Addendum #1 - Community Preservation Fund Application

Due Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Effective Date of Addendum #1: June 3, 2019

To all applicants whose CP Fund project requires participation from a Town department, board, committee, or commission.

Please add Item #10 (below) to the CP Application Narrative (Page 9 of CP Application) and complete all four parts of the following section.

10. Coordination of Effort by Municipal Departments, Boards, Committees, and/or Commissions:

A. Identify by name any department, committee, board, or commission that will play a role in the implementation of your project. (For example, Department of Public Works, or Planning Department)

B. Define in detail the role to be played by each governmental body.

C. Identify each participating staff person/board/committee/commission member(s) identified in Letter A above by name and their role(s) in your project.

D. Obtain the signature of the director or department head of the identified department/board/committee/commission to assure acknowledgment of the details of the application and the department’s role.

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