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CPFund Application
for Community Housing,
Open Space & Recreation

Addendum to CP Fund Application dated June 3, 2019

CP Application for Community Housing, Open Space, and Recreation

CPFund Application
for Historic Preservation

Addendum to CP Fund Application dated June 3, 2019

CP Application for Historic Preservation

CP Plan Approved in 2019


Operating Procedures



Grant Applications

The Falmouth Community Preservation Committee (CPC) typically accepts grant applications on an annual basis. CPFund staff manage projects from application stage through project closeout for funded projects. They are available to provide information about how your organization can apply for grants with complete applications in the four eligible areas. Applicants are required to include realistic budgets with supporting quotes or estimates and schedules for project completion. There are additional requirements for historic preservation projects to ensure that work conforms to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.


Projects are eligible for Community Preservation funding that:

  • Acquire, create, preserve, and support community housing

  • Acquire, create, and preserve open space

  • Rehabilitate and restore open space that was acquired with community preservation funds

  • Acquire, create, preserve, rehabilitate, and restore land for recreation

  • Acquire, preserve, rehabilitate and restore historic resources

Preservation Restriction (PR) Policy for Falmouth CPFund Historic Preservation Grants... Read More

Application Review Process

The CPC reviews grant applications, interviews applicants, and recommends project appropriation from the CPFund to Town Meeting, which may or may not appropriate the recommended funds. The Committee evaluates proposals keeping in mind public benefit, project feasibility, the Local Comprehensive Plan and other relevant town-wide plans, as well as information gained from regular need assessments.

See the Town of Falmouth Community Preservation webpage for application and submission deadlines and guidelines

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