request but added that it should go before Town Meeting. 

Marc Dupuis said they are looking for some level of commitment. 

Ralph Herbst said he believes the CPC can entertain their proposal. 

Barbara Schneider agreed that it needs a Town Meeting vote. The CPC has supported systems like this so that a historical building is more useable, such as what the CPC did with Highfield Hall. She made a motion that the CPC support an article at the Special Town Meeting in April to extend the scope of the original article to include the removal of the HVAC from the roof, as described. 

Kevin Andrade seconded the motion. 

Ralph Herbst said he understands Patti Haney’s concerns, but he is comfortable that the CPC will examine each request and make a determination on its merits. 

Patti Haney said her concern is that applicants ask for more money than what they need to get more money more easily in the future. 

Diane Thompson asked if the cost of the changes is expected to be less than the total amount approved by the CPC.

The answer was yes.

The motion was approved. Patti Haney voted in opposition to the motion. 

Jessica Erickson said if approved by Town Meeting the Letter of Agreement would be amended.

Town Vault

The CPC reviewed a letter it received from the Board of Assessors. The climate control for the vaults has been completed. They requested $35,000.00. They cost to complete was $27,952.00. They asked that the remaining amount be used to pay for new shelving in the Assessors vault. It was recommended that they restructure the shelving within the vault to improve the air circulation. Due to the age of the shelving they were unable to restructure the shelving. This would require that the restored records would be placed flush against the walls. The air circulation is not able to circulate around the books when the books are flush with the walls. Their estimate for shelving for the vault is $6,921.00. The balance remaining from the grant is $7,048.00. 

Chair Clark asked the committee if the request fits within the original scope of the grant.

Barbara Schneider said she had been in the vault and has seen what they are talking about. They do not have sufficient area to move the existing shelving away from the walls. What is proposed will float away from the wall. 

Ralph Herbst said he would agree with the proposal and that it is in keeping with the original scope to preserve the records. 

Diane Thompson agreed. She said a significant amount of money was allocated to preserve the records, as required by law. It didn’t make sense to put the restored records on inappropriate shelving.

Chair Clark said he supported the request. He believes that the shelving is part of preservation.

Patti Haney noted that this is another case where money is left over. She did think that it fit within the original scope. 

Kevin Andrade did not agree. 

Barbara Schneider made a motion to support the request and that the CPC find that it is within the intent of the original scope of work.

Melissa Burling seconded the motion.

The motion passed. Kevin Andrade voted in opposition to the motion. 

Act on Recommendations for November Town Meeting Warrant Articles

Chair Clark reviewed the articles proposed for Town Meeting (Articles 33, 34 and 35) and recommendations from the CPC. 

The committee voted to approve the articles and recommendations as written.

Chair Clark said that Article 12 involves a revolving fund for the repayment of loans from the Affordable Housing Development Fund. That article will be withdrawn. The Town Accountant has concerns about the language as proposed. It is anticipated that an article will be ready for April Town Meeting. 

Chair Clark added that he thought the 3 housing agencies should have a voice in how the article is drafted. 

Barbara Schneider made a motion that Chair Clark write a letter to the Town Manager asking that the 3 housing agencies be included in the future discussion about the article and that the affordable housing subcommittee is included in the discussion as well.

It was noted that Patti Haney and Diane Thompson are on the CPC affordable housing subcommittee. 

Ralph seconded the motion and asked that it be amended to include Jessica in the process. 

All voted in favor.

Chair Clark said there is another article, article 30, that will add money to the Planning Department budget, which will add additional support for the Historical Districts Committee and the Historical Commission. It is an accounting article that will make resources available to the Planning office. He added that this money is separate from funds allocated for a historical preservation consultant. 

Discuss agenda items for joint meeting with the Board of Selectmen; discuss Board of Selectmen’s Strategic Plan

Chair Clark said that the Selectmen have set aside one hour to meet with the CPC. He anticipates outlining for the Selectmen what the CPC has done to date. He said he may use a portion of the Power Point presentation previously used for town meeting. Chair Clark said he plans to identify town-sponsored grants, nonprofit grants and partnership grants. He will be working out the details with Jessica.

