Nye Park

Location: 1 Chester Street, North Falmouth
Applicant: North Falmouth Village Association
Grant: $26,000
Year/Article: November 2006, A30

In 2006, the North Falmouth Village Association (Association) applied to the CPFund for $35,000 to purchase and install shaded picnic pavilion and playground equipment in Nye Park, at 6 Chester Street next to the North Falmouth Public Library. Located at the intersection of Chester Street, County Road, and Garnet Street, Nye Park sits at the entrance to the Megansett area of North Falmouth. It has a ball field, tennis and basketball courts, and a small playground.

North Falmouth held three well-attended public forums during 2005 to discuss the future of the Village. Participants identified Nye Park as a vital component of the village center. The Association realized its neighborhood park played an important role in the health of its children. Additionally, grandparents and families visiting North Falmouth used it year round. But the park was limited in the ages of children it appealed to. The Association proposed the installation of a playground with equipment that would appeal to children 2-12, including a merry-go-round and a climbing apparatus.

In the fall of 2006, Town Meeting appropriated $26,000 to the North Falmouth Village Association for the project with a total budget of $39,000. The Parks Department prepared the site and installed the equipment, and the Association agreed to maintain the playground and picnic area. Work was completed in 2007.

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