What Has the CPFund Accomplished in Falmouth?


In 2015, after ten years of operation, the CPFund has contributed $17 million to over 120 community preservation projects and retired $22 million in Land Bank debt. CPFund accomplishments are evident throughout the Town.

Community Housing

The CPFund has contributed $6 million to Community Housing projects since 2005.

The Fund has contributed to the development of new and preservation of existing affordable homes in Falmouth. It supports the Falmouth Housing Authority’s work to assist hard-to-house local residents in locating and obtaining housing. It also funds what is now the Falmouth Affordable Housing Fund. Learn More

Historic Preservation

The CPFund has supported the restoration and preservation of historic resources such as the Public Library, the World War I Monument, village burying grounds, the Village Green fence, and articles from the Falmouth Enterprise 1896 – 1962, now digitized and searchable online. Learn More


The CPFund has helped create and refurbish parks and playgrounds all over Falmouth, such as Teaticket Park, the Village Science Playground, the Sandwich Road playing fields, and the Morse Pond School Playground. Learn More

Open Space

The CPFund has contributed to the purchase and preservation of critical open spaces serving as watersheds, like those for Oyster Pond and Waquoit Bay (Calebs Pond), and for corridors for wildlife and recreation for all ages (Bartolomei Parcel, Kelly Woodland). It has also supported improvements at beaches and the evaluation and development of management plans for Falmouth’s most valuable natural resources, its marshes, estuaries, and harbors. Learn More