Chair Clark said the Selectmen will be discussing the Strategic Plan that they prepared. He said he anticipates an open discussion on the Plan. Chair Clark said the CPC has not had time to discuss and vote on the Strategic Plan. 

Ralph Herbst said he believes that the autonomy of the CPC is vital to the Act itself. Four people are appointed by the Board of Selectmen and five people are not. 

Chair Clark said the mission of the CPC does not mention the Board of Selectmen. He thought the discussion could prove valuable. 

The committee discussed sections of the plan where there would be questions. 

It was the consensus of the committee that committee members could ask questions about different sections of the Strategic Plan, particularly as it applies to their area. 

It was noted that the vision of the CPC is broader than what would be found in the Town’s Strategic Plan. 

Chair Clark said the committee will have an opportunity to revisit the discussion on the Strategic Plan in February or March. 

Review Projections for Surcharge Revenue and Debt Payments

The committee reviewed the spread sheet prepared by Jessica Erickson.

Chair Clark said the committee will have a discussion in the future about what use, if any, they will propose for the accrued interest. It was noted that Peter Boyer previously told the CPC that accrued interest is not factored into the payment of the Land Bank debt. 

Staff Report

Jessica Erickson reported on the following matters.

Library Project – The Library will only be able to complete 3 or 4 items proposed for the grant that was awarded due to the cost to complete the work. The Library Trustees will be submitting an application to complete the work.

A tour of the Library is scheduled for November 2nd, the time to be announced. 

Habitat for Humanity – A capping ceremony is scheduled for Saturday at 3:00 p.m. 

Children’s School of Science – Discussion is scheduled on the Historic Preservation Restriction at a future meeting. It has been determined by Town Counsel that the Historical Commission can hold a Historic Preservation Restriction. Jessica has discussed this with the Chair of the Historical Commission and she was told that they currently hold a couple of HP Restrictions. 

Preservation Mass. charges $20,000 to hold a Restriction plus $1,500 to $2,000 per year. 

She is pursuing the concept of the Town holding the Historic Preservation Restriction for the Children’s School of Science. The Historical Commission has not agreed to hold it as of yet. 

Melissa Burling said the Historical Commission meets the following week. She did not think that they heard about what is being proposed. She said the Historical Commission is the caretaker of the Jewish Congregation. It is within the scope of their charge. 

The committee approved a motion that the CPC ask the Historical Commission to consider holding the Historic Preservation Restriction for the Children’s School of Science and if there are reasonable costs associated with this the CPC can assist. 

Housing Needs Report – Jessica said that she sent the committee’s comments to John Ryan. She is still waiting for his response. 

Historical Preservation Consultant – Jessica said an RFP was issued. There was only one response so it was deemed to be “nonresponsive”. She is trying to identify why and will have a recommendation at the next meeting. One thing that she heard was that the RFP was for work that was not clearly identified. The RFP needs to be restructured. 

Future Applications – Jessica has been working with future applicants. 

Old Business

Barbara Schneider asked Jessica to follow the legislative initiatives regarding the CPA and report back to the committee.

Chair Clark said the committee previously discussed the goals for Jessica for this year. It was noted at that time that the committee should also further define its goals and that it would be discussed in January or February. 

New Business

Chair Clark asked that committee members give advance notice of an absence and a reason why they cannot be present. 

Chair Clark said the committee needs to further define how the CPC determines percentages allocated to funding areas when more than one area is listed. Chair Clark said this will be discussed at a future meeting. 

It was suggested that the committee had made a determination as to how to determine percentages and that the minutes of the meetings should be reviewed. 

Chair Clark said at the next meeting people will be assigned to work with Jessica to explore the proposals that have been submitted for the next round of funding. He said if a committee member cannot be present at the next meeting let Jessica know what areas the member is interested in. 

It was noted that certain committee members have already let Peter know that they will not be present so there may be an issue with having a quorum. 

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m.

Submitted by: Diane Thompson, Clerk




NOVEMBER 29, 2007

Members Present: Chair Peter Clark; Vice-Chair Barbara Schneider; Clerk Diane Thompson; Kevin Andrade; Melissa Freitag; Patti Haney; Ralph Herbst; Ken Gartner; Ed Schmitt; Staff present: Assistant Town Planner / Community Preservation Jessica Erickson.

