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Members 2017-2018

Russell Robbins, Chair
Representing: At-large appointment
Term: June 30, 2020

Sandy Cuny, Vice-Chair
Representing: At-large appointment
June 30, 2020

Nicole Goldman
Representing: Historical Commission

John Druley
Representing: Planning Board

Steve Patton
Representing: Conservation Commission

Holly Wilson, Clerk
Representing: Housing Authority

Paul Glynn, Financial Officer
Representing: At-large appointment
Term: June 30, 2020

Robert Brown
Representing: Recreation Committee



The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) has nine members: five representatives of Town Committees (Housing Authority, Planning Board, Conservation Commission, Recreation Committee, and Historical District Commission) and four at-large members appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The Committee meets bimonthly during the grant cycle, once a month otherwise. Meeting agendas and minutes are available on the Town’s Community Preservation webpage at

Please consider applying for an appointment to the Community Preservation Committee. Applications are available here or in the Board of Selectmen’s Office on the first floor of Town Hall. When you have submitted your application, the BOS will schedule an interview with you to discuss your interest in and experience relating to the work of the Committee.

The CPFund office, on the second floor of Falmouth Town Hall, is currently open from 9:00a.m. – 4:00p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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