Chair Peter Clark called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm in the Selectmen’s Meeting Room.

Discuss criteria for determination of eligibility under the CPA category of Historic Resources
The CPC reviewed an excerpt from the Community Preservation Plan (page 9 – criteria for Historic Resources proposals) as well as the Community Preservation Act’s definition of Historic Resources.

The CPA definition of Historic Resources (MGL Ch. 44b, section 2) includes a statement that historic resources may include a ‘building, structure, vessel, real property, document, or artifact’ that has ‘been determined by the local historic preservation commission to be significant in the history, archeology, architecture, or culture of a city or town’. The CPC’s interpretation of this statement is that the resource must be within a Local Historic District or listed on the Falmouth Cultural Resources Inventory.

The CPC discussed the possibility of broadening their interpretation so that a resource may be considered historic if it is not listed in the Falmouth Cultural Resources Inventory, but has otherwise been designated as historic by the Falmouth Historical Commission. Several Committee members stated that if such a process were to be used, the criteria for designating resources as historic would need to be clearly outlined. 

The CPC reviewed a vote from their May 18, 2006 meeting where the Committee stated that ‘town documents and artifacts that are 50 years old or greater are to be considered historic’ (note: as long as the document or artifact meets the other criteria for consideration under Historic Resources).

The CPC made no formal motion to amend their interpretation of the definition of Historic Resources. The CPC expressed an interest in continuing the discussion of broadening the interpretation of ‘designation by the local historic commission’ at a future meeting. The CPC also discussed the possibility of seeking the advice of a historic preservation consultant to develop criteria by which to determine historical significance.

Discuss funding proposals from the Community Preservation Fund Balance at the Special Town Meeting:
The CPC discussed the possibility of developing a procedure around when to access available funds in the Undesignated Fund Balance. Available funds could be appropriated at Special Town Meeting and would be available immediately after Town Meeting (as opposed to recommending from estimated receipts for the next fiscal year which would be available as of July 1). Barbara Schneider recommended setting criteria for when the CPC would consider making a recommendation at the Special Town Meeting from available funds. Melissa Freitag recommended that the Committee leave the issue open so that they can make a determination on a case by case basis. Diane Thompson also recommended leaving the issue open. The Committee agreed to leave the issue open and to make determinations on a case by case basis.

Eligibility and Merit of CPA Funding Proposals for FY’09:
§ Coonamessett Bogs Irrigation Proposal
Jessica Erickson provided the Committee with information on the Nantucket CPC’s funding towards a cranberry bog. The Town of Nantucket appropriated approximately $250,000 of CPA Open Space funds towards the acquisition of land that included a cranberry bog. The project did not include restoration or rehabilitation of the cranberry bog.

Sheryl Kozens-Long (Historical Commission Chair) and Heidi Walz (Agricultural Commission Chair) appeared before the CPC to clarify their proposal to irrigate the Coonamessett River Bogs. Sheryl clarified Addendum A1 by stating that the following bogs were included in the proposal: Reservoir, Middle, East Thompson, West Thompson, Upper and Lower Baptiste, and Farley Bog. Sheryl will bring a map to the December 13 CPC meeting showing the bogs included in the irrigation proposal. 

The CPC discussed the issue of eligibility as two of the bogs are listed on the Massachusetts Cultural Resources Inventory (Reservoir Bog and Middle Bog), while the remaining bogs are not listed on the Inventory. 

Edward Schmitt requested additional information regarding an overall master plan for the bogs, including areas to be bermed. 

The following Boards / individuals provided written comments to the CPC regarding this proposal:
Board of Selectmen
Conservation Commission
Planning Board
Deborah Siegal
Camille Romano

The following individuals provided verbal comments to the CPC regarding this proposal:
Ron Smolowitz
Chris Neal
Wendi Buesseler
Nancy Hayward
George Hampson
Sheryl Holdren
Peter Waasdorp
Mary Bishop
Doug Brown
Camille Ramano
Brent Putnam
Linda Deegan

The CPC will continue discussion of the Coonamessett Bog Irrigation System proposal at the December 13, 2007 meeting.

Kevin Andrade left at 8:00pm

§ Monument Restoration Committee
Andy Dufresne and Edwin Giordano appeared before the CPC on behalf of the World War I Monument Restoration Committee and the Together We Can. Mr. Dufrense and Mr. Giordano provided an amendment to their original proposal as well as contact information for Barnico Monuments, Inc. Mr. Dufrense and Mr. Giordano announced that the timeline for the project has been revised and the expected completion date is Veterans Day in November 2008. 

The WWI Monument is located within the Falmouth Village Historic District. The proposed project has been reviewed and approved by the Historic Districts Commission. 
Patti Haney made a motion that the project is eligible and meritorious, Edward Schmitt seconded. Vote: unanimous 8-0.

§ Library Trustees: Main Street Library Renovation:
The Committee reviewed the ‘copper downspouts for the new addition’ element of the Library proposal and discussed whether or not it was eligible for CPA funds under the category of ‘Historic Resources’. Jessica Erickson recommended that any work done on the new portions of the buildings not be considered ‘historic preservation’. Melissa Freitag made a motion that the project is eligible and meritorious, excluding work on the new portions of the building, Ralph Herbst seconded. Vote: Unanimous 8-0.

The Minutes of the November 8, 2007 meeting were approved with changes. Barbara Schneider moved approval, Patti Haney seconded. Vote: Unanimous 8-0

Bill Schedule:
The following four invoices were approved for payment:
· Sandwich Road Athletic Fields – Bonito Construction $25,048.40
· Sandwich Road Athletic Fields – Weston and Sampson $1,300.00
· Habitat for Humanity – Sam Turner Road $30,605.00
· School Administration Building – Keenan and Kenny $2,000.00
Patti Haney moved approval, Barbara Schneider seconded. Vote: Unanimous 8-0

Act on request for Budget Amendment – Guv Fuller Field:
The CPC reviewed a request from Brian Dale to allocate the contingency monies for the Guv Fuller field lighting project for the following purposes:
· Installation of bronze plaque recognizing funding sources - $1,000
· Installation of conduit to wire the scoreboard - $1,000
· Installation of conduit to wire speakers - $1,800

The Letter of Agreement for this project included a requirement for signage acknowledging CPA funds; the general consensus was that applying funds towards the plaque would be an eligible expense. The CPC discussed the request for rewiring the scoreboard and speakers and found that the work was outside the scope of the Town Meeting appropriation and that the work was not an eligible CPA expense.

Patti Haney made a motion to approved the request to apply up to $1,000 towards the bronze plaque recognizing the various funding sources and to deny the request to apply funding towards installation of conduit needed for the rewiring of the scoreboard and speakers; Diane Thompson seconded. Vote: Unanimous 8-0

Act on ‘Community Housing Needs Assessment’ report:
The CPC reviewed supplemental information to the ‘Community Housing Needs Assessment’ submitted by John Ryan. Mr. Ryan submitted clarification on his findings regarding the relative need for affordable rental and homeownership units in Falmouth. 

The CPC discussed whether or not Mr. Ryan fulfilled the scope of work, specifically whether or not he adequately answered to the CPC’s question related to the need for home ownership vs. rental units. Barbara Schneider made a motion to accept the report on the condition that the ‘precedent for CPA funding’ information is embedded in the document, Melissa Freitag seconded. Vote: 7-1.

The CPC discussed the potential added value of focus groups. The Committee reviewed Mr. Ryan’s suggestions that the following sub-groups be interviewed: a) young 20-something households still living at home; b) first-time homebuyers; c) non-owning town employees; d) older, low-income seniors still living in homes they own; and e) market-rate landlords. Peter Clark made a motion to pursue procurement of focus groups for subgroups a, c, and e; Diane Thompson seconded. The Committee discussed the need for Jessica Erickson to investigate contract options and dollar thresholds before identifying the target groups. Motion withdrawn. 
Ken Gartner left at 9:30 pm.

Hear report from Community Preservation Coalition Conference:
Jessica Erickson, Ralph Herbst, and Barbara Schneider attended the Community Preservation Coalition’s Southeastern Massachusetts CPA conference on November 10, 2007 at Bridgewater State College. Jessica reported on the Department of Revenue’s presentation. Barbara reported on Stuart Saginor’s presentation and the CPA Roundtable Discussion. Ralph reported on the Affordable Housing and Historic Preservation workshops.

Staff Report:
Jessica Erickson reported on the three day ‘Public Contracting Overview’ seminar sponsored by the Inspector General’s Office. The seminar covered Ch. 30b, the Designer Selection and Construction Bid Law, Prevailing Wage Law, Public Records Law, as well as practical considerations for contract drafting. 

Jessica also informed the CPC of a request from the School Committee to apply funding towards the design of an HVAC system ahead of the Town Meeting vote to broaden the scope of the project. The request was handled administratively citing the CPC’s policy that disallows expenditures ahead of Town Meeting’s vote. 

Old Business:
No old business

Consider New Business: 
The Community Preservation Coalition is seeking input in strategic planning. Barbara Schneider will be the CPC member representative to coordinate with the Coalition in their strategic planning efforts.

The Committee adjourned at 9:57 pm to meet again on Thursday, December 13, 2007 in the School Administration Building at 7pm.

Respectfully submitted by: Jessica K. Erickson, Assistant Town Planner / Community Preservation






Community Preservation Committee Minutes
December 20, 2007

Members Present: Chair Peter Clark, Vice-chair Barbara Schneider; Clerk Diane Thompson; Kevin Andrade; Patti Haney; Ed Schmitt; Ralph Herbst; Melissa Freitag; Asst. Planner Jessica Erickson.

Eligibility and Merit of FY’09 CPA Proposals:
§ Coonamesset River Bog Irrigation System
Virginia Valiela spoke as a citizen and former appointee and chairman of the Coonamesset River Working Group. She spoke to how the CPC might proceed with the application. Mrs. Valiela provided a wall-sized map and described the objectives of the group’s proposal. She explained where the separation of bogs and river are to take place. The working group established a phased plan that included the Lower Bog and Flax Pond Bog #2 which would become a demo project for a natural wetlands habitat. The Middle and Flax Pond Bog #1 were scheduled for berming and farming and Flax Pond Bog #3 would be readvertised for farming. This report was accepted at the April 2005 town meeting. There was a second Article #16 in the November 2005 town meeting to provide $49,0000 for engineering services for the restoration projects. Mrs. Valiela recommended approval of that portion of the irrigation system that is consistent with Phase 1 of the Working Group’s report. She felt the town needs to proceed in a thoughtful fashion thus advising the grant agencies will know the town has a plan in place. Funds for the berming project will come from AFCEE funds. The RFP requires the grower to sign a grant to the US Dept of Agriculture. The project funding has to be front-ended and subsequently, the town and grower submit their grant for 50-75% reimbursement upon completion of the project. She recommended the CPC fund the pumps and sprinkler heads for the area approved for farming – Flax Pond Bog #1 and Middle Bog comprising 14 acres. When asked by Barbara if the town should start over with a new irrigation system, she replied that would entail another proposal to modernize the system and she could not say if the grower would be willing to undertake the expense.

Assistant Town Manager Heather Harper stated an agreement with a qualified grower is close at hand. He has experience with flow-through systems and skill in “best management practices” and environmental skills to perform separation projects. The berm demo project will be a goal for the grower. Barbara asked about the organic farming proposal to which Heather replied Flax Pond Bog #3 was proposed for organic farming, but the town received no responses to the RFP and the bog’s size 1.1 acres was
not economically feasible.

Wendi Buessler spoke to her conversation with the Natural Resources Conservation Service for Plymouth and Barnstable and asked if the town should be putting new equipment in a 20-year old system reaching its end. The Service advised it would be considered sub-standard because the coverage has to be uniform and the washout off time should be 8 minutes or less. The present system would not be considered eligible because the town’s system does not meet the current standards and the result would be marginal farming.

Cynthia Botelho of East Falmouth expressed support for the farming of the bogs.

Sheryl Kozens-Long asked the committee to delay its decision until January 10th to allow them to determine the legitimacy of the evidence presented and stated it is not their intention to farm irresponsibly, but reiterated the need for the irrigation system.

Following the public’s testimony, on a motion by Patti Haney, seconded by Kevin Andrade, the committee voted: 6-1 to table the matter until the January 10th meeting.

§ Bikeways Committee: Town-Wide bicycle Rack installation
Jessica referred members to a memo, dated December 20, 2007 from Town Counsel Frank Duffy wherein he determined the Bikeways Committee proposal to install town-wide bike racks is not within the scope of the CPA . Bikeways Committee chairman, Kevin Lynch, asked about the Sandwich Road Fields and whether the bike racks would be eligible where it is an ongoing construction project. Jessica replied it would be an eligible use under the CPA, but Mr. Lynch would have to confer with the Recreation/Engineering Departments. On the motion of Barbara, seconded by Ralph, the committee voted: 6-1 (abstention) to approve a limited proposal provided the Recreation/Engineering Departments agrees to approve the installation of bike racks at the Sandwich Road fields.

§ Affordable Housing Development Fund (Matter Continued)
§ Affordable Housing Retention Fund
On the motion of Barbara, seconded by Kevin, the committee unanimously approved the proposal request is eligible.
§ VFW/Schoolhouse Restoration (Matter Continued)

Falmouth Housing Trust for Community Housing Reserve Funds:
President Joseph Martinho and Director Krissy Frustaci-Ruzzo of the Falmouth Housing Trust appeared before the committee to request $750,000 be assigned to a reserve fund for the acquisition of land for affordable housing. They are presently looking at a seven- acre parcel with an asking price of $800,000 but monies need to be available on a quicker timetable. Ralph reminded them they would still need to come to the CPC with a proposal and they should establish a fund the Trust can draw on. Jessica felt the town would still have to have an interest in the set aside for the Trust. Krissy stated that if the town needs to maintain full ownership, they will make it happen. Peter advised that putting money into one of the reserves doesn’t guarantee its use. Matter was held for further interpretation.
Bill Schedule:
§ Development Fund: Falmouth Housing Corporation VFW Project: $25,273.98 payable to Falmouth Housing Corporation
§ School Administration Building: Roofing and fascia: $114,651.71 payable to Greenwood Industries
§ Conservation Commission: Little Sippewissett Marsh: $3,864 payable to WHOI.
§ Board of Library Trustees: Main Street Library: $8,797, payable to Beacon Corp.

Community Housing Study:
Jessica explained that the consultant, John Ryan’s contract expired early November and to extend the contract would require a new procurement contract and she spoke to the possibilities of doing this. Barbara offered a motion to move ahead, but there was no second. The committee voted: to table the matter.
Staff Report:
Jessica reported the Green Pond Management Plan RFP is in final draft form.

A copy of the April 2008 Town Meeting schedule was distributed.

The Land Bank debt maybe moved out of the omnibus budget and set up as an article. portion of the funds will come from the fund balance and a portion from estimated surcharge.

Regarding the Historic Preservation consultant, the RFP yielded only one response. Three quotes were then solicited and there were two responses. Following review, the lowest bidder will be selected by the Historic Resources sub-committee, Diane and Melissa.

Old Business:
Margaret Hough Russell, 300 Committee Administrator and Leonard W. Johnson, President, have informed the committee in a letter dated December 19th, that since their application for $500,000 was submitted, they are now requesting $400,000 be allocated toward the state purchase of the ll.4 acre Grinnell parcel in Waquoit and the remaining $100,000 be put in the Open Space Reserve account. The parcel immediately abuts the WBNEER. The 300 Committee has acquired a conservation restriction on 11 adjacent acres creating over 40 acres of linked protected lands across the head of Waquoit Bay. The land will be owned by the state and managed by WBNEER. A positive recommendation by the CPC and town meeting for support of the purchase will increase chances of receiving a grant from NOAA in this funding cycle.

On the motion of Ed Schmitt, seconded by Kevin Andrade, the committee moved unanimous approval to accept the 300 Committee’s December 19, 2007 letter as a proposal.

New Business:
Peter asked members to email their comments about projects they might wish to address in 2008. 

Barbara recommended that copies of the town’s legal opinions, affecting CPC issues, be sent to the Coalition. She asked Peter to notify town counsel Frank Duffy of this action. Barbara advised members the Coalition is setting up a website.

There being no further business, the committee adjourned at 9:50 PM to meet again on
Thursday, January 10, 2008 at 7 PM in the School Administration Building.

Mary J. Little, Recording Secretary